BJK1 NFL highlight video proposal

NFL highlight video(s)
I will try to make a video that shows NFL highlight video's from 2014-16.
Challenge Starters & Examples
I will expect to learn how to do more with IMovie, It will be challenging because I dont know how to use IMovie that well, but I found a teacher that could help me.
My list that will help me:
  1. Picture in Picture:
  2. How to rotate video footage:
  3. Adding Audio:
  4. Adding Music Tracks to your video:
  5. How to blur someones face
  6. How to download videos from Youtube:
  7. Slow Motion:
  8. Multiple picture in picture:
  9. How to get transition:
  10. How to get iMovie for your Mac:
  11. How to get text:
  12. How to get back rounds:
  13. How to horizontally flip your video:
  14. How to edit Audio
  15. Voice Over:
  16. Youtube Outro:
  17. Slide Show:
  18. Put Titles anywhere:
  19. Export an Image from Youtube to iMovie:
  20. Zoom Jump cut:
  21. Slow down and Fast forward Audio:
  22. Subtitles: check
  23. Insert video, cut away, and split screen:
  24. Transparent images:
  25. Timeline wrapping:
Materials:, Mac, IMovie, internet,
Main Steps:
  1. Get a Birmingham Library Card
  2. Go to
  3. Get approval by Mr. Whitmer
  4. Get NFL video's
  5. Make a highlight video
I will document this beyond my journal entries, by, keeping my work on a mac.
I expect this to take around 1-2 months
My resources are:
  2. -

I will improve my PLN by showing others how to use IMovie, and then they could show even more people, and it's a big chain reaction
I expect this to be very difficult, because IMovie can be tricky sometimes.
I will share my project by putting it on
I will define project success when I have chosen all of the NFL film I want, and then putting it on Youtube.