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  • Gleep Glop Comics Project Page bhb1 rvs1
    • The first time when we were doing our comics I feel like it was more of a practice experience. This time we are taking quality time and then we are looking at more techniques but less than before because we already have a lot of knowledge when we did this project last quarter. WE are doing a series called fast food fiasco and we are posting this to our project page and so far it has been going great. This quarter we really feel like we have made vast improvements from last quarter. WE also are coloring in our comic pages thoroughly and we have more variety of bursting colors. So it hadn't been just the drawing aspect of comics but also the coloring. We have learned a lot this quarter and we hope we can continue this learning journey through comics.
  • Gleep Glop Comics Project Page bhb1 rvs1
    • At first I wanted to do comics with Ricky and Euan because last quarter I did an ethnic foods project with them. But we were sort of doing a parallel project with me and Ricky doing one comic irrelevant to Euans but we still helped each other out. I really liked this project because I like drawing and it was fun doing it with Ricky. I learned some drawing techniques and I hope that I can take this project into the next project. Over the quarter we made 3 1/2 comics because were not yet done with our first one. The series we are doing is mainly about food and we aren't that close to being done because we are taking a lot of time on that because we really want to make are this comic looks better then the others. The others we didn't spend that much time on because those were just pre-comics these comics in the future we want to make them look more professional.
  • Ethnic Foods
    • This project we first had to research an ethnic food and find a little bit of facts and history on the food. We then each brought supplies and tried to even it out then we cooked,film, then we ate and rated the food. After we would edit the video and then we would post it to the blog. Some challenges were we were a group of three and it was hard to find all the roles. Also I found that most of the time I was bringing most of the supplies even though I wasn't even cooking,I was the one filming. Something that was fun was trying the food when we were done because we get to see how well we did and it was fun editing too. Something I learned was the challenges of having a group of three and I also learned how collaborative you have to be. Also I earned that you have to be organized so everyone know what role they are and what they need to bring.
  • Fresh Mint DIY Project Page
    • We thought that we would be done after the third quarter as we had stated down below on the project below us. Well we thought that it was pretty fun and we worked good together do we continued. I mentioned before that we weren't going to be able to get the materials well we leveled out who had to get materials. Also for most of our projects we could reuse some of the materials. like for instance the plaster lasted us for numerous projects because I got a large amount of it. We didn't really have any challenges it was pretty straight forward and we got all of our stuff on time so I think that we were good.
  • Fresh Mint DIY Project Page
    • This is my newest project. It has been really fun i didn't really know John or Evan at first. John and me worked pretty good together. But Evan didn't fell the same and then left the group which was kind of annoying. But then we finished the first project. We only ended up doing one project because it was kind of hard to get all of the materials. But then editing was pretty easy. So we finished the video and now we are ready for our next project.
  • Coding bhb1 jns5
    • The coding project I thought that it would be easy. I took the time to use playground. It was pretty fun at first and we worked hard. We were watching videos on for Xcode. We were now working on Xcode which was on the computer. It was really hard to do and every time we opened it it would shut down. Me and Jaren didn't really get it and so we think we are going to be done with coding. We were trying to make an app but with me doing a movie with other groups it was really hard to maintain my focus on my project also. So I think I'm going to switch projects in the next quarter.
  • Fire Grille Bros Cooking
    • This was I think one of our best projects because I love cooking. I had worked with a partner and we had posted our work on youtube.The main project was editing. The editing was super hard an i didn't really know how to do it. But i had tried and then I had done a really good job of doing it. We had gotten not to many views in youtube though.But overall the project was really fun.
  • Healthy Snacks Recipes
    • This project expanded our mindset about cooking a lot. Not only did we make the food we also made a video that can show people about us and our work. We made a total of 3 different foods and they wee all healthy and we even put on the recipes. This I think was our best project yet I would recommend it to people to try. Also on the project we had video critiques that we filmed.
  • Minecraft Redstone
    • I had to explore new grounds on Minecraft by doing a red stone project. I had to challenge myself and I did it with a partner Jaren. We had used some of the designs in the Minecraft red stone book. Then we had choose the trapped chest design which didn't seem to hard to make in Minecraft. so we had done it and we succeeded and then we had finished the project and now we are on the design project. We had learned from this project and it ended up being a very fun experience.
  • BHB1 cooking proposal
    • This quarter I had learned a lot about cooking.first me and my team was going to do Minecraft. But then i didn't work so that was when we improvised and did cooking. At first we dint know what to cook so we had looked online I we had a idea of making marshmallow pops. they were a great success everyone loved them but they were very junky. The ingredients were Marshmallows,pretzel sticks,sour gummy worms,brown pudding and Oreos. Next we made mini pizzas. They were delicious and it wasn't unhealthy for you. Lastly we mad pasta that was the healthiest thing we had made the whole year.
  • Slime Purposel
    • When i first started this project we couldn't find the PVA but i had asked my teammate to get it because he said he could by next class.But he didn't get it by the next class so we had to improvise on what we were going to do. We had just used glue to improvise and we had got success. So that was one problem we had had. Making and playing with the slime was fun.
  • bhb1 Minecraft Proposal
    • At first it had taken me for ever to make.then i had finished the walls.then i started to add new things. but something bad had happened somebody had deleted everything. I was so mad all of the work i did had been gone. that's why you should always back up your world. so that was the hardest thing i think that hit me in minecraft.
  • Plant Porposal
    • When i first started this project i thought it would take 4 to 5 weeks. Lucky enough in 3 weeks we saw red on one of the tomatoes and it was ready to be pulled in week. so it took a time of 4 weeks for us to eat it it was good. When we left our house for vacation and came back there were five new tomatoes. so it took a total of 5 weeks for 6 tomatoes to grow and ripen.
  • bhb1 gamestar portfolio
    • This quarter I had made many levels for my gamestar account and it had been really fun. It had been challenging and hard for some of the levels. I had made over 10 levels and they got very good reviews.But i had felt that this was getting boring and it hadn't been that fun any more. So i took action and i quit the project. So now i am very happy to be playing minecraft with Jaren.
  • bhb1 bck1 jns5 Minecraft Proposal
    • We are now working on the redstone design. Unfortunately ben couldn't join because his computer didn't work. Me and Jaren also has the problem with wool and it caught on fire! But now we have a successful with our contraptions and we are working together and we are very happy. We are now working hard and we are already half way there!

Top Reflections

  • My/Our goals for this project are...

    Well we these week had edited our own project proposal. We were leaning the new things we had to do. Like how can wee make this harder or more challenging? our solution was to take more time and learn more drawing techniques. So we have started to finish up our first"better comic". Because of the snow day it was an inconvince to our comics. But we hope we can kick of the quarter with this new comic we will be uploading to our page. With all of our strengths we have had will help us out when continuing this project.
    • I like this one the best because of the whole idea around setting goals. Because goals help you "try harder" to try and accomplish something. It also feels more rewarding when you pass your goal and it can help you build up to the entire projects idea. I alsp like it because it can list the achievements we had reached and the struggles we've had.
* What did you learn that you can apply to future projects?
  • Well the week Ricky and I learned how to two different drawing mechanisms. One being on how to draw a nose which is harder then you might think. Another was how to make a shadow type affect on an object. We are hoping to learn more. With these skills we obtained this can help us with further project because we might need to use theses skills in one of our comics. Our next step is to learn how to draw faces and Learn how to make better settings and objects around the character or characters. We hope this skills we learned we can apply in the future.
    • I like how I talk about using the stuff I learned in future projects, Because my project right now decides how well I succeed in my future project because projects with the comics are all about the different drawing techniques and with this project I hope I can continue doing it next quarter so I can use the skills int this current project to help me in the other. I hope that I can learn more techniques and ideas for comics.
  • No we have finished our 2nd video so no we hope next week we can edit after. I felt that we could've finished cooking today we had brought the supplies. Some strengths we have as a group is that when we are working we want to get it done. some weaknesses in our group is that some time we can get off topic. My question I have to myself is what will I do next quarter? I think if I do this next quarter I would change maybe my team members
    • I like this reflection because it has questions for next quarter. I fell that these questions need answers because the quarter is coming to an end and I need to figure out what I will do. I also think this reflection show what I did but also what I had felt. What I feel Is important because with this group I honestly I don't feel good about it. We also talk about our weakness which is sort of tying in to why I didn't feel good. I also like this because it not only explains what I did but what I was thinking to.
  • I/we improvised when...
    John wast here for one of the days so I had to improvise and instead of using paperclips as the club I used a toothpick. The toothpick worked but it wasn't that good so I just used a paperclip and that worked pretty good. So now I just keep the paperclip one but you can use the other one if players want to.I/We have started my/our plan...
    • Well this project reflection is unique because I made the prompt. This shows that I had t improvise when my partner wasn't here. My partner is usually here so this is one of the times I had to do it on my own. So I made my own prototype because he wasn't there to give me the materials so I improvised with a toothpick.
  • I/We have started my/our plan...
    Me and my group ended up finishing our proposals. We had gotten it approved but we had to change some things. Like for instance we had originally only going to make one mint tin per person. But then we changed it and made it a parralel project. So now we will be making our own mint tins.
    • This reflection was the first step to our other project. It gives a lot of detail in what we are doing. By also explaining how we will divide up the work and how many people there will be but then I led to Evan leaving.
  • I/We were effective/ineffective because ...
    Me and Jaren are trying very hard to get the certain things done. The only problem is is that we didn't understand it. We keep watching the videos but its not helping. This project unfourtionetly isn't turning out as good as we thought it would.
    • This explains about our project and the things we did in it. It also explains The troubles we had. We had watched the videos and it wasn't really helping this was also one of our more recent posts so it gives a good update. It also states that it wasn't easy and it really hard. We were going to qui this project and move on.
  • I/We have changed my/our plan...
    So we thought that me and Gian would work together but we changed the plan. I thought that Gian was very easily distracted but he was a fun partner between it came down to work he would usually wander of or distract others. So id decided to be with Jaren. I have cooked with him before so it won't be to hard and FireGirilleBros will continue.
    • This was my ending reflecting. I mean it like because me and my partner were splitting up. This was also maybe a spark for a new project.I don't think i will continue cooking because i want to try something new. so this was a wrap up of our project.
  • What was fun? What did I/we enjoy?
    • I really enjoyed cooking this time and we got to cook infant of other students in our class.e got nothing but good feedback from people and it felt good hearing that.The pizza bagels were a success and we tried them and they were very good and i would recommend making these.
      Type 2:What strategies you used and how they work
      • This explains one of our cooking project. It also had type 2 and it was a fun project to. Also its a critique from my friends and they all gave good ratings so it was pretty fun and a good way to end this year.
  • We learned...
    This week me and my group learned that if you try it could happen. For example it looked like we weren't going to be able to cook the pasta in time for us to eat but we did and it tasted very good. so i ranked my self a because we had tried our hardest and we had got it done. then the achievement we ranked is 3 because it ended up tasting very good so i liked it how we never gave up.
    • This explains not to give up and to keep trying. when I had first done the project the water wasn't boiling I had hated that because we were doing everything right. I was about to put it away but it started bubbling it was exiting to see it so it ended up very good so I like how I never gave up.This reflection I thought was my best one yet. If I had given up I wouldn't have made any food.
  • I / We am/are having difficulty with...
    Our lighting system had failed with the pressure plates we had got very frustrated wit the doors because we had messed up on it and then we had to restart. I felt like we really messed ups now we are restarting and hopefully make it better.
    What you were thinking.
    • This explains the problems that we had faced. Problems can show how we overcome stuff. That is why I like this one because it explains the problem and maybe how we can over come it next time.
  • My/Our next step will be...
    To stat the new foundation of our new city in Minecraft. We had successfully completed the screenshots.We had already started making a really cool beacon so
we don't get lost.
    • This is cool because now we wouldn't get lost. This was hard to do and now it helps us figure out were home base is. It also shows team work because we all had to work together to pull this off.It was also really fun.
  • One frustration I/we had was...
    Our problem was that we couldn't get the screenshots to upload to the wiki. This was very frustrating. But i had figured out how to do it and now i know how to
do it and i achieved that all by myself now i know how to post the screenshots and help other people.
    • This shows that I had other learning in Minecraft even being able to post things in the page. We were the first tolerant on our own on how to get the screenshot and post it on our page so people can see our project. Both rating were 4 and i was very proud because i can teach others if they ask and i know how to do it on my own.

Top Critiques

  • Yoga seems like a cool pastime but how could you expand your project after you master the art of yoga. In my opinion I suggest teaching when you are done learning and maybe post the videos on YouTube.
    • I like this one because I think I give a lot of guides. I thought it was also helpful to give my own opinion. I also think it is good to purpose a question so it can give the creator of the project critical thinking on their project.

  • I think ASL is a really good thing to learn because you can use this skill in everyday life if you ever come across someone who is deaf or can't speak . The only thing I have to say is at the bottom of the video maybe translate what you are saying.
    • I like this Critique because with this project it could go much further then just being in the classroom it can go outside of the class with actually using sign language to communicate to actual people.
  • I think what your doing is really cool. your actions really match with what you the song is. I want to know what the conclusion will look like and where it will be and how it is going to relate with a song. Overall good job.
    • I really like what this person is doing so I think that this is a good reflection to show this. It also asks a question which I think is good. Later that week I got to see the ending piece and it was good.
  • So I realized that you were coding and I think thats a good idea. But the recurring problem is you have nothing to show me.
    • So for this critique This particular student struggles a lot and I think that I needed to help him out. This student I think isn't to organized which is unfoutionete because he has good ideas. But he needs to get organized.
  • The filming of the movie maybe could've been more organized because it was very time consuming. All one being in your movie was pretty cool. But I only had 5 minutes to film every day so thats the only downside. But otherwise it was very fun.
    • I was apart of this movie so I knew about the movie. This explains about the time. I was doing a project and they needed me a lot but I couldn't be there. I had been the villain so I was only in one scene but it was fun. I felt]t bad because I can only get 5 minutes. So maybe if we came at academic lab we coulee got it done.
  • I think that you guys should start working on your project and not just killing each other. You might run out of time and not be able to finish your project in the. But the command blocks were really cool and i didn't even know how to do that. So you did a good job of that but i strongly suggest that you start working on your main project.
    • This critique had been maybe one of my best because when this person was presented I could tell already what I was going to say.The project was unclear. so this critique I had told the person that you have to start to get to work.But I had given them a positive comment as well because some of the stuff the person was doing was really cool.
  • That was a good and smart project to do you homework as a project. Now you can take as much time as you need and you can really take your take your time and this and make it neat. Maybe next time you can go even more in to detail by having more book genres ad talk about the challenges you had faced during making it or what was your favorite part of the book.
    • This explained a lot about what the person had been doing and it told about it being good. so i think this had helped a lot. I also think this could be an example to people on how to do a critique.
  • I had liked that you had done cooking considering I'm doing cooking. I liked the video and how you were creative and you did the jack o lantern peppers then stuffed it. Next time you should tell us what the ingredients of the food.
    • This is my favorite critique because I think I can relate to this most because I do cooking. I also like that you make healthy foods that are good I also liked there name queens of the kitchen. I liked it also because the jack o lantern peppers with stuffing I thought that was creative.
  • I think that it is really cool how you are doing mod reviews because last year you were making stuff now your doing reviews. I also like the animals and the table of contents.
    • This is one of my top critiques because i know how i can relate to it. I play min craft so i think its a win win because now she is posting the videos for people all around the world to watch them which is good for people to learn
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