BVC1's Journal

Look for a good recipe for bouncy balls and hopefully do it. And we want it to work so it might be a fail but we hope that it won't.

Why was this class meaningful to me?
It really showed me how to be creative, for instance in duck tape crafts I learned how to make purses, pencil toppers,flowers and a lot more. It was a cool project because I haven't done a lot of duck tape crafts so it was cool to explore something new to me.
In Card board crafts I had a lot of fails with my partner Eloise. Such as trying to make bouncy balls with gelatin and slime with liquid starch. But a way we succeeded was when we came out with the air fresheners. Such as the tangerine scented air freshener and the lavender air freshener and a lemon air freshener. Right now we are trying to make bouncy balls and we are sort of succeeding but not all the way. I love thinkering because it lets me be my own creative self.
  • Add water and cornstarch
  • Mix together
  • Add borax
  • Add glue
  • Add food coloring
  • Then stir
  • And mold into a shape

  • Blend borax and water
  • add food coloring
  • mix
  • add cornstarch
  • mix
  • Shape

We made bouncy balls but when we freezed it, it became smosh and didn't mold well but on the bright side I died my hands red. Yah i'm so excited to wash them.
  • Blended borax and water
  • Mixed
  • Added food coloring
  • And mixed

  • Today we experimented a new project so we can sell more things and make more $$ money. But none of the new ideas we tried worked. Like the bouncy ball or the slime. Its just been a Debby downer day.
  • hole punch duck tape roll
  • Mix water and gelHatin in the duck tape rolls
  • Add salt and food coloring
  • Then smooth
  • And cool

Today I,
Tried making gel bubbles and it didn't go well so we just started surfing the web to find new projects. And we have found some but we may not do them.
  • Mixing water and gelatin
  • Adding salt and food coloring
  • Smoothing top
  • Cooling
  • Repeat steps for another freshener

We are making bouncy balls out of old molds of duck tape rolls with gelatin.

The past days,
have been really stressful because we were gluing on crayons and made our mixture of the freshaners.
  • finish gluing
  • hair dry the crayons


we glued more crayons on the jars and started the air freshaners.
  • Cut crayons and Eloise is gluing them on to the jars and we may melt them today.

  • Continue thinkering studio sign.

This week,
I worked on my new project by doing my proposal and getting materials.
  • make more purses
  • add more pockets to old purses

Today was successful,
We made most of our sign and we are almost done.
  • Add Velcro to products.
  • create more rose pens.

Today I made up,
a thing called a shaker cup its where you glue to cups together and put paper clips in the cup it shakes and makes noises.
  • Make duck tape roses
  • also make duck tape purses

What helped your learning?

Lauren my partner taught me how to make a rose. And it helped me make pretty roses. I feel accomplished because I made a beautiful rose.
  • finish proposal
  • search video
  • use video to help us make the craft
Today I/we ...
I am going to ...
Today I/we ...