Big Beautiful Cake

Big Beautiful Cake
A Delicious Cake that has Great Consistency!
How to make a pretty and delicious cake that stands up
To make a cake that doesn't crack or fall over
Technology is only used for finding OR communicating information
Our materials are baking supplies ( we already have them) we need fondant which our parents will provide 12$ per pound.We are going to videotape with video FX live on Amelia's iphone.
Main Steps:
  1. Get the materials
  2. bake the cake while videotaping how to make it, frost the cake, decorate the cake, eat the cake, edit the footage at school we will make a tutorial on how to make and decorate the cake. We will work together on the cake.
Probably a week or so. Baking and original videotaping will be done at home.
Some inspiration is Cake Boss (on TLC) because it helps us see people bake amazing and beautiful cakes.No. No. cake. Buddy Volastro from cake boss. Youtube videos on how to make cool designs with fondant.
To make the cake stand up. To not crack the cake.if therre are cracks we will use frosting to glue it together.
We are going to make a tutorial on how to make the cake. The class and our family.
By eating delicious cake. We should get peoples opinion on the tutorial and look of the cake. From the tutorial. Yes if it dosent fall over. Are evaluation we will have good teamwork, and a great cake