BHB1's Journal

Today and this week we are starting to make more figures and we have now learned many new methods so we hope that this new movie will be. better than any of the other ones.

This week we are going to try and finish our clips.

What helped your learning?

What mainly helped our learning was our skills. Our skills have a major affect on how we work. we use many of the affects we used in this last project then in this project. We had finished our movie this week and then we are now working on our new project. So far its very easy because of all of the skills we had learned last project. I think this project is going very smoothly.
This week we hope that we can actually start filming our work and get some pretty good clips.

we now are making new touches to our characters and it is starting to look actually pretty nice.

One way that I/ we used are resources was...

When I first started this project I had very little practice with clay. But I practiced a lot outside of school so when I came in I could get stuff done faster. So just be using these skills I could get more done per class period. So this was a strength for me and it boosted how skillful I was at making clay. Now the next class I am hoping to make the videos and actually making the stop motion scenes.
this week we need to sculpt our first clay miles and then finish.

This week I would like to find a new project and maybe still include Ricky because we make a good team.

One way that I/we problem solved was...

We had just started our first project and its looking really good. We have already half of our materials. We have a lot of strengths when it comes to editing beause Evan has final cut pro. But we faced a problem a weakness today which was our tool skills. We aren't to good with bending aluminum wires. now we have t get better at doing this for the skeleton of our clay animation figures.
Work on our new fast food fiasco comic.

The steps I/we did first were...

We first reflected on the critiques we had gotten last week mostly telling us what we should add. One of those being we should type our dialog. So that will be a new learning experience to see how we will format this typed dialogue on the page. I think at first it will be tough at first but well figure it out. We want to finish this last comic then for next quarter move on to something new. But for now we will have to decide who is doing the dialogue and who I doing the drawing and coloring.
This week we are just gonna try to finish as much as we can with our comic with the count of time we have.

This week we have a new idea for a comic and we hope to start on it and update our project page.

A different way to accomplish my/our task would be ...

This week we were supposed to do a new comic. But instead we wanted to learn more drawing techniques. We had reflected back on our old comics see the issues that we had wth it. Some problems were the Sharpe was bleeding trough the page. Our major problem had been the font of our text was too small. The next time we make these comics next week we want to fix some of the previous problems we had with our old comics.
This week we are planning our other comic and brainstorming new ideas and how it could relate to our fast food fiasco.

For this week we want to finish up our comic we couldn't do last week so we can get to the easy part of coloring.

What surprised you?

This week what suprised me was how well our comic had turned out. In our early draftings in quarter 2 the comics we were making were not nearly as close as good as this one. This comic can show a drastic amount of progress of being better drawers. This comic can really show our strengths and what we have learned. we hope we can continue this poses in our future comics and learn more of these techniques.
Our next step is to now finally finish our food comic ad then upload it to the comic page.

My/Our goals for this project are...

Well we these week had edited our own project proposal. We were leaning the new things we had to do. Like how can wee make this harder or more challenging? our solution was to take more time and learn more drawing techniques. So we have started to finish up our first"better comic". Because of the snow day it was an inconvince to our comics. But we hope we can kick of the quarter with this new comic we will be uploading to our page. With all of our strengths we have had will help us out when continuing this project.
This week we need to finish our project proposal. By finish I mean finish updating our proposal and now we want to now focus more to do the drawing techniques.

Describe your progress towards your goals

I think we are doing well at our new goal of our new comic. The comic that we are doing right now we are doing good at. We are really taking our time on this one and that helps us to reach our goal. We are learning more drawing techniques that will help us with this new comics, Like learning how to draw in a 3-D perspective. We are also making our comics more realistic and having each box being a different shot.
We now want to take our first comic and finish it up. We also want to carry our comics over to tomorrow.

We want to now take pictures of our comics. Then we will have too finish two of our comics up.

We have finished the Christmas comic now what we would like to do next is mainly work on the Fast food fiasco series.

One unexpected thing that happened this week was ...

Ricky isn't here so I couldn't do much because all of our work was in his locker. Instead I had improvised and I had looked up drawing techniques. What we were going to do was to take pictures of our work and then we were gong to finish up our original comic. I feel like we should have a better system so if Ricky's not there I can still have access to the comics.
We want to finish our Christmas comic then now when we are wanting to finish our original project which was "Big trouble in little china" which was our original comic .

WE want to finish what we started which was the comic called fast food fiasco and we hope we can make this our new project in the long run.

This week we want to make actual comics then strips. we all want to add colors.

This week we want to make a new comic. we can now use the new technics we learned to make our new comics.

How can we go further...?

I feel that Ricky and I need to learn me techniques and get "more creative". So far we have good fun comics but these comics can maybe go further. Or have a bigger idea then they have now. I would like start make our comics in color and I think that will make it better so the people that see our comics they can get more out of it and see more how people look. I hope that we can go from amueture sketches to maybe a more intermediate level comics.
This week we hope that we will learn some new drawing technics but since we didn't have Wednesday this might be hard to achieve.

What did you learn that you can apply to future projects?

Well the week Ricky and I learned how to two different drawing mechanisms. One being on how to draw a nose which is harder then you might think. Another was how to make a shadow type affect on an object. We are hoping to learn more. With these skills we obtained this can help us with further project because we might need to use theses skills in one of our comics. Our next step is to learn how to draw faces and Learn how to make better settings and objects around the character or characters. We hope this skills we learned we can apply in the future.
This week me and Ricky will want to get our proposal confirmed. After we will start making our first comic.

Describe your progress towards your goals

One of the goals we would like to learn is to get past our amateur sketches and start getting into more complex drawings. So far we have only made two comics and we are starting to learn some of our strengths and weaknesses from talking a stab at doing normal drawings. Strengths are that we have a lotto creativity. Our weakness are that the characters we are drawing and we hope that we reach our goals of learning to do more complex drawing mechanisms.
This week I need to find a new projected group. I need to find something I want to do for the rest of the quarter.

What helped your learning?

This week Ricky and I have found a project which is comics. I feel with having two person project that we will succeed more. also me and Ricky work well together. Our strengths are we are somewhat good drawers and we have prior experiences on what comics should look like. Our weaknesses are that we aren't the best drawers. So hopefully when we learn we will be more succeeding.
This week we would like to finish editing then post our final video. Also I plan to finish my project page.

I/We think...

I think that in quarter 2 I will be with Ricky. I feel like I want to be building something so I want my project to have something to do with that. I also feel working with two people would be better then 3. This week all I did was finishing up my portfolio. I don't know what I will be doing next. I feel like I will have more strengths then weakness with two people because there is less reliability.
This week we hope to make a new dish.and we hope tho update our blog. If we finish we will edit.

My/Our next step will be...

No we have finished our 2nd video so no we hope next week we can edit after. I felt that we could've finished cooking today we had brought the supplies. Some strengths we have as a group is that when we are working we want to get it done. some weaknesses in our group is that some time we can get off topic. My question I have to myself is what will I do next quarter? I think if I do this next quarter I would change maybe my team members.
Well we plan that we will finish cooking the hummus on Friday then after we will update and hope to post the video on Wednesday or Friday whenever we finish our editing.

We now want to start to research what we can make next. We also need to update our blog and maybe figure out on what we can do next.

What skills did you use that you already had?

One way I used my skills was when we were edited.What we did this week was finished up our video and posted our video to our blog. I have a lot of experience through the years of editing through previous projects. I felt like we should have had this done last week but hopefully next week we can start our new food. This time we should be more organized and get things done a lot quicker. Doing this will let our bloggers stay updated more.
We now hope we can upload the video to the blog and finishing the edit. If we finish that we will need to find out what we will cook next.

We can now cook because we have the materials and we hope we can update our blog.

Did I do an effective job of communicating my learning to others? How do I know that?

I didn't think I communicated the best with my group members. I know this because when we were working we didn't know what roles we were. Also we didn't know what supplies to bring for the week. So without this information we couldn't work well. Also we couldn't get much done. Next time we need to check if we have everything we need to do our project.
We are going to cook Friday and update our blog today and we will also research the about the food to get information on what to write.
  • Stretch
    • If we get to this point we will research the next food on what to do and post pictures and videos and post those on our blog.

I/we faced failure when...

This week we were supposed to post on our blog. We couldn't because Euan wasn't here so we failed. We also don't have all of the supplies to make the sticky rice. Once we finish this we hope in the future we can be more organized. Since we didn't have the supplies I felt frustrated because I did my part but my other group member didn't. Thats one of the weaknesses being in a group of 3.
To finis the reflection and review our altoid tin project. We don't really have anything else to do.

Make Share Faire
  • What went well?
    • (B)- For engage it was really easy to set up and find my partner. For thinkering all we had to do for the setup was to put mint tins out so that was easy as well.
  • What problems/difficulties did you face?
    • (E)- Our project for engage theoretical would work but it didn't
    • How did you (or someone else) try to solve them?
      • (E)- We couldn't really fix it. Tyler and I couldn't find whats wrong accept that the robot didn't recognize the wire.
  • If I were in charge...
    • (TS)- Well to have it more organized and have it easier to find your partner because my partner was in A group for thinkering and I was in A group for engage. But lucky for me Johns partner wasn't there so Me and him got to work in B. So it kinda worked.
John and I now going to show off what we made to others and get critiques.

John and I are now going to make the iMovie/finish then upload it to get feedback. Then we will need to make another mint tin project or at least plan for our next one.
I/we achieved...

We ended up finishing our project and uploading it to youtube. We didn't think we would be able to upload the video. We now are getting a lot of good comments. So now we are getting more views. Our next step is to advertise and show people our work.
This week John and I are going to finish up this project and we will need to add the club and the flag also we need to color a metal ball to be white. After we get all of the pictures we will then
I/we improvised when...

John wast here for one of the days so I had to improvise and instead of using paperclips as the club I used a toothpick. The toothpick worked but it wasn't that good so I just used a paperclip and that worked pretty good. So now I just keep the paperclip one but you can use the other one if players want to.
This week, John and I will be starting our new mint tin project. We will be creating a mini golf course. It will only have one hole. First we will lay down the plaster and let it dry. Then we need to layout the felt. We are documenting our work as we go.

This John and I will upload our video to YouTube and also try to have other people our project. We would need people to try to know what we need to fix or tweak.
I/we used strategies to...

This time we planed what we were gonna do for our next project. We used paper and then we sketched out our project. We decided we were going to make a mini golf course. Now we will make our new mini golf table.
This week we will be attempting to complete iMovie and post it to youtube as well as maybe people testing our game.

This week we are finishing up our mint tin project with Tic Tac Toe then we will start a new project. Me and John will be working together next project.
I/we were accomplished when we...

We went right to work. We didn't think we would finish but we did. We had time to spare so me and John thought up of different ways we can present our project. Next we will present our video through youtube and ask people to try our game out.
This week to make a new tin project so we need the materials and ideas.We are thinking of checkers because it is simple and needs very few supplies. We would like to make the pieces magnetic so it doesn't fall out and you don't loose a ton of your pieces.
Did I/we do as much as we could to succeed?

Well we had gotten all the materials but because spring break was coming up John wasn't here. So we didn't really get that much stuff done. Actually we didn't get anything done because we needed all the materials. But we did research how the blocks needed to be separated.
Finish the video and post on our project page. Then plan for our new mini project.

Continue figuring out ideas to make more games. And we need to finish our presentation.
How did I/we feel?

We feel like we could've done more except we had a minor tech problem which made it so we couldn't upload video to our iMovie. John and I also didn't really agree on the iMovie audio so that was a set back. Our time management is a little of but we hope we can finish our project next class so we can upload it to youtube.
Me and John are now looking at different mint tin projects. He isn't here today on Thursday and i wasn't there on Tuesday so we have to wait until we are both here to make our final decision.

We now have all of the things for our project even with the unfortunate event of our other partner Evan leaving our group.
I/We didn't get as far as I/we planned because...

We were going in the hall to finish our project and we were making sure the paint was good we screwed the cap on so we thought s. When John got up the paint poured out on the floor. That was a big delay. We thought we would finish but we basically did except for the pool stick paint job.
We need to finish our pool table this week and find out another mint tin project to make.
what strategies would be useful?

A main strategie we had was the editing. Since I posted a lot on youtube i knew how to edit it really good. So we almost finished thanks to our editing.
Finish our proposal and get it approved. also we need to find jobs for all of our because we are in a group of 3.
I/We have started my/our plan...

Me and my group ended up finishing our proposals. We had gotten it approved but we had to change some things. Like for instance we had originally only going to make one mint tin per person. But then we changed it and made it a prrelel project. So now we will be making our own mint tins.
Find a new project.

Finish the tutorials.
I/We were effective/ineffective because ...

Me and Jaren are trying very hard to get the certain things done. The only problem is is that we dint understand it. We keep watching the videos but its not helping. This project unfourtionetly isn't turning out as good as we thought it would.

what strategies would be useful?

Me and Jaren had gotten Xcode downloaded. We were confused so we went on After we then knew what to do. I had to go help film a movie but jaren knew what to do to teach me. But we didn't get that much done.
I need to get a library card,
What did you learn that you can apply to future projects?

To start coding online.
I/We had a growth mindset when...

Me and Jaren Were having a hard time with our work. We had a growth mindset when we didnt want to do the coding and wanted to just get in the app so we took our time did the coding and new we are getting a lot better with our coding.
To learn more of the basic coding.
What skills did you use that you already had?

Well me and jaren had done our coding for basics. We think that we have it all mastered so we think we can move on. We have prior knowledge already on coding so we think that we can do good at computer coding.
Start getting on to harder coding.

My/our achievement was affected by ...

I was asked by other groups to participate in there project.So i didn't spend time on mine so i didn't get that much done. Also i waisted a lot of time today
We now need to test the swift playground

Find a new project.

Post our video

I/We have changed my/our plan...

So we thought that me and Gian would work together but we changed the plan. I thought that Gian was very easily distracted but he was a fun partner between it came down to work he would usually wander of or distract others. So id decided to be with Jaren. I have cooked with him before so it won't be to hard and FireGirilleBros will continue.
Keep on editing our video.

What skills did you use that you already had?

Today me and Gian had helped another group with there projects. We had made toast this week and we are now trying to upload it. I know from the last video how to edit it good now. So now we can edit it a lot more easier.
Now I think me and Gian might bring to food on thursday.

If we had a do over ...

We were going to cook but we actually change our plan. we had advertised our work on other channels. So we are hoping to cook this weekend.
We need to now make lasagna. Now we have to set a date and time and start cooking.

I/We have changed my/our plan...

We decided to change our plan by now doing custard filled donuts. We had watched many videos and we were quite interested so we decided to do it. My partner Gian had been working with another group. We think we will make the video on Saturday and edit it on the following day.
No we have to upload our work we have looked it over.

what strategies would be useful?

We had finally uploaded our video so that was great. Now i think we know what we want to do next.We want to make hamburgers. Now we need to make the video soon.
Finish the iMovie project and upload it and we need to figure out what we are going to cook next.

what if I/we...
Well we were so close to finishing our first upload but we didn't. At some points i felt distracted but what if we just had focused on our work we would finished. But next time we need to focus so we got to finish next time. We also need to look over our video one more time.
Me and Gian think that we need to finish the YouTube page. We also need to upload/edit our cooking video.

i/we learned...

We had learned how to edit a photo and have it say "fire grille bros cooking" it was very hard to do. we had also started our intro on our channel. We also learned that working next to Kate and Paris isn't the best option and it was really distracting.
Me and Gian need to finish making our proposal.

We have to export the movie to our page.

We need to upload the pictures to import them to iMovie to make its video.

Next time we would …

We had the imports but we dint finish the video for the page like we were supposed to. It didn't save from yesterday so we to restart on it which was very difficult. We tried very hard and we didn't get as much done as we wanted to. So next time we could maybe know what we were doing.

Type 2: Poses probing questions to self
our smart goal is to make more healthy snacks sense we had just posted everything.
What was fun? What did I/we enjoy?

I really enjoyed cooking this time and we got to cook infant of other students in our class.e got nothing but good feedback from people and it felt good hearing that.The pizza bagels were a success and we tried them and they were very good and i would recommend making these.

Type 2:What strategies you used and how they work
Our goal now is to get the all the pictures on the page now from our last two healthy snacks.
I/we got further than I/we planned because...
Me and Jaren got a lot of stuff done and now were are all caught up because we had uploaded all of our pictures from flickr.

Type 2 evidence of growth mindset?
finding flickr an posting it to the page and show our work.
Describe your project toward your goals.

We had done a lot and made our own and made up our own healthy recipe. Now we have one more recipe that was added to our page.

Type2 What you were thinking
Me and Jaren have to get the supplies because last time i had m-step and missed working and we will have to change the food idea or i would have to buy a skiner
We had completed the project and so now can have a opportunity to email the picture and post it on the we are teaching others and on to the there project.

Type2 What strategies you used and how they worked
to look up cooking projects and have the tutorials ready.
We didn't get as far as we planned because...
I had to take m-step so i didn't get anything done i couldn't even do the project.
Me and jarred couldn't get in to the minecaft server.
We learned...
We had finally gotten in to minecraft today and i had learned how to get into the sever and helped others.
So now we know how to get in but we didn't get enough time to work. But now we won't have that problem.

Type2 What you felt/experience
WE are trying to finish our historical architecture project.
What strategies will be useful?
We have now learned how to make a screenshots and import it to image so we can do voiceovers an show our work this is what is useful. Next since we finished the plane we can start the other part.
We started the architecture project.
What I/we need to do next is ...
This week we had worked on both of our buildings and it really helped that i had my partner with me so that we had gotten the two hotels done. Now we are having fun making the plane and there parts of the world.
Since Jaren isn't here i have work extra hard on the hotel.
What helped your learning?
This week i didn't have jaren to work with so that was bad because even though i tried hard i didn't get a lot of the project done. But this helped me learn by i got to know how to work on my own and still try hard so next week when careens here ill know what to do.
we are now continuing with the design and hope we can get some cool architecture going.
What if i/we
This week we had got a chance to test out the new 1.9. It was so fun and jaren and i are now making our hotel inspired by paris and reilly mansion. we love this new design portfolio.
type one
now we are starting more design and we have finished up our redstone!
My/Our next step will be...To stat the new foundation of our new city in Minecraft. We had successfully completed the screenshots.We had already started making a really cool beacon so we don't get lost.
uplaod ro the project page of minecraft.
One frustration I/we had was...Our problem was that we couldn't get the screenshots to upload to the wiki. This was very frustrating. But i had figured out how to do it and now i know how to do it and i achieved that all by myself now i know how to post the screenshots and help other people.

What if /we... now have a better knowledge of it and now e can start the design!
finish the redstone buildings
I / We want to know...How fast we can build the buildings we are done with one and we hadn't thought we would get this far.
we had experienced how to work as a team.I felt that we really did a good job.
What you felt/experienced
the redstone design water and lighting systems with the pressure plates
I / We am/are having difficulty with...
Our lighting system had failed with the pressure plates we had got very frustrated wit the doors because we had messed up on it and then we had to restart. I felt like we really messed ups now we are restarting and hopefully make it better.
What you were thinking.
Start the other redstone design lighting system.
I/ We to summon certain things and we had also learned how to make half our lighting system. We had worked really hard but we had only gotten half done.
to start design
My/Our goals for this project are... I think this was a good week for me and my partner because we had gotten a lot done. But our goal was to start and get the main walk we but we didn't finish but we still tried our hardest.
finish our design for redstone.
What I/we need to do next is ... we had finished our red stone design and we had started the house design. We had finished more than we intended to do this weak so now we can star the design.
Start to build our redstone designs.
I / We think... we had tried our new project out and making red stone designs. We had almost finished our project but we ran out of time so next time we hope we can finish.
play minecraft to blow up the land to get more space
What I/we need to do next is ...I think the next step in our project is to start building our land and progress with our land.
So hopefully next time we can start our village.
make pasta
We learned...
This week me and my group learned that if you try it could happen. For example it looked like we weren't going to be able to cook the pasta in time for us to eat it but we did and it tasted very good. so i ranked my self a because we had tried our hardest and we had got it done. then the achievement we ranked is 3 because it ended up tasting very good so i liked it how we never gave up.
make pasta
we had made a effort to mke pasta. but somne had forgotten to bring there materials so we couldn't make it
make pizza
e finished the pizza it was good
make cake pops
we got a lot of our work done and the cake pops were really good but not healthy
get minecraft to work
This week we couldn't do that much but we could still watch youtube videos. But we did learn a couple more things.
play minecraft
Minecraft had filed and wasn't opening so that was bad. But i could watch some videos.

This year in thinkering i have experienced new things that were exciting like the first project i did. I had done a project with a partner called creepy crawlers. I had failed that project but no i know what to do for next time. In thinkering i had done hands on stuff and computerized things like gamestar and minecraft. So over the year i had learned many things that i probably would never learn. It had been a very fun year in thinkering.
play ganestar pick tomato plant.
i have been playing gamestar challenges. Also my tomato plant is all most ready to be picked.
play gamestar
i have leveled up to a whole new stage in gamestar. i didn't even think that would even happen.My plants are doing good i started mini mushroom farm. i have learned that when you plant the mini mushroom farm you add a little water a dat only. it like a sppon of water a day.
garden and put plants outside also play gamestar
Ive started doing gamester here and at home im gardening and Ive been doing great in both. Planning to make mushroom farm this weekend.

keep on gardening my tomato plants and other plants.

I had did great on my plants i was able to buy all of the materials and planting in my house. I have accomplished a lot and hope my plants will grow. I have tomato plants and a blue berry plant.
also a mini mushroom farm.
no plan

Right now i found some plants like tomatoes and strawberries. with the tomatoes im thinking to go and get starter plants and then plant flowers even. so this weekend im going to English gardens to see what plants are good for me and i can get extra help from the people who are working there.
find a new project to work on.Also get permission to get the experiment.

I didn't put my effort and achievement because i found a project but didn't start it. My project was a plant project i choose to do.
upload pictures to the wiki
i rated myself a 4 because when i did this at my house a huge problem arose. we didn't label them. so we had to redo the experiment and i became a great success.
Try to get honey project

I didn't put my effort and achievement because i had not started my new project but i have asked my mom for materials.
figure out what my project is next and finish student led page.
I had finished up my student led page when problems had arose. But i still need to look more into projects.
take pics for project

achievement 4

The ingredients were glue water and borax. The other recipe we didn't do was with PVA and glue and water and borax
Improvize on pva
finished the project
get slime materials
Start this new project. i didn't like minecraft well not that it had deleted and all of my data.
finish castle level 2 floor.

build my minecraft castle build outline
i have finished my floor and now building the walls for my castle.
build the wall for my castle
i have finished my walls which took a wile to do and now i can start diesigning.
Start minecraft
i want to change my project to minecraft.i have beaten gamester and made a lot of games on it. it doesn't interest me anymore and with minecraft i already have a account.
beat the fox level on Gstar

make a game alot on gstar

beat more levels on gstar

build a new idea on gstar

/beat gamestar

Figure out how much to drill a hole in the wood cylinder.

Improvise it wont carry gamestar mechanic

maybe finish project or get more materials

  • improvise on washers on the glue stick

  • get fishing line
Today I/we ...
  • Finish proposal
  • get materials
Today I/we ...