Thinkering Studio Project Proposal

Redstone Castle Minecraft 1.9
Burke and Ava
Our challenge will be finding a good spot to place the castle.
We are doing this project to help us understand the basics of redstone and the way Minecraft works
We will be challenged by find a good place to place the castle
It will be hard to maybe agree on some things because we both have some different building techniques
The only materials we will need is a schools computer sometimes two, two minecraft accounts but i think my partner Ava has one.
Main Steps:
  • We Will first have to build the redstone doors then build the walls of the castle then last build the inside of the castle.
  • We will take screenshots of both of our work every day it might take some time but it will be worth it.
  • We will help each other stay on task at all times and eliminate all distractions.
This project will probably take a while because the redstone will probably be really hard.
  • One of our main resources is probably youtube and our inspiration for this project is just plain Minecraft itself because it is so much fun and we both like it a lot so it will probably be really easy for both of us to stay on task.
  • Jack M, someone else in this class is really good at redstone and i am almost positive that he will help us as much as possible.
  • We will sometimes take glances at certain youtube videos and expand open our minds to Minecraft's strange suppress.
The redstone will be harder to understand but will turn turn sources as much as possible for any help we can get.
Our project might fail because the redstone might be too complicated but i really think it won't be so hard.
Sharing/Teaching/Paying It Forward
  • we will show them our redstone inventions and prove to them how hard it is and hopefully they understand that we all learned this and our screenshots from our project.
  • Our audience is us because we will be really happy if we finish because we will be pretty proud with our creations.
we will know if it is good enough is the redstone doors work like we want them to and if the walls completely go around the castle.
If the redstone doors work and the walls go all around the castle then our project is probably finished.
It will be very noticeable if our redstone doors actually work and they hopefully will notice their hard work.
We are making a redstone castle with doors that automatically open when you step on pressure plate
We are making
“Who is it for?”