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Copyright Music Law

  • The easiest way to avoid running afoul of music copyright laws is simply to purchase music through a royalty-free music website.
  • Also give credit to where you found the music at the end of each video.
  • Itunes, You’re buying only the private rights to that music. What this means is that you can listen to it as long as you like on your home stereo
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Copyright Video Law

  • The Federal Copyright Act of 1976 is the legislation that is the basis for all copyright law in the U.S. Portions of this law are used by other countries, too. This set of laws outlines the rights of copyright holders. Copyright holders are interpreted as being the owners of the copyrighted material. Within the Copyright Act of 1976 there is a doctrine referred to as the doctrine of "fair use," which allows for limited use of copyrighted items for particular purposes. This doctrine outlines when and how a video can be used by someone other than the owner.

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