BBS1's Journal

With KSP I am planning to get to space

Start our 3rd and 4th game reviews.

we are going to start a proposal for our game website
Stretch-we are going to start our game review website

We will Finnish the proposalWe will start the script
Stretch- Get halfway through the script

We are planning to make a movie.

Write a script

Stretch- Finnish a script for the. movie

We will continue the dock for the iPhone.Stretch-Fix design

I learned.........

That it takes time for printing the actual thing and there also is a list, a line, of people for runner up.we have fix the iPhone holder/charger and what we where doing in the mean time was doodling creations like a tower a pok├ęball and a box with strings. another thing we did was talk to mr. wither trying to install the mesh mixer appliance for more 3d printing.
We are hopefully going to finish printing our last keychain and the print the robots.
Create design bigger that robots.
Stretch- Get all of the robots printed.

I learned.........

today we started working on our new project the phone holder. the phone holder is for phones with pop sockets only. although we were not able to finish it we got some good ideas and thought of what it will look like. we are going through troubles because we can't get the measurements for the charger cord. and yes it has a charger cord.
We are hopefully going to fix the error on the 3d printer
Start 3d printing.
Stretch- Finish both projects printing.
I learned........

We have finally started to print our key chains and are working our way up the ladder to being able to print our animals. we have learned how to use a 3d printer properly. for a testing session mr. whitmer made a 3d printed cube. The 3d printer restarted and started printing a cube that we made using the maker bot software. This week we learned new thing and learnt how to problem solve.
today we are planning on printing our keychains.
Stretch-we are planning to start our next step in 3d printing.
I learned........

that it takes patience to do things mostly 3d printing but we are very close to being able to print. while we wait we shall make and design other things like the man- bunny we made. or more keychains is another thing we could do. probably next class is when we would be able to 3d print our keychains we have made.
We are going to try and start 3d printing our keychains with our username on it.
Stretch- Finish printing our keychains and start building another design for little bit more complex object.
I learned..........

it takes time to 3d print and we are running into a lot of issues like our projects won't save in to the flash drive, but while we wait we make even more projects.This week we learnt how to use the makerbot and how it works using the internet. we also have saved our projects on a flash drive and are ready to print our designs. We also now know how to use the 3d printing software.
We are going to try and start to 3d print.
Stretch- Finnish the first stage of 3d printing.
I learned............

That it takes time for the process of 3d printing the creating the waiting the linking is a lot of work we are doing keychains until further notice.We had some difficulties along the way, we couldn't figure out how to get the measurements on our finished product. At the end, we learned that we could figure out how to have rough edges and make our project taller and shorter. We also learned we were very creative with our designs.
start proposal
finish proposal.
Stretch- research software to 3d print animals.
I learned...

That the animals I wanted to printed took a high level of understanding and science I am a beginner I am not allowed to print the animals yet. I have to work my way up to that level so me and my partner decided to print letters to begin with. We are thinking of printing numbers and letters. We are thinking of using sketch up and thingsverse for project ideas but only ideas. We are also going to try and make are own objects with the software.