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3D printing is the project that we have decided on doing well the origin plan was to 3d print animals but, our teacher said because we are just beginners we have to start slow. So what we did was make key chains, and if you don't know what 3d printing is ill tell you. 3d printing is an amazing thing where you can create something on many websites but the most commonly used is thinker cad. You can create your own projects and print them out or use someone else design. When you print it transfers your design to the maker bot printer. you ned a maker bot or else you can't print but when it transfers it starts to print a plastic version/model of what you choose to print.

We are planning on making a movie with m aarya Zach and Marin but the teacher said that almost every project that has four people in it he never aproves to it. But, he said that it was ok if we where to have me and Aarya be the main people in our project and have Zach and Marin "special guests" with them doing there project and doing part time in our project just like actors. when we are actually going to start to film we will start off like almost every horror film i know of, we will start of with the victim running from the kidnapper. Then we will have to bring in the detective and the police trying to solve the case of who was the amazing killer of the century.

Me and my partner aarya are doing a website game review page called Game Face. We rate games out of 1 - 5 with stars on our full reviews, we have a list of different games of all sorts.on the website we have a full reviews page, full reviews are reviews that we make on the game to the fullest context. the full reviews contain the title, the brief summary, a pros and cons chart, and a rating of 1 - 5 stars,

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  • We will Finnish the proposal We will start the script
    Stretch- Get halfway through the script
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  • it takes time to 3d print and we are running into a lot of issues like our projects won't save in to the flash drive, but while we wait we make even more projects.This week we learnt how to use the makerbot and how it works using the internet. we also have saved our projects on a flash drive and are ready to print our designs. We also now know how to use the 3d printing software.

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  • I like the idea of a movie and to learn more about making them watch i movie tutorials to make your movie look more professional.
  • i like the idea of a website because we are more open to others opinions toward our progression when reviewing games.
    • i like this one because it is a helpful tips and advice for the future.

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