Logics Bobby Tarantino ll album was released on march 8th. The famous rapper Logic less than a year ago came out with the everybody album that blew up the charts. His Bobby Tarantino album in 2016 was a surprise so when the part 2 came out everyone is expecting big things. Bobby Tarantino is a big step from his "everybody" album that was about equality for all "race, religion, color, creed and sexual orientation." as he wants everyone to be equal. His new album is one of his mixtape albums. Logic has two sides normally mixtape Logic and album Logic. Bobby Tarantino has a different vibe than the everybody album. Of course both of the bobby Tarantino albums are going to be similar. But thats not the case as Logic has grown into a bigger and better raper than what he was in 2016 when his bobby Tarantino 1 came out. The new Bobby Tarantino has a whole new side to logic mixtapes. Logic collabs with various rap artists like Wiz Khlafia, Young Sinatra, 2Chainz, Big Sean, Logic and marshmallow made the one "everyday" together. The album opens to tv show characters Rick and Morty arguing in a space ship of which logic they should play mixtape or album logic. The songs move through taking about how he is rising and growing. Logic talks about how he works hard everyday. In previous albums he talks about struggle and how people think he won't succeed. The beat in the songs consists of trap noises with bass drops. The beat can really hype up a person or group. Logic could have put in beats that weren't so similar in most songs they sound the same if you take away the lyrics. I chose to listen to this album because I am a huge Logic fan so I was going to listen to the album at some point. As an album overall I thought it was great. the beats and lyrics ad the message were great. A few parts could be fixed like parts here he repeats words 20 times and it gets kind of old. I think the album gets 4 stars because of the greatness created but the parts that could be fixed.