BAM3 Journal

Step 1:We got our plan approved by mr. Wnitmer.
Step 2: We will bring in our materials.
Step 3: We are going to start our project on Tuesday.
We found two new projects to do and then we were able to decide who would bring in what materials then we started a new project to do in the mean time
Step 1: We will get our plan approved by Mr. Whitmer.
Step 2: We will learn how to do a screen cast.
Step 3: Will will record our tutorials.
Step 4: We will post them on our wiki page.


This week we realized that thinking takes time and effort. We were a bit off task on Tuesday because Carina wasn't here. I think that next week if we try really hard then we can get a lot done. We figured out our next project which is going to be hair styling! I think that we all learned that if you stay on target and you work, work, work you can get the job done.
Step 1: We are going to get our project checked by Mr. Whitmer today.
Step 2: Once we get our project checked we are going to start recording our video.
Step 3: We are going to add the music to our video.
Step 4: We are going to upload our video to the wiki.
I think that my group really worked together because when something went wrong we always pulled ourselves together to get the job done. At the beginning of class we were goofing around alot but by the end we were totall concentrated because if we wern't then we would have ran out of time. We learned that if you work together and you don't argue then everything will end up the way that you ant it to. I think that next time that we do something like this or really anything that we do next we will make sure that we are on track and we don't goof around as much as we did.

Step 1: We are going to make dippin' dots with Bridget's dippin' dots maker.Step 2: We are all going to bring in a drink to make with the dippin' dots flavor.
Step 3: Once we are done filming and making the dippin' dots we are going to freeze them and at the end of the day we are going to come and get them.
I think that we did really well this week because we all brought our materials in and we were all on task! We actually did so well this week because we all worked together and shared the work load evenly!! We all learned that if you put your heart and mind into something then you can achieve it! Today we are going to be using Carina's Slushy Magic and make Slushies!!!
Step 1:
We are going to figure out what our next project is going to be.
Step 2:
We are going to get our project checked and approved by Mr. Whitmer.
Step 3:
We are going get all of the supplies that we are going to need and bring them to class next week.

We will make a music video to: TTYLXOX
Step One Choose a song
Step Two adjust to make it higher or lower pitched
Step Three send the videos to Carina on her iPad so that she can upload them onto the wiki
I think that we did a great job pulling our group together this week. I think this because on Tuesday we were arguing a lot but we pullied it together and got to work. We actually pulled ourselves together so well that we finished a music video in one class. I feel that we really work well with each other. I also think that we all think alike which is why we work so well together. I feel that we really worked well together. Doing this project I have learned alot about my partners and what they like.
We are going to make some music videos on Video Star
Step One Choose a song and put it in on Video Star
Step Two We are going to adjust the voice so that the sound is new we will create a high or low pitched voice
Step Three Send the videos to Carina that way we can upload it to the wiki
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I think that the other two members really worked together last week. I feel this way mostly because I was sick and they really pulled through and finished the music video. I think that we need to be a bit more flexible then we have been because when someone from our group doesn't like someone else's idea they wont even consider it at all. Besides that I think that we all really did a good job together.
Step 1: We are going to get our new project which is making music videos approved by Mr. Whitmer.
Step 2: We are going to start planing our video so that we can sort of know what we are going to be doing for the video.
Step 3: We are going to shoot the video then post it on our wiki page.
Today we got to start our music video "I knew you were Trouble." Our group had to really collaborate and work hard because at first we were going to do gymnastics tricks but we would have needed an approval from Mr. Bishop so we used our 21st century skills and decided to change our whole plan. I think that we really worked together in class today because we had to make a whole new plan and start our music video so I think that we really worked together.
Step 1: We are going to get our plan checked by Mr. Whitmer. (Our plan is to do nail art and record tutorials on iMovie on how to do the art)
Step 2: We are going to brainstorm (on Carina's nail art app) different nail designs.
Step 3: We are going to take the designs into action and paint each others nails.
Step 4: Post the finished tutorials on our wiki pages.
4I thought thatwe got a four inEffort becausewe really tried to completeour task and stayed on task while doing so.
3I thought that we got a three in achievement because we didn't end up posting our tutorials because we ran out of time in class so first thing on Tuesday we are going to post.
Today we got to finish three nail designs and in our spare time while we were waiting for the nails to dry we brainstormed on Carina's iPad. We didn't get to post the tutorials on the wiki which is why I gave myself a three in achievement. The other reason that I believe that we didn't get to post was because some other groups would come over to our table and start talking to us in the middle of our video so, what we had to do was tell them to go work on their own project and then we would have to waste more time and record the video again. We all tried to stay on task a bunch and I think that we fulfilled that task. The reason that I feel that we fulfilled this is because we all really like our project and we really like our group and we work we together so I think that it works out very well for us.