Bracelet Project Proposal

Eden and Ellie's Bracelet Buddies
Eden and Ellie
How many bracelets can we sell (out of school) within a quarter and how many new ways to make bracelets will we learn.
Challenge Starters & Examples
I expect to learn more ways to make bracelets / Im making this because I want to learn about bracelets and where they come from, and also to experience what its like to run a business.
Making complicated bracelets for people and finding ways to sell the bracelets outside of school.
When we have a lot of orders and its difficult to get them all done by a certain deadline.
Paracord - $2.79 Embroidery String- $0.52 Pony Beads- $4.49 Bags
Main Steps:
  • First we make the posters to advertise our business.
  • We are going to make an etsy to sell and blog out bracelets.
  • We will both share the responsibility of creating bracelets handling the shop and split the pay or give it to school.
  • We will make bracelets for anyone who needs.
2 quarters.
  • Bracelet tutorialsHow to make a good businessHow to sell on etsy Yes on the youtube pages I linked.I don't think anyone else has done a similar project. Bracelet making, Etsy, Bracelet tutorials.
  • I think that we will use a bracelet making book from Ellies house.
  • We will discover new ways to make bracelets on websites and books and how to run a business.
I think making the bracelets for everyone who wants them will be stressful. Manage out time wisely.
No one will want our bracelets.
Sharing/Teaching/Paying It Forward
  • We will make an Instagram account.
  • The kids at Birmingham schools.
On our Instagram account. We will sell over 50 bracelets.
How people enjoy the bracelets. (and tutorials)
They can look on our Instagram and tutorials. Yes how many bracelets we sell each week.
We are making bracelets and tutorials for the public. Because we want to learn more about bracelet and business making and it is for our fellow classmates and everyone in Birmingham schools.