Project- We are going to make a tutorial about the basics of playing basketball.

  • Shooting- Video

Dribbling- video

Blocking- Video

Defense- Video

Passing- video

We are going to show the basics of shooting a basketball which are the grip
L shape arm
Bend your knees before you release the ball
follow through
Stick your hand in the cookie jar

  • Passing- Video
Chest pass:Throw the pass from your chest to the other persons chest
Bounce pass: Still passing it from your chest but you one hop it off of the ground to the other persons chest.
Throw the pass hard: Don't throw a soft pass, it will get picked
  • Playing defense- Video
Good stance
Keep your feet moving
Dont look at the person's head: Look at the hip
  • Blocking(packing- Video
Don't goaltend: When the shooter shoots the ball you cannot block it after the ball arces down.

  • Dribbling- Video
Keep the ball below your waist
Don't look at the ball: Look up at the court

We are going to make it slow motion when we get to the part when we are going to cover the main topics.

Steve Nash: How to shoot.

Kobe Bryant:

Michael Jordan: How to play defense.

Doing what he do