The Blasting Balloon Car Proposal

The Blasting Balloon Proposal
Just Cole
What Materials will i have to use?
How am i going to build it?
Where will i get the materials?
What will the structure be like?
How fast can i build it?
I expect to learn other ways to power a car other then batteries.
I will be challenged because i will have to find a good weight so the car can actually move.
This will stretch me because i need to find a good weight so it can move and not be to heavy. (Look at the Thinkering Studio Rubric for some ideas.)
The materials i need to do so are Knife, scissors, nail, hammer, 4 caps, balloon, masking tape, 3 straws, 2 bamboo skewers, straw, 16 oz bottle, video camera, and a book or computer to learn how to build it.
Main Steps:
The main steps i will probably use is first go to the store and buy the product that i will need. Then i will build the car. The next i will go attach the balloon to the car. Then i will take the straw and attach it to the balloon. Then i will test it a couple times until it will work. Once finished i will video tape.Then when that is done i will post on the wiki so everybody can see how it works.
I expect this project to be done in the whole third quarter.
I am going to watch videos on you tube and read some websites on how to make the right car.
Things that will be difficult will be building the right car and attaching the balloon.
My target Is to present on a video on my portfolio and tell the audience the difficulties and learning experience.
My evaluation will be showing it live on the computer and in front of the classroom