BDL1's Journal

We started to play civ 5 it's a great game where you battle other cities and try to take over the world.
April 11
We will be working on youtube and are project

We ended are kendama project and then we started to make are new project. We are doing Civ 5 it battle between cities. Then we will start tomorrow.
March 29
Today we will be making more videos and up loading them to are youtube channel

March 14
This week we will learn new tricks edit are youtube page then maybe make videos

Today me and Parker made 3 videos we did big cup small cup base cup and spike and airplane we did them on the 3 cup and then we started to edit the videos after that we started to do more videos.
March 8th
Today youtube

Today I started to make a youtube channel with Parker. It's. about Kendama Tricks I have a three cup and he has a 5 cup there both kendamas. Also we started to make are logo to put on are youtube page.
January 24th
Today I am making a new project

January 18
Today I will
start to look for a new 3d printer stuff

Today a looked for more stuff to build. also I was talking to Parker but he's make a name. So I think that I'm going to do a name to. Then I can put it in my room.
January 11
Today I will
make stuff like
3d stuff

I was so bad because was the skate board was dropped and I can't fix it also all the stuff that I made was to big for the printer.
January 3
Today I will
They to make some more 3d stuff

Same thing as the 20th I made some or 3d things. I put it on my wiki to share it then it broke. It broke because I dropped it.
December 20th
Today I will
I have to make more stuff
Maybe I will make some more three D printer stuff.

I have made a cool
skate board but it was small. then I printed it. Then I put it on my wiki but then I was mad because...
Make more 3D stuff

Today I am started to make more 3D stuff. I don't no what to make. Parker and me are started to make something big.
november 29th
finish project

Today I was finishing my project I fixed up my wiki and did my plans. Also I was working on helping more people. Luke helped me to do my wiki so will look good.
I going to fix up my wiki

Today I am working on my wiki. So first I am going to go over my wiki and fix all my work if it is bad. Then I will work on my wiki so more then I will be done.
Fix my dog pictures
Put them up on my slides
Find pictures

Today I was going to get some pictures of my dog then put them on my google slides. Then I found more pictures on line edit them so they can look better.
nov 15
Making my slides on google classroom

Today I will be working on google classroom to work on the picture. Also I will be taking stuff off of the Internet.
Where going to edit are wiki page fun stuff

Today where going to put writing on are wiki page. So we can make are page better and so we can get 100 percent on are cranyon craziness project also me and Noah are going to put good pictures on the wiki page.
Were going to put more picture on the wiki

I was thinking that if we put more picture on the wiki. It may give life to are page. So we are going to make or post better pictures for you.
Are plan is to do something different then other people. we did a circle not a line.
Today we are going to start build. Then were going to put the hot glue gun to work.
Our plan is to tell you are weakness with the crayon thing.
Are weakness is that we had to have the right amount of crayons. So we are going to go buy some more crayons at the store. Then we will make more circles.