BCK1's Journal

Keep working

Work on site

Keep working

Today I/we improved...
We worked on our website and continued finding and editing shoe pictures for our site. We feel like our progress production rate is slowing down, so we need to step it up. We will continue working and try to work harder. We are done with our Adidas slide and can now pay close attention to our other pages.
Work on project

Today I/we had "hard fun" when ...
This week was successful for us. We got a ton of work done and finished a lot of shoes. Jaren and I have worked on our home page and added more shoes to the Adidas page, the customize page, and the Jordan page. Hopefully next we can be this successful. We are having trouble finding a Jordan shoe online, so we need to problem solve.
Work on portfolio

Today I/we improved...
Today we worked on portfolio's. I got all of my work done, and have everything up to date in this class! Next quarter we will continue the project and will hopefully finish. I can't wait to see what happens with this project!
Get work done!

My/Our next step will be...
Continuing on our homepage. This week we were making a homepage for our website and it is coming together really nice! We feel that we just need one ore day to work on that then we will go back to shoe's. Jaren and I are working really well together and are excited to see how this project turns out!
Add pictures to site

I/We think...
That this was a slower week. We had to give up our class time on Wednesday because we had to work on our portfolio. On Thursday, we uploaded some pictures that we took over the half days, but we came over a problem. Some of the pictures would not upload so we could not get everything on the computer. We will figure this problem out next class. We are nearly done with our Adidas column and will continue doing our Jordan page.
Add pics

Add as many pics as possible

I/We think...
This was a successful week for Jaren and I. This week, we added many pictures to our drive, added to our website, and fixed minor problems in our site. I feel that this will make us longer than we expected, and it may take us through the rest of the year. Next week we will try to do the same as this week.


My/Our next step will be...
Continuing to work on the project. Jaren and I are making great success with our website and we hope to keep up the good work! We will hopefully get the chance to take more pictures over the weekend to upload and put on the page. We are having so much fun with this project!
Work on my portfolio

Upload more pictures

Keep working

Today I/we improved* my/our original plan/design by ...
Continuing to add pictures. We have nearly 20 shoes on our site now and its looking great! We feel that were making great progress and were having a lot of fun. We've made it so if you click on the shoe, it bring you to a site where you can purchase the shoe. Our pictures look very professional and we think that were doing great! We hope to finish up with Adidas so we can start our Nike custimizations.
Work on page

Keep working

My/Our next step will be...
To keep working. We are making great progress so far and were learning a lot about website making! Today we continued to add shoes to the site and our next step will be to do the same next week. We are starting with Adidas shoes because they are easy to find in store. We feel that this is going to take us a while to do because of taking time to gather pictures and put them on our site in a presentable way.
Work on new project

Plan new project

Today I/we had "hard fun" when ...
We started with our new project today! Mr. Whitmer had us look at google sites and wix, we liked six the most. We liked wix because of the professional look. Mr. Whitmer also wanted us to decide between a blog and a website, we chose website because of the outline of it. We are excited to work on this project and are also excited to "ditch" our last project. This will probably take 7-8 weeks to create if we use our time wisely. We are excited!
Improve on the table

I/We think...
That we are almost finished with our repairs. We worked on them today and need to glue one more thing. We feel that we are ready to finish this project to start our new project. We think that for our next project we want to make a shoe website, that shows our favorite shoes, price, and link to where you can buy them. We hope to be done in 2 weeks.
put whiteboard on table

My/Our next step will be...continuing to work on the game, we are making great progress! Jaren and I have not been able to get a white board yet because of being too busy. Unfortunatly our box broke and we have to make some repairs, we feel that this might set us back a class or two. Next week we hope to fix the board. Jaren and I feel that we are ready to do something else, we don't like this project anymore. Hopefully, we can get this project over with soon, to get the board fixed, add whiteboard, and finish.

keep building

start building

One example of a FAILure we had was ...
We were not able to build on Wednesday because we had to work on our reflection page. Although, we did have success with our building on Friday, we made the entire structure of the air hockey table, and we will finish it by next week. Jaren and I feel that this project will turn out well, because it's been going well so far. Now that we have the structure done, we will be able to add in the whiteboard, we weren't able to on Friday because we ran out of time. We are excited to see how it turns out!
get materials

My/Our next step will be...
Starting the build! Unfortunately, Jaren and I were not able to get the materials because we were just too busy, because of sports and out of school activities. Although, we were able to find out where we can find the materials, we can get them at target. We will be using cardboard and whiteboard for this build. Next week on Friday, we will be able to start this project, because on Wednesday we have to work on our portfolio's. We feel that once we start this project, it will take us a few class periods to build. We are definitely prepared for this because of the weeks and weeks of research.

start planning ahead

I/We think...
That we need to talk with Mrs. Husband to see if she had any of the materials, because with sports, neither of us have time to go to the store because that keeps us occupied. We were hoping to ask her if she had any wood or cardboard,because that is what we think that we should build it out of. Jaren and I are thinking about getting some battery powered fans, because we want the table to be more portable, so that we can use them in a place without outlets. We hope that this can be the final week of preparing and next week we can start building. There are kids in our class that might have some of the materials that we need so we will need to ask them too because we are having trouble finding materials.
Find videos, hopefully the ones were looking for

find videos and figure out who brings what supplies

One example of a FAILure we had was ...
We did not get as far as we wanted to be, Jaren and I had to spend more time finding projects instead of figuring out who brings what materials, because we had a harder time than we thought that we would while researching. While building our project, we will be using some of the things that we learned last year with our electronics kit. We still had success today because we found more good videos that we can use to help us when we start our build. Next week by Wednesday we hope to be ready to start our project, instead of continuing to research. Although we have an idea on how to build this project, we understand that this will still be very hard because we have a lot to learn. Also, because there is a lot of hard steps in this project, like I said in the reflection below. We are starting with the air hockey table because after watching videos, we believe that it is the best project to start on, because the videos that we found that were the most detailed.
find videos about our homemade billiard tables

My/Our next step will be...
Dividing the materials up, (who brings what). We felt that it was hard to find good videos, but we still found some. We are ready to start as soon as we bring our materials in, which might take longer because we still need to find more videos. We will start with building an air hockey table because it looks like the best one for us to start on. Jaren and I are hoping that it will turn out well, this will take us 3-4 weeks to build if we use our time well, because there are some tough obstacles to overcome in this project, such as the board of acrylic, if we drill a bad hole into the board, we can't take it back. Also, we need to nail the boards together perfectly, to make it look presentable. We are excited to see If this turns out well!

Make Share Faire
  • What went well?
    • At the faire, our creation worked great. It didn't break, and it looked good as well.
  • What problems/difficulties did you face?
    • When we had first finished our box, we tested he whole thing, the button got jammed and the drink kept pouring out. Luckily, we fixed it in time and it hasn't broken since.
  • How did you try to solve them?
    • We just fixed up the box and made sure everything was perfect, we made sure the button would not jam.
  • If I were in charge...
    • I would survey kids on their favorite booths, the best booth gets a prize. Or, some kind of classroom reward like extra credit.
Keep building

We finished our box! We attached it all together and it is working great! We will use it next week for the make faire! We are using Dr. Pepper as our drink. Were so excited!
Start building

We started building and attached the motors to the wires and made the electronic part.

Order parts and wait

We ordered our parts and are now waiting for next week for the parts to come in so we can start.

Look for materials

We finished finding materials and will order the parts next week.

Look for materials

We found some materials on amazon and will keep looking next week.

do the next project

We did the project and were now starting our last one. Hopefully we can finish this last one and start building our soda machine and portable chargers!

Do lemon project

I got the lemons and did the project! Jaren was not here though.

do project 5 and 6

we can not the project 5 because it involves lemons which we don't have. we did 6 and 7 though and it went well! We will bring lemons next week.

do project 3 and 4

We did our projects and got them on video! We hope to do the next 2 next week.
start project

This week Jaren and I ordered our project from amazon. It will come in next week. We did start our project with other materials that we already had which was good. Hopefully we can start the project with our materials next week.
find new project

I am not sure yet what I am going to do. I am really interested with a robotics project.It includes gears, batteries, and parts. Hopefully I can do that! First, I have to do the project page for it though.

We finished our last video! Gianclaudio is going to do guitar and I might do food. I am not sure yet though. Our last video was our best one yet because we learned so much on the way. Heres the link:
make good progress

  • How does this project effect your life in the future?
It helps because in the future, I might need to know how to edit videos, or just be better on the computer with certain apps.

we did not finish because we need a clean song. We are so close to finishing though!
hope that we can finish this week.

We did not finish but had good progress. We added more clips and learned more about iMovie. We could not find the radio edit of Part 2 by Kanye West but hopefully we can find it next week.
start basketball highlights with GianClaudio

We started highlights and got pretty far. We can hopefully finish in the next 2 weeks. Its going great so far!

edit and post

We edited our video and finally posted our video. Here is the link:
Jaren and I are splitting up after the marking period and I'm going to partner up with Gianclaudio. Our next video will be basketball highlights.

possibly finish baseball highlights

We finished out video! We will post it on youtube either next week or during academic lab. Jaren and I may do one more video and split up after the quarter. Our next video will probably be basketball. We are still enjoying this project very much.

work on baseball highlights

this was a great week of reflections. We got a lot of work done and will probably finish our video next week. We now have 2 computers for working and reflections.

post video and start new one

We posted our video on youtube! Heres the link: https://youtu.be/ESueuFSkjiQ
We started a new video. We are doing baseball. Jaren and I should finish our new video and post it on youtube in the next 2 weeks. Our first one went very well!

find more clips for the video

We finished our video! Next week we will post our video on youtube. We will start another reel possibly of a different sport.

find parts for our video

Today we solved 2 of our problems and added to our video! We figured out how to stretch the video and add music. We picked really really by Kevin Gates. We are nearly 2 minutes into our video and hope to get further new week.
start video

We started our iMovie today! We looked on youtube and found an Odell Beckom highlight video. Next week we will find parts of that video to use and other video parts from youtube.
finish proposal

We finished the proposal! Now we will start our video.
finish video

I want to finish my video. Next year I want to pick this back up and do college.
Add more video

An example of success I had was making everything perfect. Today I went over my project to make sure it was good. I added more video too. I think the video is going great. I should be finished next class.
  • What strategies you used and how they worked
I want to edit the youtube logo out of the video.

I want to edit the youtubers logo out of the video and add more video.
add a better song and add more. video

I figured out how to crop the video to cut out the name of the youtuber that made the video I took parts out of. I got a new song called somewhere in paradise by chance. I am going to add more video next class to cover the whole song. type 2:
  • What strategies you used and how they worked
Go over the video and make everything perfect.

I am trying to add more video to the highlight reel.
Add music to the video and perfected anything wrong.

Today I added the song panda to the background and it sounds like the perfect song for the video.
add more highlights into the video to fill out the whole song.

Today I added more highlights and made the video better. I think I did a good job.

find a new project

I found a new project and where to get the supplies.
start football highlight project

One example of a FAILure I had was not being able to watch bjk1's video's. I thought about what I would use in the video. I am doing it on my own and im doing it on NFL. I should get started next week on thursday.
make racetrack

I/We learned...how to make the racetrack and figure out the controls more.
make level and publish

I not only made levels, but I published them and got them onto my portfolio! I got people to test my games and comment.
play minecraft

One example of a FAILure we had was we didn't even get on to Minecraft. It was not working so I will have to work even harder next time.
change project

I decided to switch to minecraft next class.

we made Pizza! it turned up perfectly because we had all the materials and cooked it just right.
play minecraft and build a city

we only got to watch minecraft videos because minecraft was not working.
find NEW way to make silly puddy

we found where to get the materials and a new way to make the putty.
find matirials online

I found the materials online at walmart and I will go find them there.

finished silly puddy. Making squidgy slime.

Me and Perry are now partners. we are gathering our materials.
make puddy
My/Our goals for this project are... making more puddy.
making it stick together in a big ball.
  • Write my proposal
  • gather materials
One way I/we connected/collaborated with others was...
finding a partner and figuring out what the project would be.
We also figured out who would get what materials.