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Top Projects:

  • Minecraft Parkour
    • Ethan and I have been working really hard on a Minecraft parkour map. You learn a lot about the game while having lots of fun playing the game. I think parkour on Minecraft is the best mode on Minecraft there is. There are many types of parkour like ladder parkour, pressure plate parkour, ice parkour, lava parkour, jungle parkour, mushroom parkour, and so on. The past month it has been a lot of fun and now Ethan and I are thinking up a new project to do. I learned that minecraft can sometimes be tricky but boatloads of fun and thats all that matters.
  • Ethan and Brian's Game Reviews
    • We chose this project for many reasons. we wanted to do a project that would be funand review the games at the same time. We used a recording system to record ourproject. It was cool and if people see it they might want to try it. We really were excited to do this project and to play the games at the same time. This project was really fun!Project 1 (delete this and replace with project name)
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Top Reflections:

  • "We spent lots of time on our mob spawner thing but it didnt work so well. We tryed really hard but we had to scrap the mod spawner so we didnt get much done but we got a decent amount done. We have almost every mob like slimes, zombies, and magma cubes. Some of them glitched out of the bedrock especially the slimes. We are thinking to maybe make a wither boss. I wanted to make a ender dragon but Ethan told me I couldn't because the space was to small."
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  • "We are playing then rewiewing games it is really fun because we get to play the games. Then we have to review them and rate them. I think we did good this time. We are planning to review games like stick figure badminion. Also, we might do Kawairun. They are on game2kids.com and the best games are there."
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