Thinkering Studio Project Proposal

sole city
Sam and nate
trying to learn the basic idea of marketing and selling things in ebay.
What do you expect to learn?
I expect to learn how to manage my money and learning to do business like how to negotiate with the buyers and sellers.
How will you be challenged?
i will be challenge by getting fake shoes witch are shoes that are made cheaply.Another challenge will be not get scam prices so i have to research the prices.
How will this stretch you?
This will stretch my business side of me because i have to negotiate with the buyers and the sellers about the prices.It will also stretch my researching skills.
A couple materials i will need are:
1) A website
2) Instagram
3) twitter
4)Shoes(i already have shoes)
5)Money i have start up money
Main Steps:
The main steps will be learning how to market so i can get out in the world and finding buyers to buy the shoes.Also i need to find sellers to buy more shoes and resell them with higher price to make profit.
I will document it on a Sole City page.
Make a chart of the retail price and the resell price to see how much money
I expect it to take maybe the whole year if its works out
Yes cole and jack did a similar project exepet they were cleaning shoes not selling and buying.I got into shoes awhile ago.My inspiration wanting to make a shoe company for awhile
I have a lot of friends that sell shoes so i could ask them for help of any questions i have.
I will develop my PLD by focucing and not talking to my friends except when i need help.
One thing that might difficult is not getting ripped off by people and trying to make good deals
I will share it through the twitter,instagram and other things.I think my audiences would be all people that like shoes
I will share my evaluation by posting on my journal and portfolio and maybe through twitter or instagram