Thinkering Studio Project Proposal

Bizarre Baking
Sophie and Ava
The challenges we might face are finding recipes that don't require an oven. Not over cooking the
dessert or undercooking it. Our project is to bake meals that don't require an oven.
Along the way we might have trails and errors from failing and succeeding. We decided to do this
project, because we like baking and it is perfect for the maker faire. We will be challenged to make goods
without an oven. This will stretch us, because there're not many recipes that don't require an oven.
We will be making different goods, so they will all need different materials. When we purchase the
ingredients, the price will depend on the ingredient.
Main Steps:
  • This is our first recipe:
  • We will take pictures step by step
  • We will try our best to agree and work together but most likely that won't be a problem
  • We just have to remember to take pictures as we go and have a successful outcome.
This project could take maybe somewhere near 5 or 6 classes, but we really don't know it depends
  • I searched "microwave" and "baking" and no projects came up that were similar to our project.
  • We can easily just use YouTube for all the help we need.
  • We will learn to work together and also more about baking.
It could be very hard to figure things out and make sure they work okay, it could also be difficult to remember to bring all of the supplies on all the right days. Our project could fail if none of the ideas work with only a microwave.
  • We will use the pictures we took and explain each one so someone could find what our project is and how to re-create it
  • The Maker-Fair
We will know if our project is successful enough if the brownies taste like they are from an oven. To show our success (if we are successful) by taking pictures of our final project. We might also do a taste-test. It will be visible to others by the pictures and tutorial we made with them
We are making Brownies, but not just brownies, brownies baked with a microwave! We are making this to discover how it will work out and for the maker-fair.

Recipe 1: brownies
The recipe went well, but it was a bit crazy.
We couldn't take pictures, because, we didn't have time to
and we were really late for class.

Recipe 2:
This recipe went much better than last time and we loved
these better than the brownies. No one got to try them, but us:)
These were simply delicious and every bite was filled with you.
butter and egg1.jpg
in a bowl we put the butter and sugars together.
After mixed we added egg yolk and salt slowly mix until there aren't any lumps.
Then we added a little vanilla to the mixture.

next we mixed in the flour, very slowly until its thicker

when you are finished it should look like this

lastly mix in some chocolate chips.

put it in the microwave for about 45 or 75 seconds. Or you can put it in 30 seconds at a time and use the toothpick method.

now enjoy!