AYM2 Journal


This week I will be wrapping up my tricks. Polishing but not learning any more because the year is almost over. This was a great year.

during the maker fair, what went well? my tricks were amazing and I dazzled almost everybody with my tricks. What problems did I face? Some people figured out part of my trick because there were so many people watching. how did I try to solve them? I denied what they said I did as well as try to patch up that move. If i were in charge I would make it so only a certain amount of people could see my tricks at a time so it wasn't as stressful for me (TS) (E)

I will work on my performances and showmanship this week for my show.

This week I tried my tricks on people. some figured it out and some not. This has been a really fun project so far.

This week i will be perfecting a prototype trick i have made up on my own. I will also use my sources to learn other tricks.

This week I worked on my performances. I feel good about the way I present my tricks. Overall, I worked well. I need to learn new tricks. I am getting bored of my old ones :).

This week I am working with Connor on magic. We will try to learn new tricks. I will perform in the hall and try to get a job as a magician.

Conor helped me learn another trick this week. I will incorporate it into my show and it is really nice. We worked well together and we may keep going together.


I finally started a new project! I am doing magic because I have been told I am very good at it. I dazzled audiences in the hallway. I learned a couple of new tricks and i hope to win the talent show tonight.

this week I will do the same thing. Work on songs, this is getting boring but i'll try to make it fun.

i worked on can't stop the feeling this week. I am pretty fluent in the song. I still need to learn the beginning and end however. I might be switching my project to magic. I wonder if i could perform.

I have to work on the boring songs. it's not as fun as it used to be. I may be switching projects. I will work on songs.

I don't know. I don't really enjoy this project as much. I guess i will keep working on my songs. i might consider switching my project.

i don't find the project fun anymore. I may switch, but most likely not. I've been repeatedly working on the same songs every single day, and it's extremely boring. The songs aren't as fun anymore. However, i may not switch.

this week we will perfect our songs and start learning new ones. We plan to work hard.

This week we learned some new part of mario and 7 years. I will work on them over the weekend. I worked very well and we made some nice progress. But the project isn't as fun anymore.

i/we learned.. how to play the star spangled banner, and i also started working on another song. i worked well and i am proud because i learned the entire song. Next week i will do america the beautiful. I worked well.

This week i decided to pick one song to work on. I decided to play "I'm just your problem" and i will play it until i know it. i worked well this week and i will be able to learn this song fully soon. I cannot wait so i will practice over the break.

This week we continued to work on our songs. We learned I fought the law, and gravity falls along with starting peppa pig and the spiderman song. We worked well this week.

This week we plan to work on songs and also work on our lessons.

This week we continued to work on songs. We did some of the lessons from Steve Krenz. We spend around 30 minutes every class on those lessons. The other time we spend working on our songs that we find online. So far this project we have been working well.

This week we are going to learn how to play mario and work on our chords and watch the videos that we have put up on our blog. We will work well.

This week we continued working on the individual notes. I fully learned how to play mario as well as yankee doodle. My next plan is to begin working on the chords because i want to know how to play them. I worked well this week.

I have been learning and this week i will be learning how to play other notes as well as other songs.

This week we started working on chords. We have made a lot of progress and we are now on chords and learning how to read music. By getting this far, we are a lot better then when we began. We weren't off topic this week and we worked extremely well during this week. I'm writing this to be my with sentence.

This week i am starting my guitar project with Adam. We will be starting the lessons today. We hope to learn how to play guitar.

What are you doing to help yourself learn?
We have been learning many songs, and we have even been taking notes on them. Soon we will be able to play many songs. We have worked very well so far and we plan to keep it up. We already know Twinkle Twinkle, Mary had a little lamb, 7 nation army, Jingle bells, and Smoke on the water.

This week I plan to begin my guitar project proposal.

This week I started my Guitar project proposal with Adam. We plan to learn how to play and learn a bunch of songs as well. I have a guitar and Adam doesn't, so we will be using our teacher's guitars. We hope that taking the guitar class will also give us a boost in our project. I can't wait to start.

This week i got the iPod and i'm going to edit. I might also do another DIY this week.

Once again i could not access the iPod. Instead I had to do more research because i was not able to edit with the iPod so i looked back at my sources to see what I was going to be able to make. I worked very well this week because i did some solid research. I will be switching my project to guitar.

This week i plan to finish editing my videos in imovie and then post them onto youtube for my friends to see.

This week i couldn't do much because Zoe was using the iPod so i couldn't upload my videos. I did more research and i plan to redo my slime video because it didn't work out the way i wanted it to. I couldn't do much. Next week i'll edit.

This week i plan to finish bringing in materials and maybe start my first diy video. I will learn how to use iMovie and i'll start working for real.

This week i managed to come up with the diy. Next week i am bringing in materials and I will film. My plan is to plug it into iMovie and edit it. I hope to make hot cheeto tacos It's more about teaching the person how to do the project. This week i finished my research.

This week i will keep researching.

This week i managed to finish my research and i need to bring in the materials. I also need to do iMovie but i am leaving that until later.

This week we plan to finish doing our research and get our ideas.

This year i made my youtube page. I am learning how to make channel art. I worked well this week because i got a lot of stuff done.

This year has been one to remember. We have had many project ups and downs. The first project I attempted was basketball. Then it was forensics and now movie making. Overall it was a fun year because we got everything done and finished our projects.
I have grown as a person. The reason why is because I have been trying to do new things. During the course of this year I have attempted many projects and succeeded with most of them. Most of these projects were fun but some weren't as much. However, the reason why I say this is that some projects didn't appeal to me.

This week is the week we plan to start the proposal for our movie review project.

We plan to start our separate proposals this week.

This week we started our new proposal for our project. We plan to review movies. We are going to review them, then post our results to a blog. We plan to finish our proposal soon. We worked well this whole week and din't get off topic.

Type 2: What we did

We plan to pick another project WOOHOO because we don't really like this project..

This week we worked on finishing our project. We walked ted talks and worked well. I found a very interesting ted talk. What we watched was a bout a secret prison. We didn't get off task and we worked well.

Type 2 i explained what i did.

We plan to post and comment our final videos and finish our project because not to be rude but i kind of hate this project. I want to do KSP for my next one.

If we had a do over...

We would've had laurent on task. I was listening to music but only after i finished my work. He just played duck life the whole time. But i still got blamed :(

Finishing up our project by finishing our ted talk page.

Thinking of ted talk to use for our page.

We got a lot done. We made 2 new pages. We also took a lot of notes. This was a good week for us because we got a lot done. We are almost done with this project. I will try KSP if i can.

This week we started researching ted talks. We made once again a new page. We have been looking on websites to see what makes a ted talk great. We will make another informative page. We worked on the page this week.

This week we will finish writing up our piece. It is called the chip monkey.

This week we will finish up our youtube channel. This has been a fun project. We are almost done.

This week we started writing a new piece. We are writing the piece for richard. The piece is called the chip monkey.
Type 2, what we thought.

This week we will be looking at how many views we got. We have uploaded our video and we are done. after this we might start filing something else.

I/we learned... How to upload the videos. This week we worked really well together. We managed to upload our videos. We now have 4 videos on our channel. And 3 of our friends subscribed to us. We want to get more subscribers.

What we experienced.

This week we are almost done. We have to be ready to upload. We are almost done with our project.

This week we will try to finish filming. After that we will upload. We have already filmed part of the segment. We are going to work hard because we have to finish soon.

Next time we need to.... We have to work harder and upload the video. We finished the videos and we still have to edit and upload them. We have to work harder. After that we will tell our friends. We want to get views.

Type 2: what we experienced.

This week we plan to polish the script. We also plan to start the filming. Once we are done it will go on Youtube. We might do it this week.

What I/we need to do next is ... Upload the videos because we filmed them. We filmed the bad one and we are starting to film the good one. We just have to upload. After that we will do it for other categories. We want to have people look at the videos. Our only problems are the background noises.

Type 2: What we thought.

This week we plan to do our portfolios. we also plan to make one video. We hope we can accomplish that.

I/We learned... that we have a good way to do the pieces. We typed them up and today we figured out how to perform them. We are doing one good and one bad. We will film next week.
type 2. What we experienced

This week we are going to start filming our videos. We plan to have different people do different parts. We are going to be making scripts. This is close to the end of our project.

We learned it's not very hard to write a short piece. When we were performing it, it was really funny. It's a good piece and we really like it. Next week we will work more.

Type 2. What we experienced.
This week we shall be putting our final videos. After that we might start our videos. we just need a camera and we have to be able to use imovie to edit them. We plan to almost finish this week.

/We think... that we have to make the videos. We will post them on youtube. We are almost done reviewing. We have done a bunch of them. We also need to get the things necessary to make the videos such as a tripod and a camera, Type 2: What we thought
This week we will be putting the videos and the notes that we find on forensics on to our page. We made our page already. We are analyzing a really funny video. We plan to work hard this week because we want to get it done.

Next time we need to.... Start making our videos. We have analyzed around 4 videos. We will make our videos on the pros and cons. We must do that sometime in the next month. We are close to finishing. Type 2:
What you felt/experienced
This week we will be analyzing a tape. We are looking for the good things he does. His performance is really good. We will most likely create our page today. Next week we might start everything.

I/We don't understand why we can't find bad examples. Next week we have to look harder. We could barely find any. We will have to be more precise and expand our resources.
Type 2: what strategies you used
This week we will start our forensics project. We are trying to get laurent on our team. This week we will most likely research the different categories. Next week we might make a couple of videos. Today we will also make a youtube for our forensics videos.

What if I/we . Decided to find a lot of videos. This week we made a youtube account and subscribed to a couple of people that we think are worth it because they had some forensics videos. We worked well. Next week we might start a video. .
This week we are thinking about starting a new project. We might do football and basketball. I will still do one with richard. We are trying to do a bunch together.

The steps I / We plan to follow are... Doing a new project. We are doing forensics. We will list some good things and bad ones. This is our new project. We are starting this next class. We will give it to our coach to put on her website.

This week we are planning on updating our proposal page. I am also close to getting the Vu tower level 2. I also want to get 100,000 people. I have made a lot of progress. We hope to become better.

I/We think... That the new prices on disasters are too high.This week I upgraded my vu tower. I also got some more towers. I am working towards level fifteen so I can unlock the beach. I am level 14 right now. I worked well this week. I made a lot of progress and almost got to 100,000 people.
This week I am planning on raising my population to 70,000 at least. I hope that I can reach it. I managed to reach my goal last week but barely. Next I will try to raise my level. But It will be hard.

I somehow managed to get my population to 87,000. When I get to 90,000 I can unlock the Vu disaster tower which will allow me to get keys. I did well this week. Over the weekend I will set out a goal for next week. I am trying to upgrade my buildings.
This week I want to get 65,000 people and get to level 13. I can't wait to get a beach at level 15. Once I do that I will buy expansions for my city. I have a lot of money to spend so i'll buy some sewage plants and some beach stuff. I will try to move up a level per week.

I / We don't understand...
I only got to 63,000 people. But I did sell a lot of stuff and we made videos. We accomplished other goals but not my population goal. We made a few more videos. I need to learn to spend my money on parks so I will increase my population.
This week I am trying to achieve 50,000 people. I also want to get a community college. I have a lot of money now, 65,000. I am saving up so that I can get some police stations when I unlock them. Once I unlock the police stations at level twelve I'll buy a lot of them.

I / We don't understand... why you have to pay bucks to advertise your products. I got some of the Halloween parks. I only did it so I would have a memento of Halloween. I got a lot done. My population is now 57,000.
This week I am trying to get a public library and 40,000 people. I will also try to raise my happiness. This week I am trying to get better. Once I get a library I can buy a high school.

This week I got to almost 40,000 people. My next goal is to get a high school. We also learned how to make a screen recording. Next week we will make a video. I accomplished my goal of a public library.
This week I am trying to unlock the department of education so that I can buy schools. I am also trying to get to 33,000 population. I am at 26,000 right now. But I need 40,000 coins.

This week I.... Almost got to level ten and almost at 30 thousand. I have 35000 coins. I need 40,000 to buy a department of education and transportation. I made a lot of money this week. My new goal is to unlock an education. Then I can buy a school.
This week we are trying to get our population up to 20,000 and 30,000 on SimCitybuildit.

We don't understand ... Why we level up so slowly. I got my population up to 23,000. Next week I am going to try to get to 30,000. I was able to make some big improvements to my city. My new goal is to upgrade all my buildings fully.
This week we are trying to run SimCity and start it. We just need to figure out how to run SimCity
I/We learned...

We need to play the game on our phones because we are unable to play on the computer. Next week we will figure out how to make our population. This is a fun project..
I am going to ...
Today I/we ...

9/2015: plan,

9/15/2015: plan, this week we are going to get started on our sim city project. We are going to try to learn how to use it this week.
reflection: this week we submitted our proposal for the SimCity project. Our only problem is that we might not be able to use the specific type of SimCity that we need for a future city. If not we will have to change our proposal.
June 3
End of year reflection:
Over the past year I have learned a lot about myself. I now know who I work well with and who I don't. Next year I will keep improving all my skills. I can work well if I stay on task. This class has improved me a lot, I now know things that I never had known before. The only prolem I have encountered this year was not being able to work well with certain people. However, now I know what is a good fit for me.

I feel like in this class I have done well for a beginner. I have learned a lot of things that will make me a better person. My only problem is staying on task, sometimes I get off track and then have to be re-directed by a teacher. When I am on task, I work well with almost anyone. I would rate myself an 8.4 out of 10 because even though I have done well, there are still a lot of things that I have to learn. I can't wait for next year because the future holds so many bright things for me!
june 3
My plan this week is to do my portfolio and write my eoy reflection.
This week our plan is to work on the videos and also work on our youtube account profile. This profile is something we need because we have to post our videos on that account.
This week we made a youtube account for our crossover making tips. This is a big step for our project. The reason is now when we finish the video we will have an account to post it on. We made an underrated big step today.
Our plan today is to actually start the actual videos that we post on youtube.
The steps I / We plan to follow is make the full segment next week. This week we posted our starter video with our opening segment. Our plan next week is to try to finish my video. Overall we worked very well this week because we stayed on task and were able to start filming ourselves doing the moves that we had researched and practiced.
Our plan this week is to finish filming my segment. We found a perfect spot and a perfect angle so we just have to film.
I / We want to learn how to sucsessfully film the video, next week we will try to adjust everything. We started to film and will hopefully be able to finish the video next week. We were effective this week.
Our plan this week is to film, we have the ball and we are ready to go and film our tutorials. This is our plan for this week.
/ We think that next week when we bring the ball, we can film the crossovers and post them on youtube. Our whole idea was to make tutorials so that is what we are going to do will help others. What we have done is research the crossovers and we have to be able to film. Next week my knee will be better and that will allow us to film the crossovers.
Our plan is to do more research on the topic because one of the partners got injured and has to wear a wrap around bandage and cannot push himself too hard. We will have to film in 2 weeks because then his knee will be healed.
/ We want to know how to get a ball. JAden was bringing one on Thursday but he went to take your kid to work day. This means we will have to do that next week. We have put this off and we have to get it done if we want to continue our project.
Our plan this week is we have to film, we realized that we need a ball, jaden is bringing it so that we can film. until then we will do some more research for our move. we have the whole tutorial ready.
the steps I / We plan to follow is this week we were ready to film but we need to bring a ball to film. We did well except we have to bring a ball. We have our moves all ready to go. So next Wednesday we will film ourselves doing the tutorials. After that we will post it on youtube. We worked well but forgot a key point.
Our plan this week is to film the tutorial videos showing how to do the moves. Over spring break we practiced a specific move to master so that we could film it. So this week we will go outside to film videos showing how to do the specific moves to post on youtube after we make an account for our project.
The steps I / We plan to follow is we both have a crossover to research. At home we both have something to practice. Our plan is to practice and film them at school on Wednesday. Overall we worked well today.
My plan is to try to perfect my new project and share it. Once i am done with that I am starting my new project on basketball moves.
I/ We think... that switching projects is a good idea.I have been working on this for too long. Today I shared a project called the bass drop effect. I think that this will be my final project. I am now doing a project with Jaden.
My goal this week is to try a new project. If that does not work I will work on my latest scratch project and work on my new character.
I / We want to know... why after I mad my project the bass drop effect today, it deleted. I was logged on but the computer logged me off. Next class I will have to remake that project. I think that i need to make sure I am logged on at all times.
My plan for this week is to make a new character. I will make a character called aym4, and I will use him in my videos. It will be cool to have a new character.
I/ We think... that I need to make another character to use in my projects. I have been using the same one for way too long. My next plan will be to make a new guy.
The steps I / We plan to follow is to make a project that shows I am an animator., my goal is to get my project to be popular and the way I will do that is by advertising it.
The steps I/We want to follow is... Make another project. This week I made a project called The gatorade effect
http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/50679838/, I worked all day on it and I plan to make a sequel to it if it becomes popular.
This week we will revise the melons and start to make a different project on my account.

w how to put a characters face on something fast. I have been trying to make a project with my characters face on a stickman. Next week I will try to add it. I was on track and did not get distracted,.
my plan is to start working on a game that will make me a better scratcher. I want to get all my skills back.
Today I started making a project called not what i meant. It is a funny project and i am trying to make it quality. My plan is to finish it next week. I learned that I need to have different motions.
My plan is to help Evan add his characters into his project.

Today I helped evan make his melons project. Next week I want to have a discussion and improve it.

Today i was effective because i spent the whole time learning about us history and didn't get sidetracked. I would like to know how many slaves got caught running. I think i did well today
I am trying to help evan with the background.
Today I started working on a project called save the city. Next week i will update it by making it quality.
I am going to try to complete one of the mission us quests: I was effective because i managed to finish one of the quests on mission us. I learned how slaves survived. I would like to know how the rest of a slave would play out. At the very end I got sidetracked and went on another site, i need to restrain from doing that.

Aym2's Journal

1/?/15 Today I helped evan with his project. I was on task and i helped him work on scratch, this is my new project.

today I am going to work on the project with evan



I was effective because i worked well. I was on task the whole time. I tested the moves on my friend and it worked. I broke his ankles with a crossover.
I am going to watch the shooting secrets videos and learn the shots
I watched and learned how the players shoot, i watched part of an olympic match to find out how the players shoot and how they catch and shoot. I looked at the shot mechanics youtube channel. Next time I will try to put them to the test and see who would get blocked the least.
I will finish the project by adding the stats
Today I was efficient because I compiled all the data and figured out the winners, I figured out that some of the players were better than the others at shooting. Stephen curry and ray allen are the winners of Adam's shooting competition.
I / We think... that some of the candidates would be like ty lawson or cp3. I talked to my group and got feedback from them. They said if i did it right I could get a good grade.
I / We want to learn how they do these dribble moves, next time i will look at tutorials on how to do specific moves. I will go to the shot mechanics channel and look at their tutorials. So I guess next time i will do some more research on that youtube channel. I think that they have the best tutorials on that site.

I am going to watch videos on how people got crossed over and write some tips.

I was effective because i learned what moves they use, i learned the best way to make them fall is pull back when their feet cross.

I want to learn how they do all these amazing moves. I think if I can learn these moves I will be unstoppable. I worked well today.

I want to learn how certain players use certain moves. I looked at some videos to figure out the steps. I will test these moves on my friends and see how they react.