Top Projects:

  • Game Review - Bts3 Dsz1 Review Journal
    • I have done a game Review. The game review helped think harder into simple things like computer games. I learned that in some games there are about 40 levels to play. The game reviews showed me as a learner how I can beat levels without having to play one level for an hour. The game review gave me respect for the game designers and how hard they work for kids entertainment. It really showed me what games are about.
  • Skitch-
    • I have done a skitch journal. The skitch journals help other people who do not know how to use skitch. I got the idea after I did game review. In game review I used skitch and learned all of the tricks to the program. I like to tell pople something different everyday. It is fun to help people while showing the work I have done on this project.
  • My Skitch Montage
    • I choose this project because I wanted to show more of my skitch project in a different way. The powerpoint was a good way of expressing it because I do not usally use Powerpoint for projects, I like to use prezi. I learned how to write with a picture on powerpoint. Also I already knew how to upload pictures but I have more expirence with it now. I liked this project because it was short, but it taught me more about powerpoint and extended my skitch project.

Top Reflections:

  • "Today Daniel and I learned how use screen cast o' matic. Although the program falled to video tape right we tried really hard to finish are coaster and we also did have a song. Next week we will trie to use a flip though flips do not have the best quality"
    • I liked this reflection because I showed that sometimes nothing goes right, but I worked through it and some work done. It really showed that I was very good at looking ahead too.
  • "Today I reviewed Santa Kicker 2. It was a fun game. Daniel and I switched of each level. I think daniel and I are very good workers and we work even better together. It was good that we were able to get along well. I hope to review more next week."
    • I choose this reflection because it showed everything. It showed what I did and it showed who I worked with. In the second part of the reflection I talked about how good my partner and I worked and also what I was doing next week.
  • "The past two days I brainstormed the montage and I learned how to use Picstitch. The app is an ok app because the editing is hard and confusing. Though it works well if you want to put different sized pictures. Also you can crop pictures so the fit in small templates. I think that I can bring my I-pad every week for a while. If i can redo something I would redo my first slide because I did not know how to use the app well when I did it."
    • I choose this reflection because It talks about what I did, what I will do, and what I want to redo. I also talked about what I can do with the app Picstich. What I said I could do has to do with what I played around with on the app.

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