BAW1's Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Baw1's middle age castle
    • I chose this project because it was a project that took me a very long time because I worked very hard on it. I think it was a great first project and I am very happy with the outcome of it.
  • Baw1's java coding
    • I chose this project because I worked hard in this project and I leaned a lot, more than any project I have done so far. I also picked this project because it made me think a lot because I had to remember how to do all the codes and stuff like that.
  • Shane, Ben, and Gabe's learning guitar project
    • I chose this project because it is a fun project that I learned a lot in. Also I like this project because it teaches
  • Ben,Gabe, and Shane's Soccer project
I chose this project because it is really important to me because I want to learn more stuff about soccer so this project can also help me develop outside of the class room.

  • Sports Blog proposal
    • I chose this project because I think this is the project that I was the most productive. Although I think I got a lot of work done in all of my other projects I feel like on this one I was the most productive. We managed to get work done every week in this project and I struggled to do that with a lot of the other projects. I think that thats the main reason I chose this project.

Top Reflections:

  • Well first we tested the jousting arena just to see if it would work and sure enough it did. I was going to make my shop bigger but then jack said I should make a black smith shop but I wanted to make a potion shop so we got to a solution and we are going to make it one shop that we both work on.
    • I like this because it shows that it was a very productive day that day and we got a lot done.
  • I got on to coding and something happened it kicked me out and I am have computer problems so i AM A LITTLE STRESSED.
    • I chose this as a top reflection because it shows that sometimes things can be stressful some days.
  • One way I/we showed resilience was ... we had LOTS of trouble with all threes of us recording. either one of us could not do are parts right, or we would start at different time. Luckily however in the end we finish our final recording for wish you were here.
    • I like this reflection because this was one of the days were with my reflection I changed it than the other reflections because it was a strange day. My reflection was different because I usually start it with I/we think... but I used a different one I said and I think that is good. I also chose this reflection because I was very descriptive that day and that is something I struggle in with most of my reflections.
  • I / We think... that this is a good project for us because we have been very consistent and have been writing well. I feel very good about my champions league prediction and we think that this base been a very good project this quarter.
    • I like this reflection because it shows an summery of are project AND it shows what we are doing that day. It shows more than what most of my other reflections show.

Top Critique comments:

  • I think you guys should put the video in a vine so it gets rid of the copyright issues.
    • I like this critique because it took awhile for me to come up with and I think I really helped there project in a positive way.
  • Nice video! I think you should try to see if you can explain what you are doing in the beginning of each video, like if you have a game plan or something like that. (I don't know much about paint ball so I am sorry if they don't do that at the beginning)
    • I like this Critique because I think it was the critique that I had really helped someones project the most with.
  • How many shoes do you expect to spend by the this project. I think it is a good project idea and obviously the project is doing well because you are selling shoes. How do you hope to further your project, for example are you going to sell other products or just shoes? Also I think you should have a section in the table you showed us that shoes your total shoes sold/money gained so you can see how much you have done during the total project time.
    • I chose this reflection because I think it has everything in it that a reflection needs. It has a praising section were I praise the group for the work they did however also a section of criticism were I gave a good example of something that I think they should fix. I think this was my best reflection his year.

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