Basketball Highlights Proposal

NBA Highlights
My goal/challenge will be to make a good NBA highlight video with good quality and good music. I want the video to be a good enjoyable video for the viewers.
I expect to learn how to take videos from YouTube and put it into iMovie. Also to put music into the video without it being copyrighted.
I will be challenged because I do not know the rule for copyright for music and videos. I will have to learn what this rule is and how to get around it without making my video with low quality or just a couple of clips.
This will stretch my iMovie tricks and more on how to use the software. I will learn how to edit a quality video and add music. I also want to make it that when something big happens in the clip the music drops at the same time.
I will learn different things in iMovie like:
  • Adding cutaways, side-by-side video, and picture-in-picture effects
  • Applying video effects
  • Adjusting color
  • Applying audio effects
  • Importing video files
  • Selecting and adding clips to a project
  • Trimming and slip editing
  • Cropping and rotating
  • Adding titles
  • Using transitions
  • Adding music and sound effects
Main Steps:
  1. Make this proposal and show it to Mr. Whitmer
  2. Find out what the copyright law
  3. Find clips to put in the video
  4. Find music to put in the video
  5. Edit the video
  6. Get some input from Nate
  7. Finalize the project
  8. Upload it to YouTube
I will post clips of the videos that I am going to put in my project on my project wiki.
I expect this project to take a little less than a quarter.
Nate has done a very similar project that I want to create. I searched in the search bar "basketball highlights" and I found his project about three links down.Nate's Basketball Highlight Reel
Nate will be my teacher.
When other people are struggling on this topic I will teach them. Then when even more people are struggling the people I helped can help them.
Getting the music and the clips without being copyrighted.
Searching up how to avoid the copyright or asking other people in my class.
My project might fail if I consistently get off task.
I will share my project by posting it on YouTube.
My target audience will be anyone who wants to watch NBA highlights.
I want to make a quality video and get at least 40 views on the video.
You should evaluate my success if the people leave likes and comments on my video.
It will be visible because people can see how my video is doing on YouTube.
  1. I am off task and I never post my video
  2. I am off task but I finished the project and it is okay
  3. I am on task and the video is good quality and it is on YouTube
  4. I am on task and the video is excellent in all places and it also has 40+ views and likes on the videos
“What are you making?” “Why are you making this?” and “Who is it for?”