Bjb8 and Jtl2 Terraria Project Proposal

Bjb8 and Jtl2s Terraris project proposal
Bjb8 and Jtl2
We haven't played Terraria a lot but we have heard its fun so we want to try it out. We are going to try to make the best house and beat all the bosses.
We expect to learn a lot because we haven't played the game so we will learn the basics at first and hopefully learn more than just basics.
If we want to beat all the bosses we have to unlock hard mode which has i big process to get to.
if we stretch our thinking we can become better at terraria and teach other people how to play.
Terraria, Multi Terraria, Facetime and wiki
Main Steps:
Try to get as good as possible in terraria and travel to the underworld and beat all the bosses
3 months to 6 months
Resources: that is a link to a youtube video on how to summon bosses
I searched how to summon all bosses terraria
ParkersCommunity it is a youtube channel about terraria
WE will use the thinking wiki
If we want to do something and we can't find a video we will have to figure it out ourselves
Anyone who needs help with terraria
When we beat all the bosses and have a good house.