Top Projects:

  • Sports Blog
    • I choose this project because im a big sports fan and i enjoyed the overall aspects of the project.
    • I really enjoy sports and play alot of them.
    • i really wanted to do this because itgave an oppurtunity to get more ivlolved in the rowld of sports.
  • Music Remix
    • I choose this project because i really enjoy music and i wanted to learn how to make my own.
    • I was able to remix three songs succsefuly and i want do more.
    • my last thing was that i was able to make some of my own music from scratch.
  • Games Star Mechanics
    • I never really liked video games but was able to learn how to make my own using gamestar mechanics.
    • I made several levels and was also able to play and beat alot to unlock some.
    • I never realized that making games would be this hard and fun.

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Soccer Moves Tutorial
Scratch bml3

  • "I learned that the pistons played their first preseason game last night to beat the atlanta hawks we put this on the blog. We put some stuff about the tigers losing the the 4th game against the A's. I learned that i need to communicate with my partner better and do more work on the blog. I also did an entire article on the Detroit Pistons and Greg Monroe"
    • I choose this reflectiion because i feel that i went most in depth about what i did that day. I also did alot of work this day and was proud that i did it without m,y partner being there.
  • "I was able to remix an entire song. I got it reviewed by TJ hoppen " I actually liked certain parts more than the original". I posted the original song and the remix on my portfolio."
    • This was the first song i was able to remix and i was very proud of what i did, i actually got the qoute above wich made me feel good. You can find the link to my remixes above.
  • "I was able to finish my first teaching notes. I have found that this chemistr class is going to take much more work than expecteed. I enjoyed working with partners than not having a partner."
    • Even though I didn't like this project i was able to prevail through and finish one set of teaching notes and actually learned some stuff about chemistry.