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Top Projects:

  • Video Star cae2
    • I chose this video star because it would be fun to make and would be challenging for us because it is stop motion which takes way longer than a regular video star to make. It is unoriginal and unique for a stop motion video star. It is also fun to make one with my friends nikki, and carina if we cooperate and do the project correctly. It takes really hard work, and lots of weeks but the hard work pays off. You end up with a really awesome stop motion video.
  • Shoe Hanger Project
    • I chose this project because it would be entertaining and useful to make a shoe hanger. I would also teach people how to make one. Some people may not know what a shoe hanger is. It is simply a hanger for clothes that you put shoes on and hang up in your closet. This is fast and useful for your shoes if you simply do not want to fit in your shoe bin you can hang them up in your closet until they are useful again.
  • Hair Tutorial Project
    • I chose this project because I was working with my group or friends, and I love doing hairstyles. I enjoy it so much, and I will share it with other people. It took lots of hard work for carina, nikki and I. It makes a very good imovie though. Hairstyles are pretty easy, depending on which ones you do. Ours took a lot of filming, but we did not know much so we did regular braid, fishtail and other. Each person did one hairstyle and did a tutorial on it.
  • Cae2 Webkinz
    • This is one of my current projects. I love webkinz and it is challenging because you have to play quizzys corner and that can go up to 13 years old. It is math or social studies, etc. Webkinz is also fun, especially because I have 9 or 10 animals to take care of. I switch off every week, and id one is done, and I still have time, I will go on to another pet quickly. Also, there is daily challenges, which are fun and I can play with carina because she is currently doing webkinz also.
  • Crayon art project plan
    • I loved this project because it was so fun and It is beautiful to put around your house or in your room. It took a lot time, and it required a lot of materials, but it was really fun. Shannon and I did it. She brought in hairdryer, canvas. I brought in crayons, glue gun. It required other stuff too. First you had to glue the crayons on to the canvas in a rainbow if you want it to look cooler. Next you hair dry the crayons until they melt. Then they dry and you have your beautiful webkinz. This was very challenging for me.
  • Duct tape crafts proposal
    • I chose this project because it would be really fun to experiment with duct tape and see what it can do. the bags were really cool, which we made. We also made bows to purses and more! It took long to match up all of the duct tape with the bags length, and put exactly the amount. Inside, if you wanted to make it prettier, you could make the inside duct tape, instead of a plastic bag, but it takes much more work. it was very challenging. You had to buy duct tape, and get scissors, and plastic bags, which you may already have. You could use grocery bags, depending on what size you want. You can also cut up a grocery bag, to make it smaller but much more work.

Top Reflections:

  • I think we worked really well together and and we got 1 minute done done so we accomplised and reached our goal. we worked really well.
    • Nikki, and carina really had a hard time doing the video star. But, as we got towards the end it became easier, and easier for all of us. We had to match every video and keep running up and pressing the start buttons. It got tiring, running up. This project was definitly the hardest project i've done this year but we got through it. We took it step by step and finally completed the stop motion video star. It was very hard to make 1 minute for our video but we accomplished.

  • We got me and carinas hairstyles done and we just have nikkis hairstyle to go. We worked well together.
    • We got through it. The hair tutorials were easier than we thought but still challenging enough. We had to keep re-doing the hairstyles to get them good and perfect for the video. Especially, the hair bow was extremely hard. So was the fishtail braid. The fishtail braid was hard because the hair kept on falling out of the braid. First, we did me and carina's since nikki was not here, but when she was here we recorded hers amnd posted it on the wiki.

  • I did the health part of quizzys corner and I played a bunch of games with carina. I learned how to do more games. The second day, I could not get on.
    • I played quizzes corner, which is a game for ages up to 13+. It teaches about math, social studies, science etc. I learned about social studies that day. I played 50 questions o social studies. Carina also invited me to a fashion game and a webkinz game like the board game battleship. we played for a while. I went over to her pets house, and I took a bath. It is hard to feed every one of your pet and make sure they are happy and healthy, especially because i have about 9 pets or so. well, it was very challenging for me but I got through it.

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