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  • Scratch
  • Game Face
  • 3D Printing
    • We've been doing good progress lately were learning how to animate the game, Me and my partner Ava, are getting really good at scratch.I like this topic because we got to play around with the graphics and make are game better.One thing I've learned is how to code on Scratch
    • I also like this topic too because we made every thing clickable.Me and my partner Ava learned how to make thing clickable in a game like Scratch
    • For my new project i made a website called game face and what i do is i put different games for the weekly top five games.
    • When we were 3d printing we built a iPhone stand where you could also plug you phone in and charge it.

Top Reflections:

  • We made pretty good progress today, we had fun when we were changing the graphics to all of the devices because there were no issues but when we were coding them we had some failure issues, for some reason we had trouble getting it to be clicked twice because its was the same sprite so we had to switch that up a little bit.
    • It shows that its been easier for us to use graphics. Since we had to switch some stuff up we made some mistakes.
  • We used our time wisely today...
    We made almost all of the items and make them 'clickable' so we used our time very wisely by not getting distracted. We worked so hard we actually lost time and forgot to do our reflection, but we still got it done in time somehow
    • while we learned how clickable we also learned how to code.
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