My project is taking pictures with skitch and telling you how to use the program.

hot dog.pngarrows.png
In skitch you can take pictures by pressing control, shift, 5. You can highlight the picture with the highlight button.
You can also use arrows to point out special things like my numbers on the game.
Tip of the day: The profile you are on when you take a pic stops.
Lesson: You can tipe and circle on your pics.
Tip of the day: When you crop a pic you have to click the aplly button.
Lesson:You can crop your pics down to what you want. You can also
mix up words if you dont want anybody looking at the word or pic.
Tip of the Day: When you save the pics it is saved as a png.
Lesson:You can change the colors of anything you do to the pic. For example
the arrows. The ovals change size where you want it to.

world ranaund frezzeria.pngmarty.png
Tip of the day: It is hard to make a perfect circle while on the draw tool.
Lesson: When you want to write you can always type in different type of style or
different color and outline.