Project Title

by: FA2 and BJK1

"Final" Project

"Final" Project Reflection

  • Use the reflection prompts or come up with your own that helps you reflect on the overall project, process & product

Steps & Tips

  • Light your scene as best you can.
  • Use sunlight, especially during the golden hour.
  • Color correction can salvage dark or poorly white balanced shots.
  • Find or build a camera stabilizer—maybe a DIY string tripod.
  • Use a stabilization effect or slow motion to smooth a shaky shot.
  • When using on-camera audio, shoot lots of close-ups.
  • Re-record dialogue (ADR "automated dialogue replacement")
  • add

Difficulties, F.A.I.L.s, & Reflections

  • What difficulties or F.A.I.L.s did you have during the project?
    • We had difficulty making the trick shots. That was the only problem we had this project.
  • How did you handle/resolve/work around them?
    • We just kept on shooting, eventually we made the go in.


  • add links to any resources you used. They may be copied and pasted from your proposal, but make sure to edit them to reflect your actual resources.