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I highlighted this project because I learned the most from this project. I learned how to edit pictures very well and am now comfortable using photo editors.
Joey and I chose this project because we both are very interested in music. Joey and I's music taste is in contrast with each other so it was cool to see the different kinds of music that both of us enjoy. I learned a lot in this project about the software iTunes and am now an expert at using it.
Joey and I decided to do this project because we were interested in the sports here at BCS. We know that there are a variety of sports but we don't really know that much about how the seasons went this year. To help out the other students like us who want to find out how their favorite sports teams here at BCS are doing, we have created a page that is frequently updated to help the students and staff here at BCS. We have asked students from all the different sports teams about their season; how it went, what their record was, the best moment of the season, ect.
  • Top Reflections:

  • "We are starting to use iPiccy"
I highlighted this reflection because iPiccy was the photo editor that Joey and I became most familiar with. We spent time on multiple photo editors including FotoFlexer, LunaPic and pixlr. Of all of these Joey and I became most familiar and the best with iPiccy
  • "Me and joey are going to start our new project reviewing music"
I highlighted this reflection because this was when Joey and I decided to start our second project of the year. We listened to music on iTunes and wrote a reivew of it and judged it by how good we felt the song was. Then we uploaded our review to iTunes for others to read
  • "Today I will write about the volleyball team"
I highlighted this reflection because this was the first post that I made on my sports blog and used it as a template for the rest of the posts I made. It was the first of eight on our blog and each of them were modeled after the first one I made about the volleyball team

CCS2 Journal
CCS2 JMK6 GarageBand Recording
Volleyball Skills Tutorial- Claire, Joey, Maddie,AJ
8th graders at bcs- Claire, Joey, Maddie, AJ
7th Graders at BCS- Claire, Joey, Maddie, AJ
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