BJW2 Portfolio

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Top Projects:

  • Guitar Portfolio BJW2
    • I chose this project because I have really grown in this quarter. I have really practiced and shown great improvement in my plans. Like I said before I will try to play these songs at the dude ranch this summer. With the new finger style picking from Calum Graham, I can now have 2 types of songs to play for them. I chose this because it is my last quarter here and I wanted to really challenge myself. I did, I learned a Calum graham song AND I wrote a song and on the road to writing it I came up with more song ideas. I'm very glad I stuck with this project through the years even when I wanted to quit. I now know that I would have regretted not doing it.
  • Guitar Portfolio BJW2
    • I chose this as my top project because I have learned to play another type of guitar, not lead, the rhythm guitar. I have also learned this quarter about making solos with tabs and jam along tracks. This was very fun for me because I would be able to play along with drums, a bass, and other guitars and not just me playing solo the whole class period. It made me think like I was in a band on stage somewhere which is very cool. Also, with me working on the tabs I have found cool progressions that I can even play on acoustic that sound very nice, that I will be playing on the trip to the dude ranch with my family this summer. I am very exited to show them and show them also how far i've come from when I was a little dude in 5th grade.
  • Guitar Portfolio BJW2
    • I chose this as my top project because I have become very addicted to playing guitar. I have found myself listening to songs and then going to my room and figuring them out. I love the beautiful sound it makes when you learn a song and you hit all the notes just right. I used to get bored playing it and would just go watch TV or something. Now, I can play for hours on hours learning songs I want to learn. This summer my Grandpa and Grandma decided to take our whole family out to Colorado to a 'Dude Ranch'. What I want to do is bring my guitar and play for my family because, I rarely get to see them and my uncle is a musician and I want to see what he thinks. Now that i'm able to understand tabs and chords more its better and easier for me to look up songs and learn any I like. This is my top project because I enjoy guitar so much and I love to play it I see myself doing it through out my lifetime.
  • iPhone Photography Examples & Tips
    • Richard and I have made major progress in taking pictures. We (before this project) could not take creative looking photos. So, Richard and I went to youtube and searched up some tips. We found a man that has a series on how to take better looking photos. We never knew by walking just a couple feet or lowering the camera it would make such a big difference. We also learned that even moving the object you are taking a photo of from the middle to either the left or right would make the photo more pleasing to the eye. This project was also really fun to do. Some days we would have frost so we could get up close. Another day Richard dropped his phone in the frost and picked it up and it had water droplets on it. It took me a second but then i could see that the phone made a cool reflection on the playground, so we took a picture of that.
  • Guitar Portfolio BJW2
    • I choose this project because I got back into guitar and its really fun. I am enjoying this because I was introduced to a new guy named Calum Graham, he is very good at what he does. I will keep going on this until I can play one of his songs all the way trough. They are really challenging because you also strum and pick at the same time, also he hammers on and off a lot. Also summer is coming really soon in 9 days, I really want to play songs around the campfire at my cottage and all we listen to is country. I need to also learn some country for the cottage. If I keep continuing this project I will develop the skills to play along with another instrument. My brother plays the drums and every day I practice I'm getting closer and closer to being able to play along with him. If I continue to get better maybe I will be able to put a song together, like making a song with my chords, my notes, and my lyrics. Thats why this is my top project.
  • Guitar Portfolio BJW2
    • I chose this as my top project because I'm getting back into guitar and its really fun. I really enjoy this project because I can learn so many things, like how to play songs, tempo and rhythm. This is good for me because my brother plays the drums and, once I'm better at putting chords together, I can keep up with him and we can play together more often. The reason this is one of my top projects is because it's fun to learn and once you get the hang of it you can just play along to any song. One thing that makes this really fun is Rocksmith. It's a program for computer or console, and it teaches you songs that you want to learn. It also has games for you that help with finger movement across the fret board. I'm going to keep playing the guitar because it's something I really enjoy and, someday, I'm going to think back to this class, where I learned guitar, and reflect on how it all started.
  • Alec & Brennen Gaming Videos
    • This is our last time doing this project before the next quarter. We enjoyed this project because we got to try out different games. The reason that we are switching is because we enjoy it but sometimes you don't want to record and you are tired so the videos don't sound high quality like they should, and also we were challenged the fist couple times because we did not know how tot use the software but now we do so we are not challenging ourselves anymore. After a while you think it would be fun but you get bored because you are doing the same thing over and over again. Thats why we are going to switch our projects. sometimes we don't even agree on a game so we argue and that is not fun so that is another reason we are switching.
  • Alec & Brennen Gaming Videos
    • Alec and I have chosen this project because we like to find different games to play. At the same time we give the games reviews and post them so other people know what game they are looking at and seeing if it is worth the money or not. We have our own youtube channel which I will link up above that you can go and check out. Alec and I have some arguments though on what game we should do we take half the class so we need to resolve that issue. I believe that Alec and I can learn from our bad videos and look at good videos and see how there voice is and how there tone is so we can sound better and not sound like zombies talking. I feel like this would be a good learning experience on how to review things and get people attracted.
  • Guitar Portfolio BJW2
    • I have a hard time sticking with guitar because it is very boring at first. I will keep playing so some day I can be really good and be as good as SLASH.The only reason it is boring is because I'm learning on the first string and it is very slow.
  • Guitar Portfolio BJW2
    • I really like playing songs but I also have to do finger exercises which I don't like that much I just want to get to playing. I like this class but it is still a bit boring learning on these stings instead os playing songs. It is better than last year when I was learning on the first two strings.
  • Guitar Portfolio BJW2
    • I am continuing guitar because, when i play songs it clears my head. I am becoming very good and I can play stair way to heaven all the way through. When i am in this class I can practice any thing scales, chord progressions, solos anything you need to practice. If I don't have time at home to practice for my guitar teacher I can sneak more time of practice in before going to my lesson.
  • Guitar Portfolio BJW2
    • I liked this project because it is helping me learn guitar methods and lets me practice my stuff for my guitar teacher. It also allows me to watch video's on how to play finger exercises. And allows me to learn new songs. And i can record songs with garage band. i chose this highlight because it is literally a short summary of what I did that day. And how i recorded the songs/learn the songs. And i have a goal to get to play through the fire and the flames one day.
  • Guitar Portfolio BJW2
    • Still going to Detriot guitar every wednesday for lessons. I am starting to like my lessons more because we are doing more chords and songs. One song that I really like that he taught me is Rock and Roll and stairway to heaven both by led zeppelin. He is a really nice guy and if you want to pick up a guitar and learn I suggest Michael Moore.
  • Guitar Portfolio BJW2
    • I chose to keep playing because I have found a handful of songs I like and am trying to learn. I keep going with guitar because of SLASH he is my idol he is a great guitarist and he said keep practicing and practicing forever even when you are as good as him. Some of the songs are called Gotten, World on fire, battleground, shadow life, Anastasia and many more.
  • Guitar Portfolio BJW2
    • I am deciding to keep playing guitar. There are many songs I want to learn by florida georgia line. If I stick with it I can be really good and be traveling the world. Some song I forget so I have to go back and learn them again. I want to be like slash so I need to keep on trucking.

Top Reflections:

  • How did you try to solve them? (TS)
  • I tried making my presentation shorter so it wouldn't bore them as much. And I just played the song for them but everyone else was so loud you could barely hear it. Maybe next time I could use a guitar with an amp. I tried moving but it just got worse. So I stayed in one spot in the corner. Maybe next time I could get there quicker and get a better spot.
    • I chose this reflection because its simple but the fixes make a big difference. It shows my problem solving skills and shows my skills of learning from failure. Like I said in my reflection I would change how I approached it with maybe a different spot, guitar, order of telling the plan of my project. With the problems that occurred I now have learned and can apply to the future projects and presentations I do.
  • One example of a FAILure we had was ...

    Was with my time management. I got to school and watched the Edutopia video which didn't take long but then I started, getting offtrack, thinking about other stuff, playing songs when I should be doing solos. Another big key to my failure today was with Garage band, I have to record today and I did not have garage band loaded on my phone so it took 30 minutes for me to clear space on my phone and re-download the app. What I am going to do next time is if I know I have to record ill get the app before the class so it won't waste time. With today I am going to have to record more at home which next time I can avoid now knowing what I can do better
    • I choose this reflection because it shows both failure and growth. I struggled with time management so next time I will try harder to stay on task and not get distracted. Also, next time what I would do differently like I said in my reflection is the day I know I would be recording I am going to download garage band onto my phone before the class so it does not take forever until I am capable to record. Also, this reflection shows what I can apply to the future of my projects. Maybe next time I could use headphones so it tones out most of the noise so it is not so loud so I will not get distracted as much as if I didn't use them. This reflection also shows problem solving like what I decided to do next time.
  • What can you take from today and apply to days in the future?

  • Today I was learning the song Eruption - Eddie Van Halen and I had a really hard time at the start. I kept missing notes and it seemed like he was going at lightning speed. Midway through this class i listened to it over and over again and noticed something. Instead of picking...Eddie taps with his right hand and pulls with his left had which makes it sound very fast. I also noticed he does it in a lot of his songs. Since I noticed that today I will be able to hit more notes and faster and keep up with the tempo with more of his songs too!
    • I chose this reflection because it shows that, applying your own techniques to a song is different for everyone. If I never listened to it over and over and realized that he uses both hands on the fret board, I would never had been able to go as fast as I wanted in the songs. When I first started guitar I heard all these cool songs by the greatest rockers I know. Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, AC/DC, Mötley Crüe, and many more artists. I could never learn these songs because (to me) they were playing the guitar very fast. Now that I have figured out what makes me hit notes very fast I can go back and play the ones I couldn't and then I can apply this technique in the future for other songs that require fast picking skill.
  • This week I/we took the proper time for the job when...

    Richard was back today, so that was good. We didn't know what to do so Mr. Whitmer assigned us to do "Creative Selfies". We went outside and took some. Most of mine turned out really well. There is one where I'm jumping over the phone and another where its my reflection in a puddle. When we came back inside I had a cool idea of doing a handstand over the phone. It worked out VERY well until I fell over. Anyway I got the picture and will post them to the google slides.
    • This reflection is showing that Richard and I have done many things with the photos so we didn't know what to do next. When he gave us examples of what "Creative Selfies" should look like it clicked so I knew what to do. It also gives some examples of what my selfies look like when I say "I'm jumping over the camera," or "My reflection in the puddle," or "Doing a handstand over the phone,". These are all examples of what we did. I felt like we took what we had to do seriously and did very well. (Hence the name of the reflection)
  • What did you learn that you can apply to future projects?
    • Today I was pulled to go to the cafeteria for a recording that people needed. It was poorly put together and it took way to many tries. After I came back to the room I talked and got distracted, Mr. Whitmer put me in the other room. After he moved me I really focused on it and I felt really good about what I did, and I felt like I was just flowing through strings with the guitar.
    • Type 2:
    • What you felt/experienced
      • I choose this this reflection because it's telling some weaknesses I learned I had. Also it showed that if I am in a quiet space, I can really just play on my own and feel what sound right and what doesn't. I really noticed that if I really focusI can sound out notes from songs that I heard but never learned. One time I started playing a song on the guitar that sounded like a song by Shawn Mendes and I looked up the tabs and I got it right. I chose this because it gives me a reminder that its fun to talk but I'm better playing by myself.

  • I/We didn't get as far as I/we planned because...

    • I did not get far today because I had some distractions. While I was practicing, there were robot cars test-driving past my practice area and a teacher dancing to the music I was playing. I also noticed that I was playing songs I had already learned. It was nice to revisit these and refresh my memory, but I had planned on working on other, newer songs. I think I played learned songs that I had forgotten because it was bugging me that I had learned them a while ago, but couldn't play them as well now.

  • What did you learn that you can apply to future projects?
    • Alec and I watched videos on starters battlefront because I have a friend coming over this weekend and he is really good so I needed to learn some tips. I think if I watch those tips I can apply them in the game so I can defeat my friend. Also we enjoy watching the videos because it teaches us how we can improve our videos online. But we need to be careful because we can get carried away watching the videos.
  • Type 2:
    • What you were thinking
    • What strengths/weaknesses you noticed

    • I chose this reflection because it shows what we learned that we can apply to the future projects. It also shows what games Alec and I like it says " Battlefront" which is a game I got for my Xbox that I like and Alec seemed interested in so we were going to record it off the Xbox. I also chose this because its telling people that there are tips out there for any people who want them like I did to defeat my friend. They actually did help me against my friend. Thats why I chose this because it shows and helps what to do in the future.

  • One example of me/us managing our time well was ...

    "Today I had to work on my own because a lot of people were gone on the Philly trip including my partner Alec. So what I did today was go on the App Store and look at top charts to see some good games that me and Alec could write reviews and gameplay videos! Then I am going to talk to Alec and see if he agrees with any of the games that I think would be fun to review on and record."
    • I choose this reflection because it shows how I would work if part of my group was gone. It also shows how I manage my time in class. It also shows how I figured out ways to do stuff without my partner. It shows that I always ask my partner before I start going ahead.

  • I didn't get as far as I planned because...
  • I had trouble at the start with recording and then after that i had trouble posting the song because, i forgot you had to export the song in mp3.
    • I choose this reflection because it hows the difficulty I had that day.

  • I am having difficulty with ...
  • Playing through the song I don't want to miss a thing by areosmith because when i play a string i mute the other string and it does not sound right, and i keep needing to remember to relax don't be all tense.
    • I choose this reflection because it tells a tip and it is what michael told me.

  • How do you know you learned it?

    My dad always loved led Zeppelin and when I heard it for the first time I felt like it was peaceful and a rock at the same time the rock is at the solo and the solo is all the other parts its just a great song nice job LED ZEPPELIN! KEEP ON ROCKING!

    I Think.. I am doing well I can play 6 Minuets out of the 8 minuet song
    • I choose this reflection because it tells about how my family likes guitar and medley's.
  • I/We were efficient/inefficient because ...
    • I chose this reflection because it shows what I like both acoustic and Rock. I really like green day because they have both rock and slow songs. It shows how good I'm working like how efficient i am with songs

  • My guitar teacher Michael Moore at detriot guitar really helps he teaches me what tempo to use on certain song and he tells me all of the chords and tabs, but i also play along with youtube to see if i got it down and i do so me and Michael are now working on a new song called ROCK AND ROLL.
    • I choose this reflection because it shows that Michael is a great teacher. He helps me with technique of my fingers and were to move them and how fast I can really go. He really is kind of strict on how to pick if I do to many down strokes he will say ALTERNATE PICKING! But he is a really nice guy he says words like groovy and other words and he is one of those cool hip guys with long hair and bright clothes.

  • "Today i practiced in my order and didn't get distracted but i didn't get to record today. i also practiced aure lee but with the cords not the notes."
    • i chose this reflection to tell what i have learned with cords not just notes. I have also found out how to play paradise city by guns n roses chord version and the solo.
    • Explain why you chose to highlight this project here.

Top Critiques:


  • I think that you should run your challenge with the claw thing but then make it even harder and really challenge the boundaries with what you can do. Also, while I was watching you operate it the reaction time seemed a little bit slow. I think you should also try to increase that too
    • I choose this critique because I know that It can be hard to program but if you don't challenge yourself you will never learn what your goal to learn is. That is why I told Charlie to challenge the boundaries and maybe make it faster, more accurate, better turning radius. All these things may be hard but if you put them together they will make a better robot and you will have learned more about what you are doing, and programing.
  • What you should do is put in a plan for learning piano. Even if you are at home, you should put times that you are just going to play the piano. It will help because you would be practicing more and practice makes you better. More practice can also help you reach your goal faster so you can set a new harder challenge.
    • I chose this critique because this strategy helped me with playing guitar and piano and I think it can help others. Putting out a plan is very important, it tell you what t do and when. It is hard to stick with at first but once you see results you will want to continue playing it and then you'll only get better. Plan helped me a lot with my skill level and Mr. Whitmer helped me set my plan up. If you have someone to help you and push you it will motivate you and you will just keep playing, over, and over, and over again
  • I agree with Charlie, you should name them so its easier to identify what the projects are. Also, I think that you should challenge yourself to make harder codes. Make the scratch program move and jump and maybe make a game.

    • I chose this critique because its my idea building off another persons. Charlie said that "You should organize your projects so you know which is which and you don't get them mixed up,". I built off this saying you should do that but also challenge himself. Make it harder for him to figure out a greater achievement. Like making a game or making his scratch figure move and jump and play.
  • What I think you should do is try to Insert a more powerful motor for the drill so it can penetrate more than just some Styrofoam, also you should make 2 so you could have one on each hand. Sense you already did one you can make the second one better.
    • I choose this critique because Pierce had a good idea and I wanted to make it better. I gave him ideas, like adding a more powerful motor. I told him to make the drill more powerful because when he presented he was all happy about it. When we got to the drill part he was bummed it couldn't penetrate anything. I don't know much about robots but if you want a car to go faster you insert a more powerful engine. Robot to go faster (Insert a more powerful motor).

  • Edit out the background noise. it also sounds like you are screaming in the mike so just edit the noise.
    • I choose this reflection because its telling how to improve the videos, and if they fix that maybe more people will listen into the video. If they do these things it will sound more like a professional video and then it will be higher quality for the viewers.

  • I think your new challenge should be to build a rocket strong enough to fly to moon.
    • I choose this critique because it is something that Pierce has never done before and that it would be challenging and I know that because thats what Pierce said. So then thats the point of the class, to be challenged. Thats why I choose this critique

  • Plus I think you should make a huge jet that goes super far, fast, quiet."
    • I choose this critique because it shows how I challenge my friends and their games like how I told Pierce he "should make a big jet that is quiet,fast, goes as far as you want it too." It also shows how I want to learn more about his project because I said "You should explain more." So we could learn more about his project.

All Projects: