Make Share Faire Reflection

What went well? (E) Alec and I had a very good turnout with our game. Most people that played came back and tried to beat their own high score. We had both teachers and students try our game, and nobody could beat Nick Zammit's record of 200 points.

What problems/difficulties did you face? (TS) When people came to my table and asked what I was doing I talked about my journey to how I got to where I am at guitar and I could tell it started to get boring to the people and some even walked away.

How did you try to solve them? (TS) I tried making my presentation shorter so it wouldn't bore them as much. And I just played the song for them but everyone else was so loud you could barely hear it. I tried moving but it just got worse.

If I were in charge... (TS) I guess I would split the groups up into 4 instead of 2, like A,B,C,D so they are more spread out and there is time to see everybody where as on Friday people were hidden in classes too.

next friday is the maker fair so I need to Finnish the lyrics very soon! and I need to record them!

Today I got really far on my plan…

Finally figured and set in stone chords and picking patterns. Over the weekend i'm going to have my friend send me a recording of her singing so I can put into garage band and get ready for the maker fair on friday. Once I get the recording of her, I will put my guitar recording in it then I will be done. I also, need to add more lyrics to song! ASAP!
Im going to keep playing with the lyrics and see what fits

I came in late today so I need to really get down to business and write lyrics and chords that really go together before the maker fair.

Today I have finally made a dent in my work toward my final project because…

I have FINALLY made some lyric changes to the song. I made it connect to my great grandma McConnell. It made my mom and her fellow teachers cry so I now know its getting there. I want it to be a song that people can connect to. Also, I stuck with the chord progression from Zac Brown Band and it sounds very good! I just did a different version of the G and D chord to make them sound more unique. Which is good because I want this song to be unique.
I have found a chord progression that I like, so now I will try and find some lyrics to go along with it.

I/We didn't get as far as I/we planned because...
The songs I made up early didn't sound good today so I had to make a new song idea. I couldn't think of one today for my life. The chords I would play would sound like other songs that already exist, or they would just not connect tougher either. Maybe this is what artist feel like when they make up songs. Maybe next time I will change my tuning for a unique sounds.
Going to edit this through out the time Im writing the song.
Today I am going to run through song ideas that I have already thought of and recorded. try and make a couple more demos today. By Thursday I am going to try and email my uncle with all the demos to see which one he likes.

This is our last quarter in BCS forever so I really want to challenge myself and write my own song with my own chords

Today I got really far on my plan…

I recorded two of my ideas for a song that I had the other day. Now I have come up with two more idea just messing around and throwing chords together and fingerpicking some notes. The hardest part I think is going to have to be able to write lyrics. Also, It will be hard for me to choose one to play at the maker fair. Maybe Ill send the demos to my uncle and he can choose which one because he has had a lot of success on iTunes with his piano so he knows what people want to hear.


Today I am going to watch the video that edutopia did on thinking and then I will try to record my solos for the wiki

One example of a FAILure we had was ...

Was with my time management. I got to school and watched the Edutopia video which didn't take long but then I started, getting offtrack, thinking about other stuff, playing songs when I should be doing solos. Another big key to my failure today was with Garage band, I have to record today and I did not have garage band loaded on my phone so it took 30 minutes for me to clear space on my phone and re-download the app. What I am going to do next time is if I know I have to record ill get the app before the class so it won't waste time. With today I am going to have to record more at home which next time I can avoid now knowing what I can do better


Guitar Portfolio BJW2
Guitar Portfolio BJW2
Today I'm going to run through old songs I know and see if I can identify any scales through the song or on the solos

Today I am going to play my finger exercises and then do some Jam along tracks and soon I will record them and put them on the wiki

I/We didn't get as far as I/we planned because...

I recently discovered a new artist called John Mayer. He has an incredible voice and very unique guitar skills. I wanted to learn his song free falling for my sisters friend and then I realized it was John Mayer so I kept going at that song and I couldn't stop because I like it so much.
Today I'm just gonna focus on playing with scales and seeing what fits with Jam tracks

I missed the bus this morning so I had to bike to school which left me with 25 minutes left in the class. I did a critique and now my plan. I don't have much time today so maybe ill just do finger exercises today and Friday go back to jam tracking.

I/We didn't get as far as I/we planned because...

I found out these cool mods on the amp for the electric guitar so I messed around with that for a while. Secondly I found a new song that I really like because of the guitar, and its called "drop dead legs". I like the chugging and cool scales in it, and I got carried away with that.
Jam along to jam tracks and see if i can play after and more fluently the last week

What caused you from reaching your goal for the week? What challenges occurred?

This week I did not get as far as I planned because I got sick. I stayed at home part of Wednesday and Thursday. I was not able to play at home but when I got back today I focused and did as much as I could before the class time was over. I got more than a little done but I wish I could've gotten more done.
Find some jam tracks then play with them and see what I can make. Also, i'll add some little cool riffs into it too


Today I got really far on my plan…

I finished up my proposal and changed my plan to being able to play along with other instruments. My old guitar teacher Michael Moore told me about jam tracks on youtube, so i looked them up. I plugged into the amp and started playing along. I was a little bit rusty at the start because I haven't played with anyone in a while, but i finally got used to it. I started just flowing through the strings and making up cool scales to go along with the song.
We had an Ice day today where the school was closed due to the roads. I woke up and started playing the song. I am going to keep going on it until I am confident with the song and how I play it.

I/We didn't get as far as I/we planned because...

Today I did not get very far in y plan. I had to check my journal and make sure everything was in order for the check. I was missing a few things so I had to fix that first. Then, I got a little bit of playing time. After that, I helped a classmate figure out how to learn a song and I taught him palm muting the strings. So, I didn't get far in my plan but I did a good days work with helping and catching up
My plan last week was to learn the song "Anastasia" - Slash & Mikes Kennedy and I practiced that on all week and now know it by heart. My next song I want to learn on my new acoustic is Broone's Bane by Rush. It is a very cool sounding song and I want to learn it for my Dad.

Today I got really far on my plan…

I was not in school today because I am sick. I was lying down and listening to Broones Bane and kept running through where the notes might be in my head. Over the weekend I was feeling better so I picked up my guitar and started playing where I thought the notes would be and it sounded just like the album. After, I checked how other people see the song and I used tabs to compare mine with theirs.
I feel like I have gotten far enough on Eruption as I need. I have memorized the first part of the into. It's not the whole song but I want to learn a new song because I have found a new one I like on my new guitar that I got for Christmas.

Today I got really far on my plan…

Wednesday I decided to tell Mr. Whitmer that I will bring in my new guitar that I got for Christmas. Today I brought it in and decided to play anastasia by Slash and miles Kennedy and I got really far in the song because I worked hard on it at home and here at school.
Today and Thursday I am going to continue to learn eruption

What was the cause that stopped you from progressing further in your plan than what you originally wanted to do?

Today I didn't get as far as I wanted. I came in and got ready, messed around on the guitar for a minute or two. After that I got ready to start, when I went to the tabs I had been logged out. So I asked Mr. Whitmer if he could sign in and he said it would be a minute. I waited and did what I learned on that song. After a little my mid started drifting and playing other songs which was a distraction so I couldn't get as far as I want.
Today I am going to look for some new songs that I want to learn

What can you take from today and apply to days in the future?

Today I was learning the song Eruption - Eddie Van Halen and I had a really hard time at the start. I kept missing notes and it seemed like he was going at lightning speed. Midway through this class i listened to it over and over again and noticed something. Instead of picking...Eddie taps with his right hand and pulls with his left had which makes it sound very fast. I also noticed he does it in a lot of his songs. Since I noticed that today I will be able to hit more notes and faster and keep up with the tempo with more of his songs too!
Richard is not here today and I came in late. What I'm going to do today is watch another video on frames and get good ideas. When Richard gets back ill talk to him.

This week I/we took the proper time for the job when...

Richard was back today, so that was good. We didn't know what to do so Mr. Whitmer assigned us to do "Creative Selfies". We went outside and took some. Most of mine turned out really well. There is one where I'm jumping over the phone and another where its my reflection in a puddle. When we came back inside I had a cool idea of doing a handstand over the phone. It worked out VERY well until i fell over. Anyway I got the picture and will post them to the google slides.
We have already done HDR, Angles, Leading lines, and focus. What we need to do now is get more photos on frames. WE don't have good photos on that so we need to get some good ones.

Today I got really far on my plan…

Richard wasn't here today so I was not so distracted. I also watched a video and decided to do a panorama. It was hard at first because I was trying to get a creative angle but then it would glitch out and get half the picture. After multiple attempts I decided just to do a normal standing panorama. I put them both on google slides.
Today we have people in our room with cameras. We also are doing peer critiques. After both of those, Richard and I are going to watch some more video s on how to get creative photos. Soon we will move onto editing the photos we take!

Last time Richard and I got distracted so this time we are going to upload our google slide onto our wiki page. And learn more about making/taking creative photos.

Today I got really far on my plan…

Today Richard and I got very far in our plan. We watched another video by the normal guy for creative photos. We went outside and took some. Personally I believe they are some of the best. They are very clear and very pretty. I think we are getting very far in our overall project too.
Richard and I are going to take more photos with more tips and make ur slide show and embed it on the wiki

This week I/we took the proper time for the job when...

Richard and I took the time to watch some very helpful tips. after we watched the videos we went outside to take pictures. We learned about depth of the photo and not get a flap plane picture. So we will upload those pics to our playlist so everyone can see it.
Richard and I are going to do more research on tips and angles and are going to think of creative ideas and start capturing them.

One example of a FAILure we had was ...

When Richard and I went outside to take pictures we kept forgetting to turn on HDR photos. Another example of "Failure" we had today was when we finally got the photos and tried to post them on the wiki, they went in sideways. We have not figured out how to fix that yet but Richard and I are going to figure it out and then fix the photos to the right position. Also it was hard to get a screenshot for the grid photo. I kept turning off my phone every time I tried to screen shot. I finally got it. Now we just need to fix the photos.
What Richard and I are going to do is to research unique ways to get new, flashy, cool looking photos.

  • Try out Mr. Whitmer's new guitar with finger exercises
  • 5 minutes of learned songs
  • 5 minutes of just jammin'
  • Keep learning my new song

In both of my projects this year I have learned that I need to plan. Because in my Screencast project with Alec, if we did not plan we would spend most of the time trying to figure out a game that we both enjoy. Once we found that we would try to get the tutorials out of the way. By the time we did that we did not have time to post to youtube because we spent too much time on finding the game. In my Learning Guitar project if I did not plan out what I was doing I would wonder. Why I did this was because sense I did not plan I did not know what to do next.

Also, In both of my projects I needed space away from people to think. Why I need this is because I think better when I am away from people. In guitar I was sitting away from people instead of near and I got a lot done. even in mine and Alec's gaming videos I could not focus, because I would always try and tell Alec anything cool that happened over the weekend or anything. Why I did this is because we redid the cottage and my Dad said I could bring Alec. So I kept telling him how fun it will be. If I was alone I could make a list of games and go back to Alec with more Ideas so we did not waste so much time.
  • 5 minutes of learned songs
  • 5 minutes of anything '
  • Keep learning new chunks of my song

What did you learn that you can apply to future projects?

I learned to sit further away from people. I kept getting distracted, because people would talk about their game really loud and they would tell people to come over if they got anything good. I can apply this because last time I was no where near anyone and I was so focused in. This is also true with work, I will get more done if alone than with others.

Type 3:

How this connects to other topics or the world/life in general
Today I need too keep learning my new song and master it and then I need to record it.

What did you learn that you can apply to future projects?

Today I was pulled to go to the cafeteria for a recording that people needed. It was poorly put together and it took way to many tries. After I cam back to the room I talked and got distracted, Mr. Whitmer put me in the other room. After he moved me I really focused on it and I felt really good about what I did, and I felt like I was just flowing through strings with the guitar.

Type 2:

  • What you felt/experienced

I/We didn't get as far as I/we planned because...

Today I did not get as far as I planned because there was another skit that people needed extras for. So I volunteered and stopped doing my guitar, it was a bad idea because I did not even do anything I sat in the back and wasted time.

Type 2:

  • What strengths/weaknesses you noticed
  • Practice 15 minutes of finger exercises
  • Record Running with the devil
  • Choose new song to start learning

I/We didn't get as far as I/we planned because...

Today I got not very far because of the kids in films for fun. They needed kids for their project so I volunteered. I am going to have to record at home. Anyway I got the Running With the Devil song done so now I can move on to another.

Type 2:
  • ** What strengths/weaknesses you noticed, because I can Volunteer too easily and not think about the other things.
  • Add to my list of songs because I want to learn more songs than what I just put down
  • Practice 15 minutes of finger exercises
  • Try to learn the intro to Van Halen - Running With The Devil

Today I got really far on my plan…
I got distracted in the beginning but after a group left I moved. After that I kept practicing the song I was doing (Running With The Devil). I practiced it over and over again. Then I started to play along with the song on my phone. I was about to record but then we ran out of time, so I did not get to record. I got really far I thought. Good job today.

I/We didn't get as far as I/we planned because...

I went to play the technique games and got really into it and went over the minutes. I searched through all the songs. I played a really hard one and I kept telling myself that aI need to Finnish.

Type 2:

  • What you were thinking
Last week I learned a really awesome new song called Waiting by Calum Graham. So I am going to try and learn more and get really good at it by the end of this quarter.

Today I/we had "hard fun" when ..

Today I had a lot of fun. I got to figure out some of my favorite songs. Like For the moment I feel faint by Relient K. Also I got to learn Die a happy man by Thomass Rhettte. So that is why I had hard fun today.

Type 2:

  • What you were thinking

I/We didn't get as far as I/we planned because...

Today did to get far because of distractions. People kept coming over wanting to play the guitar and Rocksmith. it desecrated me from the song and I was missing notes so I kept having to restart.

  • What you were thinking
  • What strengths/weaknesses you noticed
Today we have a sub, so I needed to help out a little but then I'm going to do my warm up and do my guitar solos.

I/We didn't get as far as I/we planned because...

Today I did not get as far because its a half day. Sense it is a half day every class is only 45 mins. About 10 mins was waiting for Mr. Whitmer to Finnish with other groups to put in the passcode for Rocksmith. After that I only got to play 2 songs before I had to do my reflection. Next time I could do finger exercises while waiting.

Type 2:
  • What you were thinking
  • Evidence of a Growth Mindset
Today I am going to play some older songs I learned then perfect a song I learned last weekend

Today I/we had "hard fun" when ..

Today I had a lot of fun. I got to play all my favorite song that I learned before, because on my journal it was in my plan to play old song to refresh my memory. Then I took request from other kids in the room to learn.

Type 2:

  • What you were thinking
Today I am practicing some songs that I found and then Im going to run through all the ones I learned before.

I/We didn't get as far as I/we planned because...

I did not get far today because I had some distractions. I keep playing learned songs over and over again until I got it right. I did not get as far because of the distractions, there were (robot) cars driving by me, teachers dancing to my music. Thats why I did not get as far.

Type 2:

  • What strengths/weaknesses you noticed
Today I made a proposal for my new project of learning more songs on guitar.

Today I/we had "hard fun" when ..

Today I had fun after I was done with my plan. I had to keep reordering from easiest to hardest, which was not fun but I keep on thinking I will get to play it when I am done, because it was part of my plan that I had to do for my new project. I was allowed to play, and it was really fun. So I learned get my work done and I get rewarded by being allowed to play the guitar.

Type 2:

  • What you were thinking
This week we have to fill out our pages so that took whole class and just a little bit of next class

Today I/we had "hard fun" when ...

Today was really fun because I got to show Alec a game called Ricky Carmichael Motocross and showed him a video of my favorite dirt biker Ryan Dungey because I'm going up to my cottage tomorrow and we might go dirt biking if we finish putting up the drywall! So I am super exited

Type 2:

  • What you were thinking
  • What strengths/weaknesses you noticed
Today I got here late so I had to catch up on my plan. I showed Alec a youtube online for the game Forza 6 which is a racing game that we played, and it was showing the fastest cars.

What did you learn that you can apply to future projects?

Alec and I watched videos on starters battlefront because I have a friend coming over this weekend and he is really good so I needed to learn some tips. I think if I watch those tips I can apply them in the game so I can defeat my friend. Also we enjoy watching the videos because it teaches us how we can improve our videos online. But we need to be careful because we can get carried away watching the videos.

Type 2:

  • What strengths/weaknesses you noticed
Today I showed Alec a fun game we could try out it is called star wars battlefront 3

Today I/we had "hard fun" when ...

We watched star wars battlefront videos to show Alec. I got it a couple weekends ago and I thought Alec would like to play the game. The guy that we watched also was very funny so we keep watching his videos, That also gave us tips for our videos, so we could hook people into watching more videos like he did.

Type 2:

  • What you were thinking
Today we are doing our project pages, and explaining our steps and our final projects.

Today I/we had "hard fun" when ...

We made a video on madden of my favorite football player Rob Gronkowski, he made some insane catches and huge plays. Cam newton also had some amazing plays so go check it out in a day or two. We did this player because its both of our favorite football player and because he is one of the best players in his position for the NFL. That also showed me that Alec likes Rob Gronkowki so it gets me wondering what other players he likes? Maybe even some more that I do.

Type 2:

  • What you were thinking
  • Evidence of a Growth Mindset
Today i have a couple games on my IPad so Alec and I will decide which one to do.

I/We were efficient/inefficient because ...

We were not good at time because other groups keept coming over to our group trying to make us try this blubber soap. and our devices either did not have games or were not comparable. So today was hard for us because we keep getting distracted and were helping other groups when we should have been recording our videos for our youtube account.

Type 2:

  • What strengths/weaknesses you noticed
Today I am going to talk to Alec about recording videos on my Xbox One this weekend, because one of my critiques said try to do some console games.

What did you learn that you can apply to future projects?
Today Alec and I, learned how to record our Xbox One screen so when he comes over we can record a console game to post on our youtube channel. It is going to be really fun because the other day we purchased the Xbox One and I bought Forza 6 and it came with Gears of war.
Today Alec and I are going to record a new video because we have not been recording in a while. It is going to be video on madden mobile.

That when the video's are smaller, they load a lot faster onto youtube like out boom dots review. Go check it out. Like here:
Today we had to finish our 5 tips for recording. I think next we are going to record a review on badlands the game.

I/We didn't get as far as I/we planned because...

It was a half day today and we only had like a thirty minute class. Also we had peer Critique so that took up some time. That was not the only reason though we got off track little.
Today we have to modify our proposal for new challenges for the new quarter.
Then we have to record something today because we have not recorded anything in a while.

Start planning a Top 5 Screencasting tips page that will complement my partner's page -

The steps I / We plan to follow are...

1.) Agree on a game that are on top charts
2.) review it ourselves
3.) If we like it we record
4.) say why it would be fun/ Addicting for other players
5.) Describe Pros and cons

Today I/we had "hard fun" when ...

I was playing fifa and alec was playing madden and he got mad at me because I kept on telling him to hit the spin move. Then I was playing Fifa and I kept on missing a goal so then alec kept rubbing that in too.
I / We am/are having difficulty with...

Every time Alec and I are done with a review of a game, we have a hard time finding a new game. But Alec and I today are going to do the review of Star Wars Commander because of the new Star Wars movie that came out today!

I/We got further than I/we had planned because...

We took a little less time trying to find a game then normal. But then we also had to wheel the table and chairs and all the equipment toward the office because the new group needed the hallway. But sense we had to do that we managed our time well because we got our work done and found out a game reviewed it on our own. We were about to record but then we had to do our reflections.
Today Alec and I are going to look for games that we could review then we are going to record.

I/We didn't get as far as we wanted because...

We did not get as far as we wanted because we had to help out another group. We had to teach them how to use QuickTime Player to record there videos, Plus we also had our critiques groups today. So we had to write critiques on their journal so they could know what to do next. Also the other group had a lot of questions to ask us of how to use quick tim player.
Today me and Alec are reviewing our other video on youtube. Then we are going to record some new game videos!

One example of me/us managing our time well was ...

Today I had to work on my own because a lot of people were gone on the Philly trip including my partner Alec. So what I did today was go on the App Store and look at top charts to see some good games that me and Alec could write reviews and gameplay videos! Then I am going to talk to Alec and see if he agrees with any of the games that I think would be fun to review on and record.
Today me and Alec are designing a truck boy to the way we like because we couldn't find a body we wanted.

I/We were efficient/inefficient because ...

Today I was inefficient because Richard and Adam were playing sim city and it was kind of distracting because they kept talking about how cool there villages are. And other people we playing smash road and sharing their high scores which was annoying.
Me and Alec today made a proposal and we think we are going to make a RC Traxxas truck!

Final Year reflection &
Portfolio update

What I have learned about myself this year is, if I try and don't get distracted I can get really far in learning a song. If I am inside the room with all the computers and my friends I talk more then playing the guitar. What I also noticed is that I sometimes drift off from what I am doing and just start playing little licks from songs that I know. I still like guitar but next year I want to switch it up.

Next year me and Alec were talking and we want to bring in MXGP and play it and give it gameplay and reviews. This is a good choice because I have done guitar the whole time I was here in thinking and I want to learn to do something else. Also I have a dirt bike at my cottage so I will ride all summer then get back play this game and see how the professional dirt bike guys ride and the difference between us. Alec also want's to get in to motocross so I can tell him some stuff and this game actually does help. I think it will be really fun to do.
plan then play some songs i remember.

I got distracted...

We did our groups then I got caught up watching dirt bike videos.
tune the fender then learn cruise by florida gorgia line

I got distracted...

Today I was Playing but then I got cought up in scratch
plan then learn cruse by florida gorgia line.

Today I did really well...

I did a bunch of jams tracks and jammed along today with the A minor blues. I am starting to get better at playing along with other things, also my teacher Michael Moore at detroit guitar plays along with me so that helps a lot.
Groups then song practice

I did not get as far as I planned because...

I was still in the main room because of M step so I was in the other room where I got distracted by scratch.
april 29th 2015
finger exercises then a a song

I did not get as far as i planned because...

I was in the main room because people were taking m step so I stayed in that room and i got distracted.
april 22th 2015
play songs make cool music like solos and scales

Today I played next to Richard because a lot of people were missing because of take you're kid to work day.
april 15th
play my songs and exercises from michael moore

I was playing my song but then we had to go inside because we were to loud for the m step.
april 1st 2015
peer critece then play songs

Today I did really well...

I practiced a couple song s then compared my song to slashes.
march 25th 2015
Today i am going to practice my songs.

Today we did really well...

Me and terisa recorded gotten which was fun. I messed up a little missing and jutting the notes on the fret board. So it didn't sound like slashes.
March 18th 2015
We did peer critique groups then I am going to practice my song.

Today I had hard fun...

Me, Zoe, Terisa played gotten together and it sounded good.
march 4th
rhythms then play gotten

Today I had hard fun...

I played gotten then i kerned A NEW ONE called shadow life by slash and miles kenady
Feb 26th 2015

I was efficient today...

i was verry focsed and I did my rythems then played a song. I really liked the song remember everything by five finger death punch.
feb 25th 2015
Today i am going to do rhythms then practice a song.

feb 12th 2015

Today I/we had "hard fun" when ...

I was using guitar tabs pro and it plays the song with you. and i starter my own song I don't know what I am going t name it but its very cool.
Febuary 11th 2015
Today i am going to practice my rhythms and civil war by guns and roses!

febuary 4th 2015
I am going to practice my rhythms and a song.

January 29th 2015

I thinkI got further than I thought because...

I was really focused not destructed because I was really i into the songn I was learnin.
January 28th 2015
Today I am going To
Practice the rythems then play fly by night by rush.

january 14th 2015
today i am going to practice rhythms then a song.

10th 2014
today i am going to practice what you want by tesla.

20th 2014

I/We were efficient/inefficient because ...

I was efficent because i got to post my song and i started a new song called 21 guns by green day. i really like that song because it good on acoustic but it has some rock parts.
13th 2014

What helped your learning?

My guitar etcher Michael Moore at guitar Center really helps he teaches me what tempo to use on certain song and he tells me all of the chords and tabs, but i also play along with youtube to see if i got it down and i do so me and Michael are now working on a new song called ROCK AND ROLL
6th 2014

How do you know you learned it?

My dad always loved led Zeppelin and when I heard it for the first time I felt like it was peaceful and a rock at the same time the rock is at the solo and the solo is all the other parts its just a great song nice job LED ZEPPELIN! KEEP ON ROCKING!

I Think.. I am doing well I can play 6 Minuets out of the 8 minuet song
5th 2014
I think...

today i am going to play stairway to heaven. because i have to practice it for my guitar teacher.

october 30th

- What did you learn about your topic/tool?

today i was practicing Anastasia by Slash it is very hard because of all the movements and if i did not know how to alternative pick i would have been dead but it sounds amazing
october 23 2014

I didn't get as far as I planned because...

I had trouble at the start with recording and then after that i had trouble posting the song because, i forgot you had to export the song in mp3.
October 16th 2014

I am having difficulty with ...

Playing through the song I don't want to miss a thing by areosmith because when i play a string i mute the other string and it does not sound right, and i keep needing to remember to relax don't be all tense
October 2 2014

Today me and Alec practices our song shippin up to boston. what i have to work on is hitting the right note.And going at as the fastest pase that they play on. coming up me and Alec are about to Finnish so we are going to choose a new song.
june 10th 2014

i have had some trouble learning the chorus for Metallica but then i sounded it out at home. I also had a hard time uploading songs sometimes. Sometimes the tuner would screw up because of all the noise.

Today i am going to record all i know of Metallica rock on. One day i recorded civil war by guns and roses and i love that song. I also recorded one last breath but i had trouble uploading.

One project i want to do next year is recod game play for clash of clans and 2nd i would want to record App review like on Infinity Blade 2 and 3 then 3rd i would want to do Game play for Infinity Blade 3.
june 2
today i am going to keep practicing metallica

today i played all of my songs.
may 20th 2014

Today I decided to learn Metallica one the full song.
may 13th 2014

today i showed bear what i learned. well ish i sort off did.
may 5th 2014
today i am going to practice/record led zepplin stairway to heaven

April 29th 2014

i learned staiway to heaven intro/solo today i keep muting the strings
April 22 2014
today i am going to record two new songs. ozzy osbourn crazzy train. Van halen runnin with the devil;

to day i got to record my songs I love the song Runnin with the devil next i am going to learn the solo for that song.
April 15th 2014

Today i created a new song on grage band called mettalica one (solo). i have had trouble recfording because i keep messing up hopefully next time i will beable to record it without kinks.
April 14th 2014
Today i am going to record a song called metallica and probobly going to practice it.

April 1st 2014

Today I recorded one last breath by creed and emailed it to my self. I also recorded arms wide open by creed and emailed that to.
March 31st 2014
today i am going to play rocksmith and play one last breath by CREED

march 25th 2014

today i printed lyrics to get approved by my dad so i can learn the song on guitar.
march 4 2014

today used mr whitmers hammer guitar played like a champ.

Febuary 24
forgot guitar playing garageband.

Febuary 11 2014

Today i tuned the guitar and practiced slashes other riff sweet chil o' mine
febuary 10 2014
finger exersises
Practice slther/Sweet child 'o' Mine
practice new song
free choice

Febuary 4 2014
Finger exersises
practice slither
practiced new song
free choice

today i practiced Slash's riff called Slither!
Febuary 3 2014
Finger exersizes
Practice one new learned songs
Practice new song
free choice

January 27 2014
finger exersizes
Practice one/two learned songs
Practice new song
Free choice


Today i recorded a song called aura lee but i had a problem sending it to myself.Today i learned a new song called America the beautiful. I got detracted and got of of my practicing order.

Today i practiced in my order and didn't get distracted but i didn't get to record today. i also practiced aure lee but with the cords not the note.
practice jingle bells

practice ode to joy
watch a new video
Today I/we ...
Practice Ode To Joy
Practice Jingle bells
Today I/we ...