Thinkering Studio Project Proposal

How to make a glitter bowl.
Amy an Alex
how To make To make a bowl with a baloon. The challenge will be for us tomix everything just right and to pop the baloon. Another challenge will be for us to use a baloon just right.
How to make a bowl with glitter a baloon and moge poge. We will learn how wo make a baloon and how to mitcx all the stoff together. We also worked on task. Also we brought all the materialsContinues working on the task even when difficulties arise or a solution was not immediately evident.Works with others in class: comments on journals or projects, offers help/expertise to other projects
The materials did not need to be purchased because we had them from previous projects.
We will need moge pog glitter a baloon and a paintbrush.
Main Steps:
We will take a baloon mix it with glitter and moge poge and put it on the baloon and wait for it to dry 1 day.
we are going to take photos with our tablets and make them into a powerpoint.
It will takes us one day to make the bowl and 2-3 for the powerpoint.
We will be using our tablets for pictures and videos.
The difficulties will be that we will need to make a bowl with a baloon and it cannot be to much glitter or to little glitter for the project.
We are going to make it into a presentation such as a prezi or a powerepoint and post it onto the wiki.
We would post it on the wiki.