Thinkering Studio Project Proposal

Balloon tower defence 5
To teach people about how to play Balloon tower defence 5 and show people strategys.
this is a rewie Ballon tower defence 5 jack clayton
Game we will unlock all the people and the upgrades
Screencasts we wil make screen casts so we will learn and teach the starges.
1 more from rubric
  • Sometimes distracts or gets distracted
the matirels that we are useing are the computer the wiki the youtube.
Main Steps:
The main steps are first to get the game and make an accont and then start doing reviews on the game and posting on ower page. Then we will teach strategys and post thoughs on the wiki. We might even post on youtube.
The rest of school and unlock everything and teach people.
the resouses that we will use are the computer are brains the wiki the game ninga kiwi website so we can play the game and we will try as hard as we can.
it might be hard to get all of the towers and people and to unlock all the towers and get lots of money
We are going help people learn good stratages and skills in the game.
we will so that we have done it well because we will a least with are starise make it to level 80 it is a chanlge but we will make it.