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Top Projects:

  • Conor's Cooking Walkthrough
    • i stayed with this project for the rest of the year because i want to work as hard as i can. if i stay with this project i can have a good future in cooking and that can be a great career. i can make foods that are not only healthy, but delicious too. i can make foods that everyone will like such as chicken parmesan and pasta. i can make foods from Africa, america, and even Korea. i worked very hard on it and i'm glad it paid off.
  • Conor's Cooking walkthrough
    • I am staying with this project because I am gaining experience on not just food but other cultures, something i made is Thai chicken noodle soup and found that Thai cuisine uses a lot of vegetables such as carrots and bok choy. I also learned that some countries use lots of fish such as japan, some use beef such as us, and some use noodles, like most of Asia. all in all this project has helped me learn not just about food but different cultures which is important to learn and understand.
  • Conor's Cooking walkthrough
    • I chose this project because i always wanted to cook when i grow up and this could give me experience. by doing this project it can give me experience with cooking that could help me later in life. this could also help me decide if i want to do this as a career or if i just want to cook for my family. this career will help me later in life because i will know how to cook for myself.this project will help me choose what i want to do later in life.
  • Conor and David's scratch art
    • We chose this project because we thought it would be challenging, and it is. for this project we need great drawings, a good backround and good programing skills. we are showing our progress by using screen recordings. these will show our mistakes and successes. this will help show how much we grow even if one of us isn't here.
  • Kerbal space program
    • This project really changed over the course of this quarter. I eventually found out that it was not possible to do one of my goals with the amount of time i have in this class. However I still did learn what you need to make planes and rockets. I was able to make things that were unique with my own 2 hands even if they worked or not. I had a lot of fun with this project and i hope i can do it next year. Hopefully i may be able to do this in real life too.
  • Kerbal space program
    • I did this project because I want to learn how the be creative and build machines. I want to make unique rockets and planes that work and can go into space and around the world. I want to create thing that I thought I couldn't. I'm glad That I can make unique things with my own 2 hands. Thanks to ksp I can make any plane I want when I want to. I can make things that are totally unique to me. Thanks to Kerbal space program I can make planes and rockets only unique to me.
  • Magic tricks Cdw1
    • I did this project because I wanted to impress my family. This project gave me what I needed to impress them. This let me really wow my family and make the fell better when they feel upset. It makes my family happy and I can learn how to entertain people. I can make people laugh when they feel down, I can make people happy when they are bored, and I can make people exited when they are mad. I'm happy that I can make people happy.
  • Magic Tricks Cdw1
    • I chose the project because it seemed like a lot of fun and entertainment. I Can entertain people people in a way that they don't know how it's done. I never was the kind of guy who can wow people but that changed when I started this project. I can now wow my family and give them some entertainment when they need it. I am proud that my family likes my magic and that my friends do to.
  • Lego Mindstorm Dcg3 Cdw1
    • we have not started this yet but i hope it will be fun. i hope it will be entertaining. I hope it will be nice to do it with David.
  • lego wedo
    • I chose to highlight this project because It seemed like a lot of fun and I hope people will like to do magic.

Top Reflections:

  • this week i was able to make spaghetti and meatballs, i was also able to make teriyaki stir fry. I made a review for both of them ind i thought it was a success. I thought this because i did something that i really looked forward to. I was able to make something that i wanted to make and made a full review on it, not just a recipe. i think this will help me tell people what it will taste like, making me help people more.
    • i chose this reflection because it shows something new that i did. it shows that i am willing to change something if it will help me in the end. it shows that i will work hard to make something better.
  • this week i was able to make a dessert. it was candy bar pie. I was going to make cookies and cream pie but i wasn't able to get all the ingredients. i feel as though i was successful because i mad my first dessert from scratch. making food from scratch is difficult but with hard work and effort i was able to make it. this will help me learn how to bake later if i ever become a chef when i grow up.
    • i chose this reflection because it shows that i have worked hard i have worked to make something on my own. it shows that with effort i can make almost anything, as long as i have the ingredients.
  • this week i did finish both of my meals and I got to make something i really wanted to make. I was able to finish my first one and do my second recipe. I Worked hard at school and at home and i got everything finished. I succeeded in what i had planned this week and it paid off. thanks to all the work i put into it I was able to finish everything.
    • I chose this reflection because it was the first time i completed a recipe and it shows how hard i worked to complete it. this reflection shows how difficult it is to complete these if you make a mistake.
  • this week we couldn't do much with the music because we couldn't think of any new ideas for it. we thought of some things that could improve it but we couldn't think of anything to make it any better. we tried different instruments but we ended up using music that was already created. going into the second quarter we probably will make the finished piece if art.
    • i chose this project becuse it shows how much we worked. it shows that we worked so hard that we are runnig out of ideas. this means that we are almost ready to start our actual piece of art and not our drafts.this means that after that we can start a new piece of art.
  • This week I did get out of the orbit of kerban. this will help me prepare to land on another planet. I/we had a breakthrough when I did this in one day with limited time. I was able to do this with the fastest rocket I had, any other rocket would have taken too long. I knew I wouldn't be able to do this if i had any other rocket.
    • I chose this reflection because it showed that I could do something that I thought I couldn't do. This gave me hope that I could do something that I thought could be impossible. I can land on different planets when I thought it could be impossible. It made me happy when I finally did it. It helped me gain confidence in myself when I thought couldn't do a main goal.
  • This week I was so close to getting a rocket into space but I ran out of fuel. My/our achievement was affected by the amount of fuel i had so i did not achieve my goal because I had no fuel. I was able to make a few new rockets but they were not as good as my first one. I was happy that I was so close to getting into a steady orbit around kerban but i was also upset that I couldn't get into orbit. The way I am going to fix this is by adding another fuel tank.
    • I chose the reflection because It shows how I can have errors and know how to fix them. It shows that I can make mistakes and know how to fix those mistakes to improve my rockets and planes. I know that i can fix flaws that I thought couldn't happen. this shows that I am a good problem solver.

  • This week I only did 5 magic tricks but Those magic tricks were some of the hardest I've done.
    One way I/we showed resilience was when I chose not to talk to my friends instead of doing work. This helped me to do all of the work I did because I had more time to think of the magic tricks and to think of an easy way of doing them. I was able to do a lot harder magic tricks that are very hard to do. I was almost able to do 6 but I ran out of time. This is how I showed resilience.
    • I chose this project because It shows that I can do more than I thought I could do. Is helped me learn that if I put my mind to it than I can accomplish a lot more. I used to think I could do easy magic tricks but I found out I could do more. I found out that I can do more if I put my mind to it.
  • This week I was able to make up a magic trick. I call it the magic shirt. this is where you shake a bunch of coins all around you and secretly put on in your shirt. My achievement was affected by being done too late. This caused me to not do a lot after words. I really just tried to do a magic trick "over and over again.
    • I chose the reflection because I didn't think I could have made one up but I did. If I didn't do that then I would do the same thing over and over again. I am proud of this because I can choose what I want to do, magic from the book or make one magic trick up. Because I did this I can do even more to do and maybe even make something else up. Soon i can do every magic trick i can do from the book or from my head.
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Top Critiques:

  • i think you could do more complicated songs that you aren't use for more of a challenge.
    • i chose this critique because it shows that i want him to challenge himself and work hard to succeed. if he does this then i know he will become a better guitar player.
  • I like your project but it feels like you are only doing certain bands maybe you could chose different people or even create your own song.
    • this shows that you can create your own music without some band so you create use your imagination. it shows that he can enhance his verity by doing something different.
  • I think you could do things that are expensive and show easy ways to make something that makes it work better.
    • this shows how diys are not just things like slime there could be like simple ways to make a hair dryer or a egg cracker or something. they could do so much more with their project if they open up to new ideas.
  • I think you could expand your environment with your pictures. you could take pictures whenever your on vacation or if you've been on vacation over the summer. or you could just take pictures of some places in your neighborhood.
    • this shows how much potential his project could have. it can make the project better that it already is. they can take pictures of palm trees, the ocean, almost anything they want. this can make the project more entertaining, fun, creative, it can make the whole project a better expierence.
  • Maybe you could try to present the forensics piece in front of the the class. it could make you famous
    • I chose this critique because it added an extra part to their project that they could enjoy. They could have a brand new part of the project that they are doing. They could maybe even present it online or even to a couple of friends. This could make their project even better than it already is. It could make their project great.
  • I think you could try building more unique rockets that could get it into space. If you do you could even go to other planets in the solar system. you could even go to the planet just before the sun.
    • I chose this cretic because It shows how I can give good advice and help with his rockets. now he can take my advice and do even better with his project. Eventually he will be able to go anywhere in the solar system.
  • I think at the end of your project that you could make your own ferenzics play. You could do something funny, sad, or serious.
    • I chose this Critic because It showed Them that they could have more with there project. They could add in a new part to their project and make it more exciting. They could even present it on their page or even in front of the class. This could add a lot more to their project.
  • My advice is you should make a story about 2 characters, the pirate and the ninja, and make them add on playable characters you meet on the journey. If this became your main story then you and I bet you will like your game.
    • This was my best Critic because I gave him a story. Any game without a story is not a good one, this critic gave him one and if he doesn't like it the he can make one better. If I didn't make that critic He could make more and more characters and terrains and miss the most important thing. I really like his project but this would make it even better.

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