BZG2's Journal

Make my Kingsman The Golden Circle Review and get access to blog

I made my review. I feel it turned out good. It took my about 15 minutes to do. The review was very professional. We did not get to figure out how to get access to blog but the blogger website is trying
to figure it out. So are we.
Make the blogger page and start a blog.
Make one review all week. Try to get access to blogger. Work on editing
Make a blog. Look a Charles blogs.
Figure out my next movie to review. Make my 5th review.

Make another review and edit all of my final drafts. Critique my partners projects and present mine.
Start my proposal. Try to finish it.
Work on proposal.
Edit the WIX website. And try to start my first game review or Top 10 games of the week.
Work on how the website looks and try to add another review.
Edit the work that didn't get saved.
Get back into working for just getting out of my side effects during my concussion.

Work on making a park in planet coaster.
Do my project proposal.
Upload Pdf.

Research more haunted houses.





Today I, made our blogger page. We did pretty good. Then I made my first movie review. This turned out good. I did the review very professional. I hope I get my next review done just as well.
I made one review. I also did a lot of editing on my reviews. Also I got access to the blog. This means I could do my work n my computer. Everything went very well.
I did very good. I thought that Charles reviews were very good too. I did some work on making my new review. Next time I will work on editing. My review went well and I look forward to making a new one next week.
I worked most of the time this week. This time I was working a different way. I was looking for a movie to review. But I did not find a movie so I did not review a movie. But I did do editing on my reviews.
Started proposal with Ihsaan. Did not finish. Then I came up with more ideas for the game reviews. We have 2 and a half sections left in proposal. Will try next time.
Almost done with proposal. Will wok on it with Ihsaan next class. One more question left. We will definitely finish it next class. Then we will start website.
We finished the proposal. The Six Websites going pretty good. The outline is mostly done and we made the outline of the top 10 games of the month. We will try to start it today. Lastly we will edit the backgrounds.
We edited a lot of the page.We also did another review. The review was very well written.
This week we re posted all the stuff that got deleted. We also made a logo.Then we decided to add different backgrounds. Additionally we made a new title screen. Then we made a review.

I made a park. Then I made it have a few rides. After that I tried to save the park. Next time I have to make a document on the park. Thats what ill do next time.
I got my project proposal done.

I got to research more haunted houses. I looked up haunted houses in each state that are the scariest. What I did well was knowing what to put in my slides after researching. Next time I will add to my slides. I did good overall today.