Thinkering Studio Project Proposal

Baren shoe gallery
Ben and Jaren
What challenge/goal/question will drive your work? What are you creating/making/producing?
Challenge Starters & Examples
we are learning how to make a professional website by ourselves
We are also learning about good photography because we have to take our own pictures
We are learning how to make a business Instagram page
Computer and Six
Main Steps:
Week 1: Work on and finish proposal
Week 2: Work on nike page by adding more shoes
Week 3: Create and start working on our shoe websites Instagram page
Week 4: Jaren works on Instagram page while Ben finalizes the nike page on the website
Week 5: Add some more shoes on the custom shoe page and add to the Instagram page
Week 6: Add more shoes to the Jordan page and finish up the Instagram
Week 7: Finalize all of the pages to make sure they look good
Week 8: Review the whole website to make sure we did not leave anything out
Through the end of the year
  • Varius shoe stores for us to take more photos
  • Cameras
To make our website actually look professional
We are going to post our website online and shoe how we did it on our project page
We hope we can finish this project on time and make it look professional