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Top Projects:

  • ZTC's DIY's and Lifehacks Project
    • I chose this for my top project because this was my only project i did. At the start of the year it used to be my two friends and I. About half way in the year one of our group members left the group. So we only had to people in our group. I think the change was better because we got more work done and we could focus better. I learned that you can't let people make your group bad and don't let people distracted you. In the last quarter, my favorite DIY (Do it yourself) was the colorful vase. This DIY took very little time and it look really good when we were done. You take a plain vase and turn it into something really pretty and have pops of color. This DIY is pretty simple to make. You need vases, paint, and Q-tips. What you do it you put the Q-tips in the paint and then dab on little circles. Once you are done it will look really cool because there is many different colors on the vase and it looks really cool. 6/9/16
  • Project 1 ZTC DIY's and Lifehacks
  • Explain why you chose to highlight this project here. I have chose to highlight this project because since the start of the year we have been working very hard on this project. Our goal was to make and record one video a week. We started a little late so we could not get as many as we hoped. We have three videos on our youtube channel. Our first DIY was the stressball. We needed cornstarch and balloons for this DIY to work. Our second DIY was Crayon art. One of our team members forgot a canvas so we had to wait for next week. The materials you need for this project is crayons, a canvas, blowdryer, hot glue gun. And our third project on our channel was the chocolate bowls. The materials you need is chocolate and balloons and a plate. I have to be honest, this DIY was awful. One of our team members burnt the chocolate. Then all of our balloons would pop when we put it in the chocolate. We ended up having to make golf ball sizes chocolate bowls. Then someone from another group told us that milk helps its not be as thick. Then right after we put most of the milk in they told us that milk actually thickens. Even though we mest up on this project, it was still a lot of fun and thats we i chose to highlight it.
  • Our top project was the paint sample calendar. This diy took us a long time. We finished right on the dot of when class ended. My partner and I had a lot of fun making this diy. We needed a lot of materials for this project. I brought my materials but my partner didn't. But if she did bring the materials we might not of been able to finish the diy.
  • Explain why you chose to highlight this project here.
  • Our top project is the canvas saint patricks day diy. We did not finish this diy in one day. One of our group members dropped out so we were not as destracted. The materials for this diy was paint, sponges, sparkles, canvas, scissors and tape. To write the works "Lucky" we cut the sponges in half so we could have a point to paint with. The gold glitter for the clover did not show up very well so we did one coat and then we put on another coat the next class. This diy was time consuming but we got it done and posted our video to youtube the same day.

Top Reflections:

  • Today I/we had "hard fun" when ...
    We did our water marble vase DIY. We had a lot of fun trying all of the different colors and putting it on the vase. If we ever want to do this DIY again i learned to get a vase without a design so the water marble will go on easier. We had a lot of fun making this but in the next class the vases had a really bad smell. We had other ideas after we were done, to water marble different materials such as paper, straws, bowls.
    • This is a type 3 because i said what i learned about learning. I learned to get a vase without a design so the water marble can go on much easier. I also learned to know what nail polish works and which one doesn't. When we put the nail polish in the water, some of them barely worked. Some of them just sat there and did not spread. Some of them just fell to the bottom in little balls. Although this DIY turned out very good, there were still some things i would change. My vase got messed up because i accidentally put more than one layer of paint on one area. 6/9/16

  • I/We think... That we did good this week and we were able to make our crayon art and it was a success.
  • Explain why you chose to highlight this reflection here. I chose to highlight this reflection because this was one of our best DIY's because it was really fun to make and the final piece looked really good.
  • Explain why you chose to highlight this reflection here. My favorite reflection was this one- This week we looked on pinterest for ideas. Some failure we had this week was we couldn't get all of our materials. Something i learned about learning was that when your partner is not working and distracting you, you have to try to ignore them. (type 3) This is one of my best reflection because i used type 3. Type 3 is really good and should get me a good grade.
    Explain why you chose to highlight this reflection here.
  • || I/We have changed my/our plan... to not have any messy projects. Someone in my group gets really wild sometimes and spilled our project. We never got to the candy pen because one of our team members didn't was to do it. So we didn't have all of the materials to do it. ||
I think that was my best reflection because i knew what our mistake was and i tried to correct it. If we ever have a messy project we make sure the area around us is really clean so we do not get into trouble.

Top Critiques

  • You should make a youtube channel teaching people how to do the guitar basics.
    • I chose this for my top critiques because i gave him some good advice. I think if he made a youtube channel there would be a lot of views. I think people would subscribe because they want to learn the guitar basics. I think young kids would want to learn the basics from another kid. I picked this because this could be useful.
  • I like how you were explaining every part of the plane. Next time, you should speak a little bit louder while presenting.
  • Explain why you chose to highlight this critique here. I chose this critique because i said something good and something that this person should improve for next time.
  • My favorite critiques is the same one i did last time. The person that presented did the same project. He presented the same thing so my critique was very similar to my first one.
  • My favorite critique was the last one i gave brennen. I was very specific and i said it in a nice way.

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