CD iPhone Case

CD iPhone Case
Chiara and Sophia
The things that will challenge us is getting the CDs right next to each other and aligned properly.
Challenge Starters & Examples
we are going to make a google slide of the steps that will be hard because we will then have to share it.
We will be challenged by cutting the CDs correctly.
We need CDs, clear phone cases, and siccors.
Main Steps:
  • we will cut ads and glue them on to phone cases while we are doing that we will have to make a google slide of making it then share it to our wiki.
  • we will make a google slide of the project and post it on the wiki.
  • we will help each other with the struggles.
2 days
  • the resources we will Get and on youtube there are inspiration. where we got it. Yes! we didn't search on the wiki are friends have in class.
  • the people who have done something like it. .
  • By posting a goggle slide by step by step project.
Cutting the CDs. Asking other people who have done something like it.
If the google slide docent turn out or if the ads aren't staying on or not connect on.
Sharing/Teaching/Paying It Forward
  • we will show them the product and the google slide.
  • Who is your target audience?
In a google slide and we will ask others how we did. When we ask others their personal opinion and we will know what is supposed to look like at the end.
By looking at the google slide in the wiki and looking at the product.
On the wiki. Yes we will have step by step of all the steps.