EQS1 ZTM2 Project Proposal

Blogging EQS1 ZTM2
Ethan and Zach
Learn how to use blogger to make an attractive and functional blog
Come up with a standard review format/template based on what we like from our example blogs
Listen to new music and play new games (at home)
Publish a weekly blog
We are going to update our gaming blogs with the updates that the game has made.
iMac and access to blogger or other websites that can blog.
Main Steps:
  • Find 2 sample reviews for games and 2 sample reviews for music (each) - List the sections we should include in our reviews
  • Create a review template
  • Learn about blogger and post links to blogger samples and tutorials
  • We first will make the blog and invite partner as an editor
  • Then we will try out the game or listen to the music we are going to reflect on (at home)
  • We then are going to ask other people in our class about what they think about it.
  • Finally we will write everything and format it.
  • We will publicize our blog to increase views - check statistics once a week
One quarter to the end of the year.

A difficulty could be that we don't have access to certain things that we want to blog about.
We are planing to hare our project on our blog so everyone can see it.
We are aiming for 5 different blog posts or 1 a week when neither of us are absent and no days off that week.
“What are you making?” “Why are you making this?” and “Who is it for?” We are making different blog posts. We are making this because we want to learn more about blogging for future skills. We are making thi public for whoever is interested in the things we blog about.