Thinkering Studio Project Proposal

Basketball Highlight Reel
Markis, Clayton, and Darryl.
We will have to learn a lot to be able to create the highlight reel. We need how to use the tools we are using to put the highlight reel.
We expect to learn how to take clips from YouTube and put them into a software and create our own video.
We will be challenged because we don't know how to edit the videos and take music and put them together and make a highlight reel.
This will stretch us because we need to take time and learn the software we are using. This will stretch our knowledge in order to get the project done. We will learn how to edit music and video and put it together.
We will need a computer. Also we need a software that will allow us to make the highlight reel.
The software will be Movie Maker
Main Steps:
Step 1: We will make the proposal and talk to our critique groups. Then we will show our proposal to Mr. Whitmer.
Step 2: We will try to find the clips of highlights we want to use.
Step 3: Then we will find the music we want to use for the video.
Step 4: Then we will put the video together.
We will document our progress by taking a screenshot of our
current work of the day.
Everyone in the group will be doing something to help the project everyday. Clayton will be getting music for the video. Also he will be researching the copyright law for music.Darryl will be finding the clips for the video. Also he will be researching the copyright law for videos. Markis will be putting them together in the software. Also he will be researching Movie Maker and learn how to use it.
We expect this project to take at least a couple of months.
Possible resources are existed highlight reels on YouTube that are ones like ours. We found a highlight reel but not a basketball one. We searched will the words highlight and reel.
Our outside teacher or source will be YouTube and other videos of highlights of basketball.

Youtube MDC connects to both.
Music Youtube connects to music
The parts of the project that might be difficult are getting all of the videos and putting them together. Also getting all of the music and putting it together. We expect to handle this by using resources to learn how to do this so it won't be challenging.
We will share this highlight reel by making a YouTube video. Our target audience is any basketball fan.
We will define our project a success when we learn something valuable from this project and get views on YouTube. We should evaluate our success by assessing how much we learned. It will be visible to others because we can be a possible resource to others if they are doing a similar project.

4: We got a lot done in a short amount of time and made a very nice highlight reel that others can enjoy.
3: We finished the project in a good amount of time and made a good highlight reel.
2: We finished in an average amount of time and made an average highlight reel.
1: We were really behind schedule and made a very average or below average highlight reel.