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Top Projects:
  • Project 13 (Baren Shoe Gallery)
    • This project is a partner project. Jaren and I started this project last quarter, but were still working on it his quarter. We are loving this project! Jaren and I are both big fans of shoes and we enjoy doing all this research on our favorite shoes! We are almost finished with our Adidas section on the site and have done minor work on the Jordan section, and the customization section. We believe that to make this site perfect, we will carry this throughout the rest of the year to make it look as professional as possible.
  • Project 12 (Baren Shoe Gallery)
    • This project was a partner project. Jaren and I decided that we wanted to make a website about shoes. We had the idea to make a website with our favorite shoes, and where you can buy them. We added our names together to make Baren, then added Shoe Gallery after it to make, Baren Shoe Gallery. We take our own pictures of shoes that we add to the website. Our site features shoes from Nike, Adidas, Jordan, Under Armour, and our own Nike customizations. We both really enjoy this project and are working really well together. We might buy a domain for our website if it is good enough quality. Were so excited to see how this turns out!
  • Project 11 (Ben and Jaren Billiard tables)
    • This was a partner project, Jaren and I. We had some success and some failure so far. We have done a lot of research, but we still have to go and get our materials. We have learned how to build the table, we just need to start. We will be using cardboard and whiteboard for the table and we can find those items at target. We are excited to see how it turns out!
  • Project 9 (basic electronics)
    • This was a very successful quarter for Jaren and I. We had spent most of this quarter doing the book projects and learning more and more about basic electronics. Once we finished the book projects, we moved on to our own, personnel project. We wanted to make a mini soda dispensing machine. We had got our parts and built the machine just in time for the make faire.
  • Project 8 (basic electronics)
    • This is a partner project, it is Jaren and I. We are learning simple electronics, with bread boards, wires, and batteries. Our projects come out of a simple electronic book. All of these projects will lead us up to our final project, which will be a mini soda discpencing machine and portable chargers. We are really enjoying it so far! Project page: Electronics kit JNS5 BCK1
  • Project 7 (highlight reel)
    • My latest project was our final highlight reel. It was a basketball video and Gianclaudio and I are very proud of how well we did on it. I will not be coming back to imovie, i think that I learned the most I could. That was my third and final highlight video. Here is the link to the new video:https://youtu.be/CSTmld12AjI
  • Project 6 (Highlight reel)
    • Jaren and I were partners for this quarter. WE made a football video: https://youtu.be/ESueuFSkjiQ and a baseball video: https://youtu.be/MGlNrDP1PCQ WE had a really fun time doing this but now we are going to split up. I am going to partner up with Gianclaudio. We are continuing on highlight reels and were going to do basketball.
  • Project 5 (highlight reel)
    • I really enjoy making my NFL highlight reel. I've learned things in this project that can help me in the future too! Once I finish this one, I might try making a collage one! Again, I really enjoy this project!
  • Project 4 (KODU)
    • I really enjoyed playing KODU. It's almost like minecraft but really different. You can create the world the way you want it to look. There is also vehicles like submarines, cars, and trucks. I built an underwater racetrack with submarines! I cannot wait to show my game to others.
  • Project 1 (silly puddy)
    • I really like doing this project. But there was some ups and downs to it. Me and Braden were partners. we took a while trying to gather materials because they were hard to find. We tried to do the project with pva to make it more squishy and stretchy but we could not find the pva. We found out a new way to make the puddy without pva. I have finished the puddy and I am going to make more puddy with pva.
  • Project 2 (game-star mechanic)
    • I really like this project. It was a real challenge. This project had it's up's and down's. I liked creating the games because they were a lot of fun to make. What I did not like about this project was that you had to beat many different levels to unlock new blocks/ characters/ ect. You also had to beat a series of levels just to publish games. I also like gamester mechanic because you can play other peoples games.
  • Project 3(cooking)
    • I really enjoyed this project. It tought me things that I would not learn for years! But there was some downs this project. Sometimes, one of us would forget to bring something so we weren't able to cook. When we did cook, We all got an even share of the project. Every week, one person would bring all materials. I really liked this project and hope to do it again.
  • Project 5 continued (highlight reel)
    • I really enjoy this project! I am now finished and only have to publish it on to youtube. Next year, I want to make a college video or maybe another sports video!

Top Reflections:

get work done!

My/Our next step will be...
Continuing on our homepage. This week we were making a homepage for our website and it is coming together really nice! We feel that we just need one ore day to work on that then we will go back to shoe's. Jaren and I are working really well together and are excited to see how this project turns out!

Keep working

My/Our next step will be...
To keep working. We are making great progress so far and were learning a lot about website making! Today we continued to add shoes to the site and our next step will be to do the same next week. We are starting with Adidas shoes because they are easy to find in store. We feel that this is going to take us a while to do because of taking time to gather pictures and put them on our site in a presentable way.
find videos and figure out who brings what supplies

One example of a FAILure we had was ...
We did not get as far as we wanted to be, Jaren and I had to spend more time finding projects instead of figuring out who brings what materials, because we had a harder time than we thought that we would while researching. While building our project, we will be using some of the things that we learned last year with our electronics kit. We still had success today because we found more good videos that we can use to help us when we start our build. Next week by Wednesday we hope to be ready to start our project, instead of continuing to research. Although we have an idea on how to build this project, we understand that this will still be very hard because we have a lot to learn. Also, because there is a lot of hard steps in this project, like I said in the reflection below. We are starting with the air hockey table because after watching videos, we believe that it is the best project to start on, because the videos that we found that were the most detailed.
Keep building

We finished our box! We attached it all together and it is working great! We will use it next week for the make faire! We are using Dr. Pepper as our drink. Were so excited!
do last project

We did the project and were now starting our last one. Hopefully we can finish this last one and start building our soda machine and portable chargers!
hope that we can finish this week.

We did not finish but had good progress. We added more clips and learned more about iMovie. We could not find the radio edit of Part 2 by Kanye West but hopefully we can find it next week.
Edit and post.

We posted our video on youtube! Heres the link: https://youtu.be/ESueuFSkjiQ
We started a new video. We are doing baseball. Jaren and I should finish our new video and post it on youtube in the next 2 weeks. Our first one went very well!

  • Today I/we had "hard fun" when ...
add more video

An example of success I had was making everything perfect. Today I went over my project to make sure it was good. I added more video too. I think the video is going great. I should be finished next class.
  • What strategies you used and how they worked
make racetrack

I made the race track and also figured out some controls! I picked this reflection because I am learning more about the game.

I made an underwater racetrack! there is submarines to ride in and you race a CPU. I played other peoples games and got ideas. I will soon try to make a maze.

We made pizza! it turned out great because we had great matirials and we cooked it just right. We did it so well that we decided to make another!
finish making game and start a draft game

I finished my game. It is really hard to beat which is a good thing. I started a draft game and it is looking really good so far. I will hopefully finish it next week on monday.
beat levels and make a draft game

I got to beat levels and earn blocks and characters. I did not finish the levels because there was too many. I am going to go home and continue doing the levels. I will need to come back tomorrow and continue on these levels.
start football highlight reel

One example of a FAILure I had was not being able to watch bjk1's video's. I thought about what I would use in the video. I am doing it on my own and im doing it on NFL. I should get started next week on thursday.

    • Explain why you chose to highlight this reflection here.
    • Explain why you chose to highlight this reflection here.
    • Explain why you chose to highlight this reflection here.

Top Critiques:

"Dyson, your project is really neat! I think that you could make it even better if you made a finished game instead of several unfinished ones."

  • "Hey Dyson, your project is really cool! I think that you should look over your current work and make it look a little better."
  • "I love your project! your creations are really cool and I really like them, keep up the good work!"
  • "Hey Karl... your project was unbelievable! I don't think that I could ever build what you built, keep up the good work!"
  • "Your minecraft project is so cool! You should make the new pistons stadium."

  • "You are doing great with your guitar! You are only 2 weeks in, but you have made unbelievable progress!"
  • cool project! I think that you should build something like ford field or something cool like that.
  • "Cool project! I think that you should build bigger logos because small logos are not very challenging.."
  • cool project!!! I think that it will look really cool when it is finished!
  • cool project! I think the mansion will look really good when it's finished!

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