Bch3 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Bch3 Lego Stop-motion
    • First of all I choose this project as my highlight project because it was my only project. Also, I liked it because it taught me how hard it is to do stop-motion, and I also got to play with legos. Stop-motion is very difficult because you have to move it so little that you almost cant tell you moved it. Its very time consuming.
  • Brody and Jacks Gamestar page
    • I chose to pick this project because its really fun. What made it fun was working with jack and bonding. Also, i like when we beat a hard game with a big ratio of wins to tries. We also created 5 levels of a game.
  • Brody's Popsicle Boat project
    • I chose to highlight this project because it is my only project. Also, it is a very cool project, I have cut 80 Popsicle sticks to help he make a design. I tried 65 different tools to cut the Popsicle sticks. Then now i am gluing everything together.
  • Brody's Scratch Page Part 2
    • I chose this project to highlight this quarter because it was really cool watching my programming come to life. Once I finished each game I always felt good to see how cool my game is. Sadly, I only had time to finish 5 games out of the ten. My favorite game I created is "the Louvre".

Top Reflections:

  • I made a Stop-motion about a polar bear trying to go into a boat. It was really cool because it was my first time making an actual stop-motion.
    • Because its cool when you do something for the first time. Also, thought that it was cool when I made a video that caught peoples attention. And one of my videos were very cool and made some people laugh.
  • If we had a do over ... I would not of slacked of as much and would of tried and finished are game we were creating. Also If we had a do over i would not want to play the game that had 20000 plays and 126 wins because it took forever and we couldn't end up beating the very last level 9/9

    • I chose to highlight this reflection because it shows that the ratio of 126/20000 is very small for a reason. This creator probably took a year or more to create this game. This game had characters i have never even seen before it was boss.
  • " I learned. . . that you can not cut Popsicle sticks with scissors because it splits down the middle and breaks the whole Popsicle stick into at least 3 pieces. Also I learned that a saw can not cut the Popsicle sticks to well because it doesn't have enough wood to catch on to. Then finally the tin clips the worked perfectly the cut the Popsicle stick perfectly with out damaging the rest of the Popsicle stick. So overall I learned that Popsicle sticks are not tho easy to cut as you imagined."
    • I chose this reflection as my top reflection because i described what i did very well and that day i worked very hard and achieved a lot. Also, I learned that you cut Popsicle sticks with a tool that's supposed to cut tin. Also it took me 6 minutes to write this.
  • What was fun? What did I/we enjoy?... Today, I asked Mr. Whitmer if he had any "mini make" projects and he did he gave me materials to build a "Bee Hummer". He gave me: 1 Popsicle Stick, 2 Erasers, 1 Big Rubber Band, A piece of twine and a sticky note. It took me about 16 Minutes to build the whole thing, and then I had to test it out. At first when I was spinning the "Bee Hummer" it wasn't working, then I tried to spin it the other way and I heard a loud "bee humming" noise. It was a fun project. After I finished that project, I asked Mr. Whitmer if he had anymore "mini make" projects and he gave me: 1 CD, 1 Balloon, 1 Pull bottle cap. I watched a video on how to build it, after I have finished my CD Hoverboard, I go out in the hallway and test it. I enjoyed both projects.
    • I chose to highlight this reflection for several reasons, One reason is because I wrote a lot, the second reason is because I accomplished two things in one day. The final reason is because this is one of the only days I enjoyed this whole class period.

Top Critiques:

  • I think this is a very good project for you, since you want to be an interior designer. That is a great website. I have a couple questions. 1. How many people are going to be living in this home? 2. How will you be able to make stair cases? 3. Would you want to live in that house that you are building? 4. Is it easy to change the furniture, if you made a mistake or don't like it? 5. Is this project challenging for you?
    • This is my critique post on Genevieve's journal, her project was a Home Styler. I am highlighting this critique for two reasons. 1. It was one of my better critiques and these ideas just flew out of me. 2. Genevieve actually listened to my critiques and she said it helped her out a lot.
  • I really liked your project. I think that the Michael Jordan is sweet. I also this that the roller coaster is cool. Do you think the roller coaster is a little to much to go through the MJ Statue. Maybe it would be better if you build two statues and the roller coaster went around them instead of through them both.
    • This is my critique post on Sam's journal, his project was a big roller-coaster on minecraft. This was one of my favorite critiques to write because I loved his project and I had a couple ideas.
  • I really thought some of your goals were cool but, the video was way to long and you have to do a better job editing. For example you should only show the video of the guy shooting the goal not the celebration or the replay just the goal. If the want to see that goal again the can just rewind a little bit. But I like every goal you put in there and maybe you should do one about the best saves of all time.
    • This is my critique post on Eamons project, his project was Hockey Highlights. I like this critique because I told Eamon what is good and bad about this project.

All Projects: