Basketball Project Proposal

Shane and Gabe Basketball
Shane, Gabe
What challenge/goal/question will drive your work? How can we improve our fundamentals in basketball to get ready for the high school team. Also, we plan to model our shooting form after Paul Pierce. We plan to model our dribbling (moves) after Jamal Crawford. Our defense will be compared to Shane Battier, who is considered the best defender in Duke history. These can be changed during the project but at the beginning it will be what we start with.
Challenge Starters & Examples
What do you expect to learn? We expect to learn the basics of basketball and the ideas behind basketball
How will you be challenged? We will be challenged in many ways. We will not have that much time to practice outside. Also, Gabe has a very flawed shot, he uses both hands. Shane hits his chin sometimes when he brings the ball up and puts his left hand in front of the ball not the side.
How will this stretch you? This will stretch us because Shane is just okay at basketball and Gabe is very bad at basketball. (Look at the Thinkering Studio Rubric for some ideas.)
Outdoor basketball-We will bring two if ours are better than the schools Camera-We will use Shane's phone to record ourselves Laptop-We can use the Mac's we have been using for most of the year.
Main Steps:
Outline the main steps to complete your project or provide a link to another site that has the steps. Below the link explain any additional steps you need to complete.
  1. Evaluate ourselves in the categories of dribbling, shooting, and defensive form.
  2. Make a list of what we need to change, in descending priority
  3. Make a plan to change them
  4. Work on them until we have improved. We will work on everything, but the top of the list will have the most practice time.
  5. Take pictures and videos of us and compare them to the people we are modeling after.
How will you document your process/progress beyond your journal entries? We will make a wiki page documenting our project. This will have comparisons of our skills to the players we are trying to emulate.
If this is not an individual project, how will you work together so that all are learning/working equal to their abilities? Roles? Accountability? If we are on our own, no one is making sure we work hard. The two of us will push each other because we are both very competitive. Gabe can make sure Shane doesn't slack off because Shane is sometimes a lazy defender. Shane can help Gabe with learning the basics of basketball and almost everything.

Note: Unless there is a glaring deficiency in one area, we will go from shooting form to dribbling to defense. We will do defense last because defense is mainly heart and determination along with a small part of form and skill.
How long do you expect this project to take? We expect this project to take the rest of the year if we really want to make progress on our skills.
List possible resources/sources of inspiration to complete this project. Are there existing examples of the sort of project you want to complete? Has anyone else done a similar project in Thinkering Studio? What words did you search the wiki for when checking? We can use youtube videos of players as guides. Many former players also have made videos to teach other people how to do their signature moves. There is one project by former kids that is similar to what we are doing.
Who/what will be your "teacher"? (Outside expert, in class expert, book, video(s), website(s), Mr. Whitmer, experimenting, experience, etc.) Make sure your "teacher" is included in your steps.Our teacher will be the youtube videos we watch. Also, there is a youtube channel called Shot Science Basketball and it seems like they know what they are doing.
How will you develop your PLN (personal learning network)?
What parts of this project might be difficult? How do you expect to handle them? It will be difficult to stay on task outside. We will rise above this obstacle because Ben was the person in our soccer group that got off task the most. Also, there will certainly be days when the weather is bad and we cannot go outside. When this happens we will just do dribbling drills inside.
Sharing/Teaching/Paying It Forward - How will you share what you have learned with others? Who is your target audience? We will make a youtube channel that we will link to the wiki. We will also post pictures of our shooting form and other things and videos we are using on the wiki.
How will you/your group define the projects success? How should we evaluate your success? How will that be "visible" to others? (Demonstrate) Can your progress be measured throughout the project? We will define success by the progress that we make in each category. Obviously we will not make huge strides because it is only two hours a week but we will improve. You should evaluate success by looking at the difference between our form and the pros' form.
(Look at the Thinkering Studio Rubric for some ideas or possibly Rubistar.)
Design your own rubric.