BPB2 Journal

BPB2 and RDS2 Minecraft

Finish! We still have a couple things to do, then we will be done. So close! Lets finish this up!

Happy June! The end of the year is near, and we really need this trailer done. Once its done, we will post it to the HFF page. Were about halfway through it, and there is only about 5 days left of TS. Lets go finish HFF!

I/We learned...
How to use iMovie effectifly, because we finished! Click here to watch it! We learned how to upload a iPad iMovie Trailer to the wiki, and we learned effective camera startegies.
I/We were efficient/inefficient because ...
We were effecient because we spilt up the jobs. There is still some stuff to do, but then we will be done!
Our plan this week is to contunie filming. We found out last week that extras and hard, but super fun. Were going to try to include them if we can.

I/We have changed my/our plan...
We are now using iMovie iPad because they have a trailer option. This way the trailer will be able to be finished by the end of school. The trailer looks great!
If we had a do over ...
We would try to get more filming in. We honestly need it and we also need to stop have problems. Next time were going to try and get stuff done.
Our plan this week is a little weird. On Tuesday, were going to learn a little bit more about Mr. Miyagi (aka Big Daddy) and on Thursday were going to start recording Manhunt.

I/We were effective/ineffective because ...
Were were very productive. We practices how to zoom in on the Big Daddy on Tuesday, then on Thursday we got 4 scenes done. Brian was absolutely great. We had barely any problems, and we had a lot of fun. We had some extras in it too!
We want to know ...
How to use the iPad iMovie better. We might research it next time. Or another plan that we need to do, for example more filming.
Our plan this week is to finish our logo, and start researching which camera in the room we will use. That might take us a class, or three. Will see.

Describe your progress towards your goals
Everything was done. Yes! We were so productive. We even found out which camera to use! The logo got done, and lastly, we even got to get the hang of the camera! We were great!
I/We were efficient/inefficient because ...
We were efficient because we focused. We really cracked down and finished the logo, then asked our teacher for a recommendation for the camera. He gave us a tricked out iPad, and we got to play around with it. Next time we going to spend one more class playing around with it and figuring out how to zoom in, and then we will finally start filming!
Our plan this week is to finish our script and to add some fun things to the Happy Fuzzy Friends wiki page. This will take us the whole two days.

Describe your progress towards your goals
We were amazing! We finished the script easy peasy, then added a textanim to our wii page. Check it out here. Finally, we got two-thirds of the way done with our logo!
My/Our next step will be...
Next time we are going to finish working on the logo, and make sure everybody likes it. We are also going to plan what camera were going to use to film. Happy Fuzzy Friends is looking really, really great! Lets keep up the good work.
Our plan this week is simply to finish the script. We want to make sure everything is awesome, and we all like it. This will be our only objective because our class will be shortened this week.

We are having difficulty with ...
We never got a chance to finish the script due to lack of our teams attendance, and we had wiki problems. The wiki wasn't letting me or Ethan log in, so we had to start up a whole other computer the edit the script.
I/We learned...
That making a script is hard, and we also learned that the wiki has many bugs. We learned that mozilla is great, but sometimes can be annoying when it comes to the wiki. I think next time we will be more prepared with the wiki problems.
Our plan this week is to create a script, and possibly finish it. If we can start filming that would be great. But our main goal is to create a good script, with everything planned out and ready to shoot.

Describe your progress towards your goals?
We did pretty well. We made abouta quarter-half of our script. Me and Brian are very happy and think that this is high-quality work. All of our names in the trailer are cool and have meanings, and our intro to our script is awesome!
If we had another day/week/month ...
We would have finished the script. And possibly have started filming. We have decided that we're going to rethink about our recorders. We don't want to use a apple product for a camera, neither a flip. We need to find a camera. Thats what we would have accomplished.
Our plan this week is to watch lynda, and learn about iMovie. If we have time, we should start the scripts, and start playing around with iMovie.

How did I/we feel?
I feel that we watched a lot of videos. We probably watched about half of all the Apple iMovie Help Videos, and about half of iMovie 11 from Lynda. I feel we did pretty good, and we made more ideas for a trailer.
I/We learned...
A lot about iMovie. We learned how to add sound effects, get rid of shaky recordings, video themes, and how to upload videos directly onto iMovie. We never got to play around with iMovie, but we were able to start brainstorming ideas for a script.
I have started a new propasal to make a new project. Me, Brian, and Ethan would like to make movie trailers. Next class we will see if we get aprroved and can begin filming.

Describe your progress towards your goals?
Our goal was to start filming, but what got in our way was the proposal. We didn't know about Lynda, and other learning tools with iMovie. Lynda will help us because it will improve our learning with iMovie.
What did you learn about your topic/tool?
We learned what websites will help us and which ones won't. Lynda and Youtube are good, but Twitter and Instagram are not. We also learned more about making proposals, and are one step closer to getting able to film!
My goal this week is to get enough food to last us for the next week (minecraft time) and to get enough resources to make pants. I also want to try and make some flint and steel.

We were spot on! We achieved everything! Except the flint and steel, but we still acheived everything else. We made a secret room basement, upstairs, amazing amount of ores, food, and tools. We were amazing. I'm glad to end part 1 of minecraft this way. Thanks Ross!
My goal is to upload at least two videos to the wiki, make a page, and make a basic house with more basic sets of tools.

The wiki page was made, I haven't uploaded videos yet though. In minecraft, me and Ross have made a home, and a large variety of tools, we even have dimond chestplates! Me and Ross are progessing very well. I hope we contunie to.
This week my goal was to start a minecraft survival project. Mr. Whitmor is going to teach me how to use Screen Cast to make minecraft videos. My goal is to get a video done each day starting Thursday.

My goal was not achieved, but this is not my fault. The computer took twenty minutes to save a fifteen minute MP4. What I did accomplish is the basics of Screen Cast O Matic, and started a couple of worlds.
This week our plan is to finish up the final week of Color the World. Our final job will be to get as much products as possible. We need many people. Were going to advertise and make our products.

Our goal this week was to get as many products in as possible. So we got 12 products in. We focused on a goal and achieved it very well. This will be our final week in color the world. On Saturday morning we will officially call CTW finished and ready to grade. We actually got a partnership in, and improved our website models page. Thanks Hadin for a outstanding project! Bye!
This week our plan is to spread the word about color the world, and hopefully get three people signed up. We plan also to color and post WAY more models and put them on out website.

One thing is for sure, we worked our little hearts out. We asked almost the whole class for orders, and got over 4 models in! We got very good responses and even managed to make a sponser. The only thing we didn't get done much was the website. But we still did a outstanding job.
Is to create our very own project called C.T.W. (Coloring the World). People will ask us to draw or color on something,
and we will. For example we drew designs on our shoes. This week our game plan is to start a website, and maybe get
one or two models in.

We got our achievment very well. I say this because we got three models in this week, and we started our website. Even though we never finished our website, we still achieved all of our expectations. I am very proud of our group and I think this is a outstanding start to a great organization. Thanks Hadin!