BRI1 Journal

Project Ideas for Next Year:

Improve my solar cooker from this year's make project and cook
different things.

Test a larger group of people for
their personality type and create a more detailed survey.

Learn to solder and make a simple

"If we had a do over [of the whole year] ..." I
would definitely try to do a better job of not
getting distracted. This has been one the biggest
obstacles that have gotten in the way of my
learning. This year I learned that I learn better
when I am in a group and can discuss what we
are learning, but I often got distracted and got
off topic. I don't need to stop talking to others
all together, that would be harmful to my learning,
I need to make sure that I only talk about our
project and only talk to my partners. "We are having difficulty with..." finding a way to present our projects in a way that is relatable to somebody who is not familiar
with our project. This issue was the most prevalent
during our Personality Testing Project. When we made
the profiles for our types, we often forgot that the majority
of the class had never heard of the Briggs-Myers tests
and didn't know basic personality terms like introvert and
extravert. Mr. Whitmer taught us that most people learn
better when they have an example to base the information
on; a thing that we will be able to use in the future
when we are teaching again.
This week will hope to complete
testing the class and analyzing the
results. We also hope to complete
as many profiles as possible. Due
to the proximity to the end of the year,
we will not likely be able to create all
16 profiles and test the entire class.
"What got in the way of your learning?" There were
two main things that got in our way of learning. One,
other people. I was often distracted by other
people who were sitting near me. This is one of the
biggest things for me to work on next year. I need to
make sure that I only talk to my partners, and even
then when it is absolutely necessary. The second thing
that got in the way of our learning was time. If we had
more time, we would learn much more about personality
testing. If I am in this class again I will continue with this
project for the beginning of the year.
We will continue testing people and
building profiles for the different personalities.
"We learned..." that most people learn better when
they have an example to base their thoughts on.
Mr. Whitmer taught us that we should start all of
our personality profiles with an example of a
person that everybody knows. This way, while people
are reading the description, they are attaching
the listed qualities to a person that they already know.
For example, it is much easier to understand the
INFJ description when you know that Mahatma Ghandi
had that personality type.
We will continue testing people and building
profiles for the different personalities.
"We were efficient because ..." we all did our
respective jobs and only focused on our jobs. I
tested over 5 people today and Ben and Shane
got a fair amount of work done on the profiles.
"We are having difficulty with ..." creating the
profiles in a reasonable amount of time. At the
rate we are going at, we will never finish 16 profiles.
We will continue with our research and make
personality profiles.
"I was inefficient because..." I often got distracted while trying to
get people to take the personality test. I would go over to people
to ask them to take the test, but I would then find myself in a
conversation with them. This is something that I really need to
work on. This is not really a problem with the other Ben, though.
"Our next step will be..." to continue making profiles for each of
the personalities and to test everybody in the class. Shane was
not here this week, so I administered the tests instead. Although
I was often distracted, we still had a fairly productive week.
After Mr. Whitmer approves our project, we
will make our wiki page and Google Doc.
"We learned..." we learned how to create a Google Doc and
embed it onto a wiki page. This is a skill that we most certainly
will use again sometime in our lives. " We didn't get as far as
we planned because..." there was issues with the wiki. We had
finished our Google Doc, but couldn't embed it onto the wiki page.
We also could not begin the individual profiles for each of the
different personalities. The wiki was working for the beginning
of class, so we were able to create the wiki page, but we couldn't
add anything.
We will finish writing our personality testing
and begin our project.
"My/Our next step will be..." setting up a wiki page for our
project and creating a Google Doc to record the results of
the tests. We will also find which of the online tests will be the
best for us to give to students. The test cannot be too long,
but we want it to be as accurate as possible. "We were efficient
because..."we learned how to equally split up the work load
between the three of us to maximize productivity and
insure that we are each learning.
After triads, we will continue writing our
personality testing project proposal.
We are about 3/4 done with the proposal. We are taking much
longer than last time before it was deleted, but we are putting
much more thought into the proposal. We got a little distracted
at times and went on little tangents, but the tangents were related
to our Personality Testing. We need to work on getting on one
thing and stay on it for an entire class without getting off topic.
I will continue with coding. I hope to finish a
lesson today. I will be ending my project at
the end of the quarter.
I continued coding on Tuesday and began writing a proposal for
our next project. When we were about 3/4's done with the
proposal, Firefox crashed and we lost all of our work and had to
start over. I am officially ending my Java Script project. If I were
to do this project again, I would make sure that I tried different
things before going for help. I would often get help without trying
hard to solve the problem on my own, I need to make sure that I
do not do this with my next project. I am ending this project
because I have really lost interest and do not enjoy working on
I will continue with coding. I hope to finish a
lesson today.
I got a fair amount of work done this week. I spent a good
amount of time looking for resources that I can use for extra
help. I need to work on following my plan closely and not get
sidetracked. Even though my sidetrack may be helpful, I still
need to stick to my plan.
After Jack presents in triads, I will continue
with my coding.
I have completed both lessons of the "Introduction to JavaScript"
and am on the 7th lesson of 13 on "Introduction to Functions on
JS" I have gotten very good on solving the problems in my coding
using online resources. My goal from now on is to try and finish
an entire lesson each class. To achieve this goal, I will need to
make sure that I am working hard the entire class and rarely get
I was not here on Tuesday, so I will not get
any time to code. I will probably spend most
of my time working on my top projects,
reflections, etc.
This was not a very productive week for me. I wasn't here on
Tuesday, so I already lost a day, then on Thursday, I had to
complete my quarterly portfolio reflections. After I finished my
reflection, I did a little bit of work but got distracted. I was very
productive while working on my portfolio, but no so much for the
last 15 of minutes of class.
I will continue with my coding.
I completed the Hour of Code and the Getting Started with
Programming courses on Codecademy. I am enjoying this
project and am learning new things every class. I have found
many resources that I can use to help me with my project,
like posting to Yahoo! Answers and the Codecademy Forums.
I am trying not to ask Ben and Shane for help as I sometimes
get distracted when I go over there. I need to work on being
more efficient with my coding.
After Mika presents in triads, I will continue
with my coding.
I completed a Hour of Code course (from codecademy) and I
also finished my first actual lesson. I have began the next
course, which is making a choose your own adventure game.
I am really enjoying this project as I am constantly learning new
things that I will actually use in the future. I need to work on
spending a good amount of time on a problem before I get help.
I will continue with my Java Script Project. I
will likely start off with an Hour of Code
program to learn the basics.
My Java Script coding project is going very well. I am learning
multiple new concepts every class period. The stuff that I am
learning will help me next year in Engage and possible in my
career as am adult. Mr. Brown has replied to my email and he
sent me links to many great coding resources, which I will soon
post to the Java Script page. When I am having trouble, I
usually talk to Ben and Shane, but I sometimes get distracted
when I go over there. I need to work on only going over when I
absolutely need it and to stay on topic.
I will fill out a project proposal for my next
I had a very productive week. I completed the proposal early on
Thursday's class and started on Code Academy. I like Code
Academy so far and will likely continue with it. I learned a ton
of new things about coding. My favorite was probably
console.log(); I thought that I is cool to see what the computer
is doing by itself. I sent Mr. Brown an email about coding
resources and will use what he says next class.
We will continue with the tower. We will
demolish the old elevator and build a
new one that will hopefully work.
We have decided to end our Sears Tower Minecraft Build
Project. We finished about 2/3s of the exterior and than
shifted focus to the details. We lost about a week working on
an elevator that did not run. We are ending this project becuase
we are no longer learning new things each day, we are just
repeating the same process each day. We will give a short
screen cast tour of the tower and then be completely finished
with the project. If we were to do this project again, I think we
would make it so that there was a larger scale (so one block
is more than 3.5 meters). Overall, this was a very successful
project as we learned a ton and the things we learned will
be useful to things other than Minecraft, particularly scaling
structures to make an accurate model. My next project will
likely be coding with Java Script.
We will continue with the Sears Tower. We
will focus on getting the elevator to work and
adding other cool details to the part of the
structure that has already been completed.
We couldn't get the elevator to work. We had to begin
destroying the elevator today. I hope to learn how to build a
working elevator. I learned that Gus is much better with redstone
than I am and that I am better at fine details.
We will not focus on the actual structure this
week. We will work on details around the
tower and begin work on an elevator.
Gus completed the elevator, but it does not work. It will move,
but it won't anybody ride on it. We hope to get a better
understanding of red stone so we can solve this problem and
avoid ones like it in the future. I focused on adding little details
throughout the tower and the land around it. In doing so, I
learned that beacons can be covered with other blocks to
create a cool design. I also learned that Preston is helpful for
how-tos, but we sometimes get a little off topic when he comes
to help. Gus and I need to work on finishing one part of the
tower before we start another. We have been 3/4 done with the
structure for a week or two now, and we would have been done
by now, but we focused on other aspects of the tower.
We will continue to build the exterior of the
Sears Tower. Our goal is to complete the
last bundled "tube". We will not finish the
entire exterior.
We shifted focus to the interior and decided that we will finish
the inside of what we have now before we finish the rest of the
tower. We had a little trouble getting on task on Tuesday, but
we were completely on task Thursday. We work best when we
each have separate jobs that are similar to each other so we can
ask each other for help. We need to work on making a detailed
plan at the beginning of each day and stick to it. Some days we
do not follow our plan, but we will get work done.
We will continue with the Sears Tower Build.
Our goal is to complete the exterior today.
Short Class.
We will continue with the Sears Tower Build.
I hope to finish the lower portion and begin
with the upper half.
We got a ton done this week. We finished the 2nd portion and
began the third part. I got distracted a few times this week,
next week I will try to not get distracted at all. I would like to
learn how to make an elevator. We need to work on being very
detailed and make sure that nothing goes overlooked. We
need to work on doing the math before we open Minecraft
so we don't have to stop in the middle of the build.
I will continue with the Sears Tower Build.
We will finish the math portion today and
hopefully begin building.
We are about half way done with the first half of the tower. We
built up to the 75th floor (where the first 2 tubes end) and are
putting in windows. I learned that Gus and I work well together.
We do not disagree too much and we can give each other jobs
and trust that the other will do it. I need to work on being more
efficient with my installation of windows. I want to learn if there
is an easier way to fill in a large area with blocks without
using a mod. We got further than we planned because we
worked very well together on the math portion and could start
building the first day. I am very happy that we planned out the
building of the tower because it makes it easier to know what
we will do next.
I will be filling out my project proposal and
(hopefully) be starting my project. I am not
sure what project I will do yet. Lucas, Daniel
and I may continue as a group with a GoPro
project, or I might start my own project by
myself or with another group.
I decided that my nest project is a Sears Tower Minecraft Build.
I completed the proposal on Tuesday and it was approved. It is
difficult to find the dimensions of the tower to scale it down. It
took me a long time to find the dimensions of the base and at
what height the different "tubes" end at. We had to go to
dozens of websites to find the information we needed. I learned
that I am better at finding the information and doing the math
than actually building on Minecraft. I am more of a planner, and
Gus is more of a builder. We need to work on building a system
so that we can be more efficient when we build the tower.
My computer was wiped over the weekend,
so we will have to start our project from my
last save, which was luckily 3/4s way through
last class. Since we only have one day this
week, I will focus on our wiki page. I will
upload any screenshots that we haven't
uploaded yetand I will also upload all of our
tip documents. Daniel and Lucas will
continue on the world as I do this. Today we
hope to find out why Daniel's screen-casts
have been so laggy.
Today was our final day for the Minecraft project. We have
stopped learning new things every day and feel that we have
completed this project. If I were to do this project again, I would
really focus on not going into creative. I am going to brainstorm
my next project over the break and will hopefully have an idea
by next class. I may take a short period of next class to make
sure that everything is posted to our wiki page. This project has
been very successful and I will take the skills I have learned
through this project and apply them to my future projects.
This week we will focus on documentation.
We will work on organizing our wiki page
and posting all of our screenshots and
tips that we haven't posted yet.
This was not a very productive week. My computer had problems
twice this week and I had to restart both times. Since my
computer is the host, my group could not be in the world.
We solved this problem by having my group members work on
the wiki page while my computer is not working. Daniel could
not take a screen shot because it was too laggy for him to work.
We need to solve that problem next class. Preston taught me
how to save copies of our world to my H drive so I can access
it if anything happens to my computer.
We will update our top projects and top
reflections.When we are done we will
clear the forest to make room for more
resources. Before we open Minecraft, we will
work on our wiki page.
We worked hard this week, but did not clear the forest. We
focused on farming this week. We made a farm on top of a tree
and we made a tree farm on another island that we discovered.I
learned that we work best when we divide and conquer. We need
to work on our documentation.
We will focus on creating a farm and making
a page of tips. Lucas will take screenshots
of our work and he will also hunt and gather.
I will continue building and putting together
tips. Daniel will take a short how-to screen
Today we did not complete what we set out to do, but we
completed something else. We lit a large part of the forest on
fire to clear room for us to use for other purposes. Daniel made
flint and steel and passed them out to each of us and we set
trees on fire to make room. We had to "disconnect" our house
from the forest to save it from burning. Daniel could not take a
screen-cast today because it was very laggy. We will fix this
issue next class. We need to work on following our plan. My tips
are about 1/2 way done and I will post it next class. Lucas took
great screen shots and we will post them to the wiki first thing
next class.
This week we will focus on getting a stable
food supply and orgrading our houses.
Daniel will do a screen cast.
We did not get much done this week. We got distracted more
than usual the week. We talked with other groups and got off
topic on Minecraft. We all died this week, and since we are on
hardcore, we cannot re-spawn. We decided that we will
continue with the project, but work in survival mode in case we
die. We will still treat the world like hardcore; no cheats or
creative (unless taking screen shots). We ran into a problem
with the newest version of Minecraft not accepting our seed,
so we had to problem solve and downgrade to 1.5.2. We did a
good job taking screen shots and recording tips, but we still
haven't taken a screen-cast. We need to work on sticking
to our assigned jobs and not getting off task.
This week we will start our screencasts
and screen shots. We will update our house
and start to build a mine. On Thursday, we
will put all of our documentation to our wiki
We have a great start to our Hardcore Survival project. We built
our house and a mine on the top of a hill. We learned that
different types of food attract animal (i.e seeds attract chickens).
Daniel died today, so he will not be able to continue with the
same account. Jack T has let Daniel use his second account
so Daniel can keep working with us. We need to work on
staying alive and not doing stupid things that might get us killed.
We learned that we work best when we stop early on Thursdays
to post our documentation to the wiki. Next week, we will post
short how-to screen-casts. We need to work on not getting
distracted by other people. We hope to stay on this world
for a long time without anybody else dieing again so we can
post good documentation. Next class, we will work on
This week we will set up a wiki page to
document our progress. I will focus on
collecting tips for our page. In the game
we will focus on finding resources in our
island. Daniel is not here on Tuesday, so
somebody will have to do his job today.
This week started our Minecraft project, twice. The first world
got deleted, so I had to start a new one. Daniel wasn't here
on Tuesday, so Lucas and I had to find something else to do.
We need to work on planning on what to do on days where the
server leader isn't here. We need to improve on documenting
our work and posting them to the wiki. From now on, we will
upload all of our work to the wiki on Thursday when we have 15
minutes left of class. I would like to learn how to get more
sapplings from trees. I learned that we work best when we
divide the tasks up between us at the beginning of class and
work on our own to achieve our tasks.
This week we will wrap up our urban legends
project. We will fill out a proposal for our next
project. We need to make sure that our next
project will last longer than our urban legends
Today we finished our proposal and began our hardcore survival
project. I learned that it is important that we stick to our jobs
in Minecraft. We did not take any screen shots today because
we just began. We are having difficulties with finding sheep to
make beds and other animals. I would like to learn how to
attract animals to our island without going into creative mode.
Next class we hope to make our wiki page and upload
screen shots and screen casts to the wiki.
We will test more urban legends this week.
We will not bring in any more materials and
we will only test the myths with the materials
we have at school.

We tested three urban legends today. You can view them here.
We learned that we work best when we all have different
computers. We were not very productive for the first half of class,
but when we each got our own computer, we were much more
efficient. We need to work on being efficient on our wiki page.
None of use are experts on the wiki, so we have some trouble
while editing our wiki.
We will continue to get ready for our first
urban legend test. We will also improve
our urban legends wiki page. On
Thursday we will test dropping toast.

We were not able to test the dropping toast myth. Nobody
was able to bring in the toaster, and it just would be too hard
to get the bread in without it being being crushed. We are
moving on to different myths, the first being the Pop Rocks and
Coke making the stomach explode. I learned that it is difficult
to work with customer support via email. We need to work on
staying on the same myth for a long time.

Today is my last class. I will not be here
on Tuesday. We will continue expanding the
island and set off fireworks to celebrate the
end of the year.

Last class

For the beginning of the class I will be
burning CD's for my Bee Presentation.
While it is burning, I will expand the island.
I worked really hard on Monday. I burned a one DVD for my bee
class. I made the mistake of trying to use a CD, not a DVD.
I learned how to use Roxio Creator to burn CDs in a very easy
way. On Tuesday I didn't work as hard or get as much done.
I need to work on staying out of creative. I did not take any
screen shots today, but Trevor and Daniel did. We need to
make our page look better.

Today will be a documentation day.
We will first post all of the screenshots
we have taken and start writing tips. If
we have time, we will continue working
on the island.
We did very well today. I finished uploading the screenshots in
10 minutes and had time to play. I learned that I need to work on
making my screen shots about the same size so the page looks
nice. We found a stronghold and spent most of class exploring.
After we explored, we began to create new islands. We will
have different islands for different purposes, like farming and

Daniel,Trevor, and I will begin a survival
island with only one tree. We will give
tips on how to live on an island.
We are doing very well. We expanded the island and went from
one tree to at least 20 trees. We only went into creative to
take screenshots. We did not start making tips yet, but we will
next week once the island is working. We will stay on this
for a while. We improved out efficiency by giving each person a

We will do hardcore worlds. We will
give tips on how to survive.
We did 3 different hardcore worlds. We died in all of them. We
got off to a good start, but Daniel exploded. I learned that
in hardcore mode, monsters can break through doors. I need
to work on staying on one project for a long time.

I will continue with our farm world. We
will start with the wheat.
We got off to a great start. We built two farms, a wheat farm and
a pumpkin farm. We built our house in a hillside and it got
blew up by a creeper twice. We really need to get better at
taking and uploading screen shots. I can accomplish this by
stopping early to upload our page.
I will continue with our farm world.
We spawned a ton of animals in pens, bu they got too crowded,
so we had to execute the animals. We made the mistake of
spawning the animals before we were ready. We need to work
on planning what we are going to do so we don't get sidetracked.
We blew up all of the animal areas and turned them into
memorials. Next time we will build a pen that is two fences high,
and not spawn too many animals. We will also start growing

I will join a new world. Nic's world got
On Monday, Daniel and I started our own survival world. I learned
how to make a garden, a bucket, and that you need an iron
pickaxe to mine diamonds and gold. Today, our old world got
wiped. We need to improve on saving our world so that it will still
be there after the computers get wiped. We need to be more
efficient with posting screen shots, and work to get some good
screen shots each class.
Daniel is not here today. I will join
someone else's world.
I learned a lot in Nicks world. I learned my first thing before I
even got online. It said "End of Streaming" and wouldn't
connect. I learned that this is because we were running on
different versions, I had to update my Minecraft. I also learned
how to switch between game modes. I have been assigned
the job Sniper, Miner, and Lumberjack. I will use my job
next time when I play. I might stop doing the everything world
with Daniel, so we can join this world. Next class I need to
work on staying on one task in the game.
I will continue with the free wowlrd
We got a ton done! We made a roller coaster out of mine-carts
built a wall of portals and created a waterfall made out of lava.
I learned how to create a portal to the End. I need to work on
setting a goal on what I want to do that day.
We will continue with the death maze
I hope to test it this week. We will add
some finishing touches.
We are no longer working on the death maze. We were
finished, but Trevor lost interest and the map was saved on
his computer. I tried joining Trevor's new world, but it wasn't
fun to me. Daniel and I started a new project which is
creating a world with anything and change it to survival.
I learned how to use red stone lamps and how to create a trap
using iron doors and pressure plates.
We will continue with the death maze
I hope to test it this week.
We have finished building the maze. We did not get to test
the map yet. Our biggest challenge this week was that
we kept accidentally stepping on pressure plates, which
ignited TNT and destroyed park of the maze 3 times. I
think that if we didn't blow up part of the maze, we could
have tested it today. We became more efficient with rebuilding
the section that kept exploding. I need to work on writing a
more detailed plan that includes specific tasks that we will
aim to accomplish. We have created a copy of the map
so we can test it, but we can't find our maze. To solve this,
we placed a beacon, but it isn't working. We need to fix
We will continue with the death maze.
I think that we are almost finished with the maze. We
have tons of different areas, I can't even get out. I want
to test the map next week. I learned how to use pressure
plates to detonate TNT, but using TNT may be a challenge
because they may survive the blast. I also learned that you
can make a portal to the end, but I'm not sure how to create
it yet. I don't really understand why we are making so many
rooms and challenges, I think that we may be making the
maze impossible, we should keep it simpler.
We will continue with the death maze.
We got a ton done today. We added a lot of rooms
and a few more death chambers. I have been working
in the nether, and learned how to use redstone and
pressure plates. I learned that I work well with Daniel
and Trevor. I also learned how to use commands in
Minecraft like teleporting and changing time. I learned
how to use dispensers and tripwires. I need to work on
being more independant and finding solutions to my
own problems.
I will continue with minecraft.
I worked with daniel and Trevor. Our goal is to
make a death maze. I learned a ton about
creative mode. I had a little trouble connecting
to the world, but after I restarted the computer. it
worked fine.
I will continue with minecraft. I will join
Trevor's game.
Trevor wasn't here. I had to join Palladio's
world. I started to dig my own mine connected to
my house, and i found an abonded mineshaft.
Everyone started to go to the mineshaft, and it got
a little annoying because they had to go through
my house. I learned that you can only mine gold
with an iron pickaxe.
I will continue with minecraft.
The server was full. I got in once, but I got
disconnected and couldn't join in again
because Reese stole my place. There weren't
any other worlds up, so I didn't get any progress.
I tried reallt hard, but didn't get any thing done.
Next class I hope to join quicker and get
something done. I watched the others play
for a while, and learned a bit more about
Minecraft, but not much.
I will continue with minecraft. I will
build my house today,
I completely finished my house. I built chests,
furnaces, crafting tables and added a second
story to my self. I learned that you make glass
by putting sand in the furnace. I also learned how
to make trap doors, ladders, and a ton more!
I'd like to begin farming next class.
Daniel and I are going to start a
Minecraft project. We will do the
balloon powered car later.
We got a lot of work done today. I gave myself
a 3 because I had to share my computer
with Daniel, so I couldn't get as much work done.
Daniel and I are going to make a
balloon powered car. We won't start
building today. We will research
designs that will work the best.
We did some research and started to make our
plan on a wiki page. We got a lot of stuff down.
Our plan is looking good. We probably can start
once we get the supplies.
I will continue with game review today.
I need to be more productive today then
on previous days. I will think of new
project ideas.
I onlt got one review done today. I learned that
I am ver longwinded when I write game reviews.
One review might take me 15 minutes to write.
I got a few good screenshots with Skitch of the
games. I am getting better with Skitch and
editing the pictures.
I will continue with game review. I might
think of new project ideas today.
I didn't get any reviews done today. I was
playing one game the entire class. I will write a
review on Fun Run tomorrow. On the up side,
I got a lot better at my game! I really need to
work on budgeting my time better. I will continue
with game review, but might start a new project
after break.
I will continue with game review today.
I only got 1 review done today, but
reorganized my game review page so it looks
better. I learned how to draw thing in Skitch.
Something that I learned about my self is that
I need to budget my time better. I find myself
spending too much time on a single game, so
I am not as productive.
Today I will work on my Bees project
for part of the class. For the other part
I will work on my game review.
I only worked on my bees project for about
5 minutes today. I played two games today,
and wrote one review. I am learning how to
use skitch and am getting better at it.
After I revise Camille's paragraphs, I
will work on my game review. Since I
will spend part of my class on the wiki,
not game review, I only plan to get
one review done.
I really like game review. After installing
Skitch and learning how to use it a bit better
I got a few screen shots of Super Santa
Kicker 2 and posted it to my review page.
I learned how to make a table on the wiki.
Today I will build my house. I want to
learn how to make and light furnaces.
I might think of future projects.
I am done with Minecraft. It is just getting
borring to me and I have no interest in
continuing with it. I did not learn anything
new today. My next project will be game
reviews. I started on them today. I will need
to learn how to use Skitch and using my time
efficeintally. I learned that can be hard for me
to get into something so that I continue it for
a long time. I also learned that I don't work well
with the Minecraft Group.
Today I will learn how to find people
using their coordinates.
I didn't find people with coordinates, but I
learned much more. We are all living in a cave
and are together. I don't have a house yet, but
but I mined a ton of stuff and found all sorts of
I will continue with minecraft. Today
I want to learn how to make a sword.
I figured out how to make a sword. I found
trevors house, but left to find
Jack's village. I got pretty close, but just as
I was about to log off, I fell down a black hole.
I will continue with minecraft.
I didn't find anybody. I think that I was close
but I explored a cave, and died. I spawned
at the same place, and pretty much started
over. I learned that you always spawn in the
same place.
I will contine with minecarft and try to
find trever.
I am very close to finding Trevor and Pallidio.
I looked at his and my locations, I need to
continue on a staight track, and I will find
I will continue with Minecraft
I was a little late to class today, but I still
a lot done. I found a village, but still coulnd't
find the others.
I will create a minecraft account and
join the server.
I joined the server and made an account. I
couldn't find anybody. I am still looking for
them. I learned how to a ton of things.
I wil continue with minecraft. I will
have an account by next class.
I worked on minecraft for half of the class.
The other half I searched the internet for
tips and tutorials. I moved houses and
created some beds. I learned how to shoot
a bow and arrow. Next class I will play on the
I will continue with minecraft
I was on Minecraft for only part of the class.
The rest of the class I was looking at the
Minecraft page on the wiki. I also watched
The people on the sever to see what a good
world looks like. I will buy a membership
next class so I can use the server.
I will start working on Minecraft today.
Nick gave me the app so can start
working today.
I joined Nicks server. Trevor and I built a
house as a part of the minecraft city. I
learned how to smelt iron, eat food, and
a ton more.
I will post my old song and create a
new one.
I finished another song today. I didn't get it
posted yet. I will not make another song.
I got distracted a little today, but I still got
a lot of work done.
I will work on a new song today.
I started and finished a new song today. I
learned how to make tracks fade in and fade
out. Something that I learned about myself
is that I am very picky about how loops
transition. I haven't posted the song to the
wiki yet, I didn't have enough time.
I have the Mac. I will finish the song
and might start a new one. Daniel
has left my group. I am working alone.
I got my first song posted to the Wiki. I'm
working on my next song, but it is hard to
make it sound like one piece of music. I
learned how that if you put loops
together, they sound like one.
Daniel is here and I have the Mac. We
will start to make the song on garage
We got a ton done today. We finished
the song and only have a few things
to fix. I learned how to adjust the sounds
of the loops.
Daniel isn't here again. I have acess
to the Mac. I will explore garage
band and iMovie
I worked really hard today with Garage.
I didn't make something for our project,
but I learned a ton about how to make
Daniel is abesent today. If I can
get Mrs. Brown's Mac I will play
around with greenscreen. If I
can't get the mac, I'll look for
I couldn't find Mrs. Brown, so I
coldn't use her Mac. Instead, I
set up a wiki page for Daniel and
I's project. I also did some research
on how to use a green screen and
posted the links to my wiki page.
Daniel and I will make a video
of him dancing in front of the
greenscreen. We will use
Mrs. Brown's Mac.
We worked pretty hard today
but, we didn't get much done.
In the middle of us working, the
Mac charger came out and we lost
all of our work.