BLB4's Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Project 1: Scratch -
    • I chose this project because I have always loved Scratch, and I wanted to learn how to use their scripting system to make my own games. I think scratch is complicated but fun, and I am learning a lot. I have a lot more experience with Scratch that I did at the start of the year. like how you can use the broadcast block to send messages to other sprites and backgrounds. My latest game, The Internet - Mozilla Firefox is the best one yet.

  • Project 2: Gamestar Mechanic -
    • I chose this project since I am new to the entire website, and it is really popular in this class. So I gave it a try, and it's really fun! Gamestar is easy and fun. You make games from blocks and sprites, which you can change how they walk, fight/shoot, their direction they walk in, and lots more! Once you share it, the entire world can play it. I learned how to make your own games, just like Scratch but a whole lot more different.
  • Project 3: Wolf Quest -
    • I chose this project because I saw a lot of other people in this class playing it, and it looked fun. I have never even heard of this game before I came to Covington. I have almost beat the game; I have a single mission left. I have learned how the game works and how to play it. After a while I got sick of it and moved back to Scratch.

Top Reflections:

  • "This week, I successfully accomplished my goal to make a logo. I made cool sound effects that go along with it, too. Like background music, and snaps whenever a letter appears. Next week I might work a little more on it, like more details and shapes. I also put together a temporary 'Start' sign. It needs lots of work, so I know what I will be doing next week!"
    • I chose this reflection because it gave specific details about my project. It also tells what I will be working on in the future, like working on my logo a bit more. This reflection tells what I accomplished that week, and what my goal is for next week!
  • "I learned how to be able to click and drag and item from your inventory, plus making it interact with other objects. I also learned how to move sprites move back layers, hiding it behind other sprites. For example: I built a little rusty key from pixels, and moved it behind a candle. To get to the key and pick it up, you have to light it with the lighter that you find on a shelf. As it slowly melts, the key appears and can be picked up. Soon I will add to this game next week so I can use the key on a locked door. Can't wait till next week!
    • I chose this reflection because I was proud I had figured out how to click & drag an item on Scratch, after weeks of trying to do it. It also tells what I learned, and what needs to be added next week. Plus, it is really long! I stayed for a few extra minutes to write that.
  • "This week I played around with Gamestar. I realized that when you beat challenges, you earn stuff for your own games. This week I did some challenges, so next week I can work on a good game. Now I have all this cool stuff, so I can make an even better game than before!"
    • I chose this last reflection for a couple reasons. I thought it was the best one that I had not picked yet. It tells you some details about the website, so you can see what I have been doing. Like how I had to beat challenges, and I am rewarded with my own blocks & sprites. This reflection could have been a bit longer, though.

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