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‍Top Projects:

  • Java Script BRI1
    • I chose this project as my top project for this quarter because I had fun learning something that I will actually use. I had to use online resources to learn something entirely new to me, which is a difficult task. The most difficult part of this project was learning the syntax; I often had the correct coding but wrong syntax. I didn't just chose this project because it's fun, I also chose it because I will actually use what I have learned in the future.
  • Sears Tower Minecraft Build
    • In this project we had to create an accurate scale model of the Sears Tower in Minecraft. It was difficult to create an accurate representation of the tower when we could only use square blocks. Gus and I had to problem-solve and think out of the box to make our model as close to the real thing as we could get. I selected this project because we consistently learned new things while we were working on it.
  • Busting Urban Legends
    • I chose this project because I learned something new every day. We were finding answers to urban legends that have existed for years. I was finally answering questions that I have thought of for years. Even though the project was short lived, it was fun going across the internet looking for resources. We had to be able to tell of a website was legitimate before we could use the information. This skill will also help me in many other classes. I liked this project because, while we only worked on this project during class, we used our learning in everyday life. The project may look unsuccessful, but to me, it was very successful.
  • Garageband Songs
    • I picked this project as my favorite because it was a challenge to complete each song, but when you hear the song playing, you think "I made that" and it is worth it. It is hard to make the different audio loops sound like one, but if you toggle the settings, you can do it. It takes a while to find out what to do, and how to do it, but once you do learn it, you breeze through songs. With Garageband, you learn something new everyday, whether it is making songs fade in or out, or adding sound effects to you songs. I chose Garage Band because I wanted to try something new.
  • Game Review BRI1
    • I chose game review for my top project because it was a fun way to learn. I got to play games, while learning something at the same time. I also learned more about how I work and how well I work with Daniel as my partner. I learned how to use a great new program, Skitch, by playing fun games. I have used Skitch in almost all of my other classes. Skitch has turned out to be a very useful tool for my education. I also got better at writing reviews and writing them fast, but still having a high quality.

  • Minecraft
    • For this Minecraft project Daniel and I created a world filled with anything your want. I chose this project because it is very fun and I learn a ton. I learned how to create various portals, a beacon, use red stone, and a ton more. I also learned how I work with other people. It is really cool to get an idea, and create it in a digital world.

‍Top Reflections:

  • "My Java Script coding project is going very well. I am learning multiple new concepts every class period. The stuff that I am learning will help me next year in Engage and possible in my career as am adult. Mr. Brown has replied to my email and he sent me links to many great coding resources, which I will soon post to the Java Script page. When I am having trouble, I usually talk to Ben and Shane, but I sometimes get distracted when I go over there. I need to work on only going over only when I absolutely need it and to stay on topic."
    • This reflection gives a shot summary of what I did that week, outlines a task that still needs to be done and answers the reflection prompts. This reflection tells the reader that I sometimes get distracted, but more importantly that I know that I get distracted. It shows what I need to work on and how I can work on it.
  • "We shifted focus to the interior and decided that we will finish the inside of what we have now before we finish the rest of the tower. We had a little trouble getting on task on Tuesday, but we were completely on task Thursday. We work best when we each have separate jobs that are similar to each other so we can ask each other for help. We need to work on making a detailed plan at the beginning of each day and stick to it. Some days we do not follow our plan, but we will get work done."
    • I chose this reflection because it does a nice job summarizing what we did that week and answering two of the reflection prompts. In only one short sentence, it gives the reader a good sense of what we did that week. The reflection states what we had trouble with and what I learned about how I work, it then goes in what we need to work on in the future. I liked this one because it gives a lot of information without being too long.
  • "We have a great start to our Hardcore Survival project. We built our house and a mine on the top of a hill. We learned that different types of food attract animal (i.e seeds attract chickens). Daniel died today, so he will not be able to continue with the same account. Jack T has let Daniel use his second account so Daniel can keep working with us. We need to work on staying alive and not doing stupid things that might get us killed. We learned that we work best when we stop early on Thursdays to post our documentation to the wiki. Next week, we will post short how-to screen casts. We need to work on not getting distracted by other people. We hope to stay on this world for a long time without anybody else dieing again so we can post good documentation. Next class, we will work on hunting."
    • I picked this reflection because it gives a very good sense of my accomplishments. It starts off with a short thing about what we did in the world and then it goes into what we have learned. We included a problem we had and how we solved it. I like this reflection because it describes our project very well.
  • "I am done with Minecraft. It is just getting boring to me and I have no interest in continuing with it. I did not learn anything new today. My next project will be game reviews. I started on them today. I will need to learn how to use Skitch and using my time efficiently. I learned that can be hard for me to get into something so that I continue it for a long time. I also learned that I don't work well with the Minecraft Group."
    • I chose this reflection because it is detailed. It tells what I did that day, why I did it, and what I learned. It says something that I need to improve on, and some positive things too. I said what I learned about, both about my work, and myself.

  • "I am very long-winded when I write game reviews. One review might take me 15 minutes to write. I got a few good screenshots with Skitch of the games. I am getting better with Skitch and editing the pictures."
    • I chose this reflection as my top reflection because it shows my improvement. I say what I learned and what I need to improve on. I talk about what I learned about myself, what I learned about Skitch and game reviews and more.

  • "We have finished building the maze. We did not get to test the map yet. Our biggest challenge this week was that we kept accidentaly stepping on pressure plates, which ignited TNT and destroyed park of the maze 3 times. I think that if we didn't blow up part of the maze, we could have tested it today. We became more efficient with rebuilding the section that kept exploding. I need to work on writing a more detailed plan that includes specific tasks that we will aim to accomplish. We have created a copy of the map so we can test it, but we can't find our maze. To solve this, we placed a beacon, but it isn't working. We need to fix this."
    • I chose this reflection because it is very detailed. It says what we have accomplished and what we have had trouble with. I share how we have become more efficient and why. I say what was challenging, and how we overcame it.

Top Critiques

  • "I thought that it was interesting to see the highest endorsed athletes, this has been my favorite part of your project so far. But, I still don't really understand what the point of this project is. What are you learning by making PowerPoints about Nike athletes? (other than how much the make, are endorsed, etc.) What is the project doing for you? If you continue the project, I suggest making a blog where you can post what you have done that day and what interesting things you have learned. Also, how do you know that you sources are legit? Some websites may say that somebody has $500,000 in endorsements while another source may say the same person gets $550,000. It would help to use the same website for every athlete (if you aren't already) so your data is consistent. Try: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/specials/fortunate50-2013/"

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