CDC4 Portfolio

CDC4 Portfolio

Top Projects:

    • This was my blogger movie review page.I feel this was a interesting project but it did not challenge me. I would like to do a new project next quarter on something that I have been doing at home. I am going to start my proposal. I am thinking about doing a blog on fish. I think this was one of my top projects because it was a good project and it took all quarter.
    • This was my African cichlid blog. This blog interested me because I have 11 tanks at my house and I really love keeping them and so I wanted to write about them. Although it was kind of boring I got slightly better at typing.
    • This was my Overwatch review blog I loved writing about my favorite game. It is so very fun and I love being able to play with your friends. I am going to start writing about Fortnite Battle Royale more. This team game required a lot of effort and research. It was very fun and I a excited to start playing Fortnite and start writing about that.
    • This quarter I did scratch. I made a lot of cool games like pong, cat and mouse, and breakout. I did not do to great on the breakout but everything else was pretty easy. I watch tutorials on the scripts for scratch. It was a fun project overall but it did not really challenge me. Next year I will probably do minecraft redstone with a friend. It has been a pretty fun year in thinkering doing all the stuff I did on blogger and scratch.

Top Reflections:

  • This week I had a breakthrough when ...
    On Tuesday I felt very surprised that we got so much done. We completed the first blog response and copied and pasted the link to our proposal page.
    We created the blog on and we did it with ease. When I did my plan I thought we wouldn't get very much done but we completed the first blog
    entry. I made a link to the blog as well:
  • I feel this was my best reflection because it was very well written. I got a lot done it was also a great reflection because it challenged me that week because
the first day I didn't know what movie I was going to review. I got to review one of my favorite movies
and I made it my best review. I also credit blogger because it helped me do my project for free. I also had fun doing this project.
  • One way I/we showed resilience was ...
    this week I finished a lot and found that I am getting a lot better at typing and I am getting to the point where I can look at the screen and type. I also finished my entry for the 4th week. I am getting pretty far along with typing and now I'm on week number 8. This week I am writing about my fish health and how many casualties I have per week I am also telling how to lower that number.
  • This was my best reflection this quarter because I got a good effort and achievement on the week. I understood what I was doing that week. I also thought that I did good in sense of typing. Im not that great at typing. I am going to probably try a typing class but this project was great for my typing.
  • Today I/we improved* my/our original plan/design by ...
    This week I made another pong game. I improved my original design by making a few major tweaks. It worked well and It is now a better game. This project is definitely challenging to try and do everything right. It is a fun project though. I feel this was my best reflection for the quarter because it was pretty long and it described my success and feelings on my project.

Top Critiques:

  • Maybe you could explain a little more on your project page what you are doing a little better. I think it is not very clear. (This was to Tyler)
  • I love the coaster. Do you think you could expand it to different parts of the world? (This was to Mikey)
  • How do you make it so you do not burn up after 1500 meters? (This was to Connor)
  • I really like the village. What are you going to do next? I think you could use a little less TNT. (This was to Tyler)

All Projects: