Bad A** Distortion Circuit

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Parts of distortion.jpg
All the parts that Im going to use.
Battery and Breadboard
Battery and breadboard.jpg
The Breadboard doesn't need solder. All you need to do is push the wire into one of the holes on the board. At first its hard to push the wire in but what I found useful is push a jumper wire into the hole im using before the part I'm using.
Connect Jacks
add jacks.jpg
After the battery I solder the in and out jacks to wires that connect to the Breadboard.
Add resistor, transistor, and jumper
Add resistor, transistor, and jumper .jpg
Then I add a resistor to a transistor then lastly add a jumper cable to connect the in and out jacks.
un solder.jpg
I have messed up my solder a lt when trying to solder. So I have to use a pump where I heat the solder then when it becomes liquid i use the pump to suck the solder up so I can redo the solder.
Left over solder
Left over solder .jpg
After I have pumped up the solder every few times the pump throws the solid solder out into cylinders.
Resistor, transistor, jumper
Add another resistor.jpg

One more resistor
Resistor, transistor, jumper .jpg
Now after I finished the set up I tried to plug it into the amp and no sound came out. So I redid the pedal and went through the steps and found out my problem. I had to move one of the capacitors to the right and then the jumper cable to the left and it worked.